(PICTURED | latte bowls and spoon (old) from anthropologie, enamel tray from amazon (came with dings/character), soup is white bean and chicken chili)

I have a love hate relationship with themes. On one hand they help limit the possibilities so decisions are easier to make and options are easier to find. On the other hand, they can also feel limiting. So in any given situation it all comes down to what is needed the most – structure or freedom – and this month for dinners I’m definitely feeling a need for a little more of the first. Which is kinda shocking considering the rest of our life is so structured lately, you’d think I’d be craving a little more creativity and endless possibilities. However, 30 days isn’t very much of a commitment and will also get us through most of soccer, football and track season on a much better diet than where my creativity would lead me, lol.

Here’s the breakdown of the theme night dinners I picked, but would be easy to switch for your family.


TACO TUESDAY | PSA, national taco day is on Friday!

BREAKKIE FOR DINNER WEDNESDAY | aside from pancakes, waffles or baked french toast

ASIAN FUSION THURSDAYthink spring rolls, curry, anything with coconut, rice noodles, etc. Here’s a few favorites!

FREE DAY FRIDAY | whatever your little heart desires. pizza, pasta (must make this ASAP), grilled cheese (the best combos here!), takeout, eat out, game day food, cereal, ice cream… (see how I’m progressively going downhill, lol.)… it all goes.

CROCKPOT SATURDAY | it’s pretty slim pickings around here when it comes to crock pot dishes but here are a few goodies.

  • this is a good make ahead dish and could work for Thursday dinner too!
  • making a batch of shredded chicken and then adding to dinners and lunches all week!
  • this apricot chicken is so good.
  • most of the soups above can be made in the crockpot too!

SHEET PAN SUNDAY | this isn’t something I’ve done a lot of but the fewer the dishes the better and I could eat roasted veggies for any meal so let’s do this sheet pan thang!

Ok, now I’m just supper hungry. And need to make a shopping list.

Let me know if you are going to join us for theme night dinners for October!!! Even if it’s not the same themes, it would still be fun. Will try and share on Instagram stories too.

XO, Rae


  1. Tootie October 2, 2018 at #

    That’s the huevos rancheros recipe we use, too! I LOVE that Smitten Kitchen website.

  2. Rachel October 4, 2018 at #

    Theme nights to the rescue for meal planning! I love and use this too! And because we both love Smitten Kitchen and support breakfast for dinner, I have to recommend the “essential raised waffles” if you haven’t tried them. I mix the batter after the kids leave for school and it’s perfect for dinner. They have a yeasty, sourdough taste which makes them feel just a little more appropriate for dinner!

    • rae October 24, 2018 at #

      haha, I love it and will for sure checkout that recipe. Thanks so much for sharing!!! xoxo

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