wear: overalls

let’s talk fashion today, shall we!? after all  that’s what girlfriends do, yeah?!


overalls // sunnies // old top & necklace // sneakers

sept-2014-164so, the 90’s are back and they brought their overalls with them (berkenstocks too, but we’ll save that for another day!).  at first i had mixed feelings about this new trend, but after having poppy they started to sound like a really good idea so i splurge on a pair and have to tell you – i am totally obsessed. they do a beautiful job of hiding all the not so cute parts of postpartum (leaky boobs and a pooch, ahem) and definitely fit the requirements for us mamas – comfy, low-fuss and nothing pops out when i bend over. i also like to think they give off a fun, hip and carefree vibe…. and it’s possible that they could be dressed up for date night don’t you think? maybe with leopard heels?  it’s almost like they have super powers (ha!)!

so, what do you think? love, hate, have a pair?

xo . rae

//images by stacy jacobsen//

6 Responses to wear: overalls

  1. val September 24, 2014 at #

    Love! Have a pair, and wish I could wear it at my work too! ;)

    • rae September 24, 2014 at #

      maybe for casual friday!? xo

  2. Ivy September 26, 2014 at #

    Honestly you look adorable, but if I remember correctly from junior high, they aren’t so great on “curvy” girls…

    • rae September 26, 2014 at #

      ivy – true, but i wouldn’t rule them out without trying some on because there are so many different styles and fits then when we were kids! xo

  3. Danielle October 10, 2014 at #

    Where did you get your chandelier?

    • rae October 10, 2014 at #

      it’s one of my rare finds and purchases off of craig’s list! xo

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