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Eeek! In about a month, Espen, Tilly, + I will be packing our bags and hopping on a flight to New York to visit my brother, sister (in-law), and nephew! We’ll have 3 full days to adventure and play around the city and since you guys always have the best ideas I thought I’d ask if you have any must do, eat, or see suggestions for us…?

So far Espen wants to go swimming and Tilly wants to see the emoji movie while we’re there (“Are there movie theaters in NY?” she asked. Ha!). These kids are in for the surprise of their lives and I can’t wait to see it all through their eyes!

Johan and I have been chatting about taking the whole fam bam to NY ever since our visit several years ago (you can see the post here!) for my Birthday, yet have had a hard time figure out logistics (i.e. affording the trip without blowing college funds, etc., etc.). Booking a trip for just the three of us seemed like the next best thing even though I hate to leave the rest of the kids and Johan behind — we’ll miss them soooooo much! — but, I’m glad we didn’t wait any longer to make it happen.

Are there any trips you’ve been dreaming of taking!?

Oh, and don’t forget to let me know if you have any NY food or activity suggestions for us! We’ll be staying in Brooklyn.

xo, Rae

10 Responses to WE’RE COMIN’ FOR YA, NY!

  1. Dad May 1, 2017 at #

    Jealous and want to go with!!!!

    • rae May 15, 2017 at #

      haha, sorry dad!

  2. Jana May 2, 2017 at #

    Dylan’s Candy bar for the kids! They will be amazed! Hope you all enjoy your trip!!!

    • rae May 15, 2017 at #

      great idea jana!

  3. Sarah May 2, 2017 at #

    Yes, definitely Dylan’s! And Serendipity. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge. Grimaldi’s. Artichoke Pizza. Emack and Bolio’s ice cream! Have fun!

  4. whitney May 2, 2017 at #

    Whitney Museum and Untitled in The Whitney and High Line
    Edwards (great pizza) in Tribeca
    Café Habana in NoLita- still craving a Cuban and craft cocktail
    Robert on top of Museum Modern Art Design

    Have a wonderful time!

  5. Shannon May 2, 2017 at #

    The Ninja restaurant in TriBeCa. Super fun for kids!

  6. Sharon May 3, 2017 at #

    Hope y’all have a great time! Have been following your blog for quite some time, love the content and pictures!! How do you always get such great shots of your kids?! Do you mind sharing what camera you use? And who takes the ones of you with your kids?

  7. Claire May 7, 2017 at #

    I would say the ferry ride out to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and walking around Times Square are all fun to do with kids. They are all extremely touristy, but tourists are there to see the sights that the city is known for! I also LOVED the Museum of Natural History as a kid, and a picnic in Central Park is always a good time. If you can, you should also check out a Broadway show. They have 1/2 price tickets on Wednesdays if you are there during the week. Have a blast!



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