greek inspired chicken piccata recipe

ever feel like you could really use a happy surprise?  a change of pace? maybe with regards to dinner — and a no-fail chicken and noodles recipe you follow because everyone likes pasta and no one complains about chicken? i have just the thing.  that will taste like heaven in your mouth.  especially if your […]


date night in

date nights (around our house) are not usually a weekly occurrence. however they do happen more than they used to. mostly because over the years we’ve expanded the definition to include afternoon coffee dates, home depot trips (sans kids), crash your friends quiet evening down the street date, and more recently, put the kids down […]


bus stop style with

{one of the videos we did in a series for} HEAD HERE TO WATCH xo . rae . CREDITS .creative direction + talent: rae ann kellyvideo production: mark titus, august island picturesproduction asst: paul moore, jane kelly + stacy jacobsen


back to school fashion show

the kids typically put on mini fashion shows as they come home with cool new duds for back to school, but this year i thought it would be fun to step it up a notch and put on one big fashion show.  so i’ve collected a few pops (glow in the dark bracelets and funny […]

DIY chalkboard clips armommy

party clips DIY

You’ll love these DIY chalkboard name clips for everyday use or for entertaining.  Made loads of them this summer to keep from running out of glasses while everyone is home, drinking lots, & having trouble keeping track of who’s glass is who’s.  Check out the video tutorial below… click here to download the printable paper for […]

Screen shot 2012-07-29 at 8.26.30 PM

chalkboard place mat DIY

A charming take on our beloved laminated place mats (I miss them, don’t you?).  And so fun to make! SUPPLIES: 1. chalkboard paint   2. paintbrush   3. transfer paper   4. paint pens   5. pencil   6. 11×14 hardboard panel (found here)   7. printable template (click to download)   8. chalk (for […]


stay cool goodie bags

a few weeks ago we had that unusual pacific northwest experience of a heat wave – that’s right, the temp. hit 90, with 80% humidity. and while most of the country would probably consider this kind of weather lovely for summer – my children actually thought they were melting. to distract everyone from the heat, […]


diy chalkboard grande

i know there’s a bazillion and one chalkboard tutorials out there, but we enjoy (so much) having these oversized boards around our house i just had to share.  plus they are versatile, don’t require hanging and are cost effective.  oh, and (like whoa!) after one trip to the man store your halfway done with the project…. […]


ice cream smiles

some people scream for ice cream, but around here we just smile. like this. especially when toppings are involved. and did i mention a giveaway!?… … a set of the most adorable ice cream bowls from anthropology. because it’s way eaiser to get the littles to eat a healthy dinner when there is ice cream (in fun […]

Screen shot 2012-07-06 at 12.11.40 AM

salted caramel coffee DIY

Um, I will fo-sho be making one of these today….  anyone want to join me?  Happy to make extra.  Also, a little hint… you can pour the caramel over the coffee and ice, but it will clump up a bit.  If that bugs you, pour your coffee, add the caramel, (stir) and then add ice. […]

Screen shot 2012-07-02 at 12.32.46 AM

ring toss DIY

This project was full of surprises for me.  The good & pleasant kind. First, I was able to DIY with the adorable young lady in the video, Coco.  Love creating with other people.  Especially little people.  So sweet. Second, the ring toss project was a last minute addition/change and I felt a little dubious about […]