spring flings, fun new fabrics and freebies for your tech.

it’s been a ridiculous cold and flu season around here this winter. my family has spent the past couple weeks passing around a naaaasty stomach bug which has since been followed up by ugly coughs, a double ear infection and pink eye. yep. i’ve never done so much laundry.

to get myself out of the funk that is this flu and cold season (boo!), i’ve been working on some happy, fresh and colorful fabric designs (yay!) because spring cannot come fast enough. so far i’ve put together some simple patterns as well as more whimsical ones (think swans, llamas and bunnies). i plan on making baby leggings and headbands out of them as well as pillows and such for the kids’ rooms so most are more kid inspired than adult. however,  i picked a few i thought would make cute cellphone wallpapers to share with you- LINKS BELOW. i also threw in a couple poster designs i’ve been working on…

spring-fling-for-iPhone-5,-iPhone-5s,-iPod-touch-5th-gen---1136-x-640DOWNLOAD WALLPAPERS:

say yes (a revelation from here) // stripe // tribal-ish // bows // big dots // mantra

while i finish designing the rest of the fabrics, i have a favor to ask you…

SPILL IT :) … share any fabric design requests or sewing or no-sew tutorials you’d like to see (picnic blanket, napkins, a pouf…?) in the comments below. i love hearing your ideas!

i’ll let you know when the new fabrics are available in my spoonflower shop. in the meantime, here’s a few of my existing favorites (1 // 2 // 3).

talk soon.

xo . rae

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  1. Kendra February 12, 2015 at #

    I’m looking forward to your fabrics and your tutorials! We are in the middle of a renovation that will result in a sewing/crafting place for me so I am soaking up sewing projects!!

    • rae February 25, 2015 at #

      so fun, kendra! hopefully i’ll be sharing something you can use :) xo

  2. Ange February 13, 2015 at #

    I am so excited to see what you come up with. Anything for boys? Monochromatic superhero theme would be awesome. Artwork, or for blankets, pillows (like the flag pillow), parties. You know lightning bolts etc. I’ve actually emailed you something about this before.

    • rae February 25, 2015 at #

      ange! i saw your email and flagged it. lightning bolts and hero masks are definitely on my to do list… i’m usually lean more towards boy or uni-sex but spring is always a little less boyish friendly. stay tuned.

  3. Jodie February 13, 2015 at #

    I would love to know any how-to graphic design nuggets you’d like to share! I’m a self taught photoshopper in the most rudimentary way. (still don’t really know what a vector image is.) Simplest of simple toots on graphic design would be welcome. I’d love the art in our home to be more personal.

    • rae February 25, 2015 at #

      that’s great jodie! i’ll be teaching a beginners graphic design at a photography workshop this spring so will be sure to share some of the same material. xo . rae

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