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I don’t usually have much of an itch to update or decorate our bathrooms but after looking for places to display artwork from our maker + ink giveaway a couple weeks ago and having a hard time making this adorable art print look somewhat cute in the kid’s bathroom, I felt really inspired to make a few quick updates. I mean, we spend a lot of time in this space for it not to feel cheery and fresh, right!?

As with any decorating projects, we had a few challenges 1) kids of all ages use this room as well as sleepover friends and grandma and papa when they stay the night. 2) there isn’t a lot of natural light – just one small window in the toilet/shower area. 3) this wasn’t actually a planned project so there wasn’t much of a budget… since we’re renting any expensive updates (like tiling or flooring) is out of the question anyways.

With those things in mind I’m pretty smitten with the outcome and think we struck a good balance between little kid and adolescent. Take a peek at the before and after as well as sources below! (SIDE NOTE – it was really tricky taking pics in such a small space without good lighting but I hope you still get a good idea of what it looks like!)

kid's bathroom refresh-9728


One of the only DIY projects we did was add a frame around the standard mirror.  There are quite a few tutorials on Pinterest, but Johan did his own thing and built the frame around the mirror without taking it down using 1×2  pine trim.  Let me know if you are interested in a tutorial and I’ll get all of the details for you.

We also painted the walls and added knobs to the cabinets. Both of which are an easy upgrade to any room, and finished the look with a few new accessories and fresh towels.

It certainly won’t be gracing the pages of a magazine but it was simple, effective and makes being in the kid’s bathroom a little more fun for all of us.


Big dot shower curtain / White metal stool / Blue “things” organizer / Rise and shine print / Blue dot garland / White cloud garland / Chunky white bath mat / Anchor marquee light / Yellow hooks / White wall shelf / White towels


(Those little fingers and piggies are  e v e r y t h i n g )

Everyone agrees the shower curtain is the best addition. It’s cool enough for a teenager and whimsical enough for the minis.

Our bedtime routine got a whole lot easier the second this stool showed up. It’s the perfect height — Griffin can reach everything he needs and Poppy is able to play in the sink without being able to reach anything else (cotton balls, toothbrushes and faucet). 1 point parents. It comes in a few other colors too!

Are there any spaces in your home that could use a little update?

I’m hoping our dinning room will be next on our refresh list! Or maybe some new spring/summer touches in the family room! Always so hard to decide :)

Hope your Friday is off to a good start you guys!

XO, Rae



I’m so excited it’s Friday guys and to make things even better, I have a super simple (and functional) DIY and printable to share!

Between 3 kids starting school,1 in preschool, two playing soccer and one playing football, our google calendar is filling up. Even when we keep it updated I still find away to forget things. Like Poppy’s well child visit we barely made it to earlier this week. I started thinking that maybe I need a weekly calendar that stands out, catches my eye and looks perty. Something I’ll see when walking into the living area of our home instead of staring at my phone or computer.




So I decided to turn our days of the week print into a weekly calendar by ordering it as a 16×20 metal wall art via tiny prints and then used washi tape and a sharpie to write down appointments, outings, practices, games and our dinner menu.

A framed version would work just as well and be less expensive but I wanted to try something a bit more durable and different. Especially since it is hanging where sticky kid hands can get to it.

It’s been so handy and earned several compliments in it’s short existence. Even the kids (and husband!) can take a peek and see what we have going on that day or what we’ll be eating.


Like any good thing, one is just not enough so I ended up ordering a 10×14 inch metal print of the multi-color version to use in my office. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

All the files to DIY are linked below and ready to use at tiny prints, costco or most other commercial print places.


For an automatic download PDF or printed version, head to the design shop and use code: BLOGLOVE20 to get 20% off your order! You have no idea how much we appreciate every single purchase. :)

Happy weekend!

XO, Rae




I’ve been talking about the girl’s shared room makeover forevvvver (it seems) and today finally have photographic evidence to share. Yay! The girls and really everyone in the family is enjoying their bright cheery room. It’s been fun seeing it used for playtime and reading.

I somehow finagled my husband into helping me paint the girls room white and it made all the difference. Here’s a small peek at what it looked like before and a hanging plant DIY that didn’t make the final room.

I’ll give details as I go and link sources at the very bottom!


The view from their door. Obsessed with this striped rug from Land of Nod. It stays nicely in place and cheers up the carpet :). Decorative pillows rarely stay on beds around here so floor pillows it is which are usually accompanied by an array of books and dress up clothes. There might also be several plush animals and a Mariner’s baseball bobble head being held hostage in the closet. Maybe.


A quick and easy to make yarn wallhanging Tilly helped me with keeps Poppy company during diaper changes.


A random display of pictures, prints, notes and trinkets over Tilly’s bed makes it easy for her to switch or add things as she wishes. We opted for washi tape to hang things on her cork-board (and sometimes wall) and arranged a stack of different colors and patterns in her house shelf.



A simple and inexpensive ($6!) pendant light wrapped around a cute wall hooks from Land of Nod, next to Tilly’s bed. Pretty smitten with this shake it off downloadable print as well.


A cut and sew fabric project adds a nice touch.


Poppy has been our most challenging sleeper (non-sleeper is more like it) and is still waking up at night so the sleepy eye decals and light box message seem highly appropriate and makes me giggle often. When you haven’t slept many full nights in over a year being silly is essential.


A handmade sign I made for Poppy’s original nursery. Love it and will share a template soon. Maybe for back to school?


Love this point of view from the closet.

I’m clearly addicted to garlands as there are three in this one pic and I would gladly add more. It’s like a little pop of party wherever they hang.


I feel the same way about pom-pom trim so glued  some to the bottom of the drum shade.


A couple wall hooks to hang Tilly’s next-day outfits and some necklaces. The top bin of the cart holds other accessories and hair things.


Cute succulents in the (dirty) window. There has been so much construction going on around our house I think all of them look like this. Probably time to get the pressure washer out!

// S O U R C E S //

FURNITURE: twin bed frame, crib, cart, white chair

TEXTILES: duvet, twin sheets, crib sheet, grey blanket (a favorite!), changing pad cover (old but love this one), crib quilt (on the chair, by my talented mama!)

PILLOWS: fur, striped (fabric from IKEA), cube

DECOR: sleepy eye decalsfloor catch-all, drum shade (pom-pom trim added), hanging pendant light, cloud garland, grey garland, flag garlandstriped rug, curtains (old, similar)

WALL DECOR: house shelf, mirror, #shinanigans poster, shake it of print, arrow print and Ruth print (coming soon to the shop), pineapple print (part of JDC paperworks), cork-board, fruit wall hooks, light box

DIY’s: yarn wallhanging (lots of cute options on pinterest), hooray pendant pillow, pop-tart banner (alphabet template coming soon), moose antlers (from some holiday kid crafts I put together for mom.me)

I probably left some details out so please comment if you have questions!

XO, Rae

P.S. — A GIANT shoutout to my girl Emily for taking pics of the girl’s room for me. If your not familiar with Jones Design Company your in for a treat. I suggest starting with a look at her home!


a teepee GIVEAWAY and little camper FREEBIES

wednesdays are a good day for a giveaway, wouldn’t you agree!? especially when it involves a teepee! i’m extra excited as this is the first (of many – fingers crossed) giveaway we’ve hosted on the blog.

in addition (since we’re all winners round here!) i’ve made these two “happy campers” posters you can download and print for freeeeee…. well i guess the printing isn’t free, but the downloading is!

keep scrolling — all the details are below.



TIP: large prints are cheap ($6-$9) through the costco photo center.

(as always, i love connecting with ya over on insta so don’t forget to tag me (@raeannkelly) if one of these ends up on your wall or you share the post in your feed!)


^^^(never a dull moment with this girl – i should know better than to ask her to hold still for a sec)^^^


happy-campers-and-a-giveawaynow for the real goods!

allow me to introduce you to B.E. Little You and ME, a sweet etsy shop opened and run by Sarah who is a busy mama and 2nd grade teacher (yay for teachers!)!

we are partnering with her to giveaway one of the 4 panel ($115 value) teepees (as seen on keeping up with the kardashians) featured in her shop.

to enter, simply visit sarah’s etsy shop and then leave a comment HERE that shares what style teepee you’d choose if you won! for bonus points, choose a picture from above (or this ‘smores post from last week) to pin to pinterest!

giveaway closes MONDAY, JULY 21st at 6 am PST. one winner will be chosen at random.

good luck. i hope you win the teepee and that you have the perfect spot for one (or both) of the posters.

xo . rae

(images by stacy jacobsen)