printable (heart day) dominos for the kids.

i would ordinarily consider our family to be big board game enthusiasts (settlers of catan, anyone?) however the sleep deprivation that comes with having an infant really limits my ability to stay focused and committed to a full on family game night. basically anything more involved than connect four is not happening. so for the time being we’ll stick to movie nights or super simple games like these color match dominos (download below). with a side of popcorn of course.



  1. download and print this DOMINO TEMPLATE on white card stock and cut along dotted line. shuffle the dominos a little and then deal 5 to each player. place the remaining dominos face down in a pile.
  2. to start, let the youngest player place a domino face up in the middle of the play table. moving clockwise, have the next player check their dominos to see if they have the same color heart in their hand as one that was played. if so, have them play their domino so it’s touching the heart that it matches. if not, they can grab a domino from the pile. if the domino they grabbed is a match, it can be played.
  3. continue playing until one player runs out of dominos — they are the winner!


at the moment, our dominos are sitting out in the family room and get played with anytime we have a few extra minutes but they would also be fun and easy to pack up and play while waiting at the doctors office or restaurant or one of the other many occasions where an occupied child is a really good thing.

happy friday before the super bowl… gooooooo hawks! #rePETE

xo . rae

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