This post was originally supposed to be about cute loungewear and how to wear it out of the house without feeling frumpy (tip: a structured jacket works wonders) but my mind is on something else right now and I’m feeling compelled to share with ya.

Recently someone asked (with a strong tone of disapproval) why I blog and post to social media and while I honestly understand their negative perception — because I do love documenting my family, cute clothes and good design. All things that are easy to label “superficial” or “braggy” — there is truly so much more behind my reason, purpose and intention for being in this online space. So if you are interested in the longer, deeper and more drawn-out “why” behind rae ann kelly, keep reading…. (I’ll be sure to link outfit sources below too, lol.)

I share because I’ve been a single, working, stay at home and work from home mom at different points in my life and guess what? It’s all hard. Like, so hard.

I share because we are in this together and can do more together.

I share in hopes of pointing to Jesus and His unwavering grace and love in my life. I am who I am and do what I do because of Him.

I share because I believe as moms (no matter our child’s age) we have incredible influence and the power to contribute SO MUCH good into our world, communities and culture.

I share because I know all too well how quickly it goes. (Stop growing kids!!!)

I share links and companies I love because providing, stocking up on and purchasing things for our families is part of the job description. And besides, it’s so much more fun (and less overwhelming) to “shop” with friends.

I hope my ideas and sources add heaps of function, fun and style to your day-to-day… because, YOLO.

I hope what I share helps you feel free to love and take care of yourself more so you can love and take care of your loved ones more.

I hope my posts and photos inspire you to play more, dance more, celebrate more, love more, giggle more, say yes more and be present more because it’s truly life giving and sanity saving — especially on those never ending days.

I hope my content reminds you that you are enough times 1,000 (because you are!).

I hope my chats about life and family and love and clothes and free printable helps you pursue what you want most in this crazy, beautiful, exhausting, and sacred journey of motherhood.

I hope you know that you have the power to create the kind of life you want, to raise amazing humans and to leave the mom-guilt and the haters behind so you can do you (boo-boo)!

So really, I’m here to help. Like a big sister or spirit guide (lol! watched 17 again earlier this week!). Sure I love having a place to document my family and the sponsored posts, paid content and growing online community is amazing. I don’t take a single outing, new project, follower or work opportunity for granted and am endlessly appreciative for your encouragement and presence in this space. I just want to make sure you know, my heart is to serve, encourage and love on you. Always.


MY OUTFIT | sweat set, jacket (similar), tote (in brown), shoes


  1. Papa September 13, 2018 at #

    You are a GIFT from GOD!
    Love you

    • rae September 14, 2018 at #

      love you dad! xo

  2. Johan September 13, 2018 at #

    This is a very sweet post! I loved reading every minute of it… Great job Rae

    • rae September 14, 2018 at #

      love you babe! xoxo.

  3. Keri Karsten September 13, 2018 at #

    Rae, I read every post like you are a trusted friend! And we may never meet! Haha! You keep doing you my friend:).

    xo – Keri

    • rae September 14, 2018 at #

      thanks love! we should totally try and meet up at some point! ha! xoxo

  4. Jade September 13, 2018 at #

    You are such an inspiration! I love your creativity and your posts always make me smile.


    • rae September 14, 2018 at #

      Thanks so much for the encouragement Jade! So happy you are here! xoxo

  5. Stacy September 14, 2018 at #

    Never have I doubted you being your genuine and true self. You are inspiring, relatable, and I enjoy following your journey. Keep up the great work and don’t let those with a skeptical mindset bring you down!

    • rae September 14, 2018 at #

      awwww, Stacy! Means so much!!! Thank you. xoxo

  6. Rebekah Baier September 14, 2018 at #

    I love how you do life and your blog has truly helped this tired mama become a more fun mom ;) I have never once felt like you were bragging in the slightest. I save all your blog emails and read them when I’ve got some quiet time, it’s totally something for me to look forward to. Keep writing – you have many talents and I think it’s awesome that you share them with all of us!

    • rae September 14, 2018 at #

      Rebekah, you have made my week! Thanks for such a sweet comment and for being here. XOXO.

  7. Brianne Olson September 14, 2018 at #

    I only know you from your posts. I am sure if you lived in Minneapolis, we’d be great friends. I think you’re great! I love your posts! I love that you’re living out loud! It’s so refreshing. Keep up the good work! I’m a mom of 3 that isn’t as much a creator, but a connoisseur of beautiful things. I appreciate the artistry you bring to the world. Keep on Adding to the Beauty! I’m sorry that someone said something that showed their misunderstanding for what you do. Hopefully you can see from people’s comments here that you are loved & appreciated.

  8. Amy September 14, 2018 at #

    I look forward to reading your blog every day during nap time. You inspire me daily to be more fun and more present. I love your geniuene self and your style is to die for. I’m only sad that we can’t be best friends in the real world – my life could use a good dose of you in it! And your printables save me every school holiday party

  9. Hannah September 14, 2018 at #

    I’m so glad you are a blogger and grammer. I first discovered your blog when I was 20 and in college and have loved following you ever since. You make motherhood look so fun even though it’s the hardest ever and I’ve learned so much from watching you. Thank you for always being real and encouraging xx

  10. melissa September 29, 2018 at #

    I appreciate your openness and honestly. I thank you for sharing small bits of your life with us :)

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