6 weeks or so of playing capsule wardrobe and I’m still sorting out what I think about it. You see, I’m not much of a cereal shopper and my closet has never been an overflowing one. So I’m not sure I’m experiencing the same life changing perks that I read about on other blogs. However, I am the kinda girl that takes for-evvv-er to decide on an outfit and that has definitely changed and get’s me thinking about next season.

Here is a peek at another (random) week of outfits:


// 1. anniversary date redo, romper, shoes 1|2 // 2. everyday stuff in all white, top, shorts, sandals // 3. mostly work day in all denim, top, jeans, shoes // 4. work, park, errands in hat, shirt, shorts, birks // 5. catching up on… life and hike with the kids, top, shorts, birks // 6. baseball tourney in ozzie’s team hat, top, shorts, birks // 7. after a long night of teething, got everyone to church solo, helped in nursery and then chilled the rest of the day… in my sweats! kimono, jeans, sandals //

I think making the time to plan a seasonal wardrobe with pieces that mix and match has been the best part of this process and while I haven’t decided if I’ll be putting together an official fall capsule I will most certainly be putting together an unofficial one with those principles in mind.

Have any wardrobe tricks or hangups? Let’s dish!


XO, Rae

PS – Next week I’m excited to share some of my favorite capsule resources and pieces I’ll still be wearing this fall!



5 Responses to SUMMER CAPSULE OUTFITS (No. 2)

  1. emily July 24, 2015 at #

    Love it. You’re darling.

  2. Jadexoxo July 24, 2015 at #

    Hello! Cute outfits. The shorts in photo number 4 and 6 look different?! Where did you purchase the shorts featured in photo number 4?

    Thank you much!

    • rae July 24, 2015 at #

      Hey Jade! They are the same but I think the lighting is different. The color is in-between a light and medium wash and I sized down so they aren’t as baggy as pictured on madewell. Hope that helps!? XO

      • Jadexoxo July 25, 2015 at #

        Thanks Rae! can’t wait to receive them from Madewell! Xo

  3. Kristen July 25, 2015 at #

    You are so dang cute! I love seeing your outfits!

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