Dear day before back to school, you were not my favorite and you most certainly did not go as planned. Sort of like this picture :)


On the bright side, three out of seven of us made it out of the house after a morning routine dress rehearsal and devoured the best donuts from legendary and my first pumpkin spice latte of the season followed by some park hopping.

So I guess I can’t complain too much.


(Giving his maple bar a pep talk I think. Plus his face says it all ^^^)



(This piggie faced donut is so silly to me. I wonder if kids are the only ones that pick them out… touché piggie, touché.)


Dear summer, you were the best one yet. Not because we took any fancy vacations or anything but because your days were so long and warm and sweet. It was just the thing we needed after a crazy year.

Dear Kids, I loved our time together this summer. It’s such a treat to watch you play and be silly. So many precious moments, random conversations and belly laughs. I could do without all the sibling squabbles tho, but we can work on that.

Dear fall, you’ve been coming on a little strong with your cold weather, rain and school schedule but I am excited to see what you will bring. Hopefully lots of snow and a car with 4-wheel drive so we can enjoy it. Among other things.

XO, Rae

PS – Hope the back to school season has been good to you! Lots of updates on Instagram the last couple days if your into that… Including dropping our oldest off at his first day of High School today! OXOXO


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  1. kendra September 9, 2015 at #

    Loving Tilly’s pink braid! ;)

    • rae September 12, 2015 at #

      Ha! Those were a gift to myself so she would stop asking to dye her hair! xoxo

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