A couple weeks ago we celebrated Poppy’s first Bday. I have to be honest and say big 1st Birthday parties are not my thing. I mean, all the people, cake, and excitement is a lot for a little one and you just never know how they will respond. So we typically keep things small with just Grandparents or another family. But this year Poppy turned one while we were on our annual camping trip with friends and it seemed like the perfect excuse to plan a special party for her with some of her favorite people.

Plus, we’ve survived the first year of having 5 kids which deserves a party. And a vacation but I’ll take what I can get at this point!


Who needs decorations with a destination party (ha!) and view of the Puget Sound so we kept them simple and on-par for any party I throw… balloons! I leveraged the oodles of hungry kids hanging out to help blow and hang balloons. Nothing fancy, but festive enough.

Regardless of decorations (or lack there of) cute plates, napkins, straws and a dressed up highchair are a must! We used these (really, really) cute plates, napkins, cake plate (to hold waffles) and garland from Land of Nod and neon straws and cups with lids from amazon. Wish there was a reusable version of those plates. I would buy them in a heartbeat!


Breakie is my favorite meal to share with friends and family and the easiest to cook for in my opinion. We set up a waffle bar with sprinkles, whip cream, strawberries and chocolate chips and stacked a few sections with toppings for Poppy’s “cake”. She loved it.

We also made this yummy egg bake, bacon and fruit plates.


You know she likes the food when you see tootsies on her tray.


Every party needs a game (or two) and goodie bags. We killed two birds with one stone with a piñata later that evening. It was a fun way to end the celebration.

Thank you to all of our friends who celebrated Poppy’s first year with us! And to our friend Dee for documenting the day (and entire trip!) in photos. So blessed by you all.

Happy weekend guys!

XO, Rae


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2 Responses to POPPY’S 1st BIRTHDAY PARTY.

  1. Karen J Moseley August 15, 2015 at #

    Happy “1st” Birthday, Miss Poppy! It seems like it was yesterday that you were born & having a few health struggles. Looks like you’re all healthy & lovely now. Hey Poppy, sleeeep.

  2. rae August 17, 2015 at #

    Ohhh, those days in the NICU! Does seem like yesterday. Thanks for the Birthday wishes, XO!

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