mom + mini: dressing poppy.


poppy is almost 8months guys. i can hardly believe it. i can also hardly believe that i’ve had this mom gig for 14 years (wah!!?). so much has changed in the world of baby products during that time and i have to say one of my favorites is all of the cute clothes out there. poppy still wears mostly onesies and leggings with a tee, romper or comfy dress over the top and i do most of the shopping for her and the rest of my brood (minus ozzie) at the usual favorites: peek kids, zara kids and minis, gap kids (40% off with code YAY right now), old navy, H&M, target, mini boden and… who else am i forgetting?

it’s also nice to add pieces that are a little more unique and support all those makers and shakers while i’m at it! thought i would share a few of my favorite indie clothing designers and shops for the little ones in your life and baby showers and birthdays in your future!


// 01 riley clay // 02 hen & co. // 03 kid + kind // 04 hatch 4 kids // 05 little bow and arrow // 06 the wild // 07 childHOODS // 08 house of mia // 09 whistle and flute // 10 beau loves //

have you noticed all the gender neutral basics out there!? obsessed, but i know it’s not for everyone. what do you think?

happy (almost) friday.

xo . rae

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  1. Adriane /// The Wild March 29, 2015 at #

    Thank you so much for including us in this amazing list!!! xo

    • rae March 30, 2015 at #

      of course! so much cute stuff to choose from on your site! xo

  2. melissa April 1, 2015 at #

    LOVE all of these. Now I need to back away from the computer and not purchase them all ;)

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