summertime carry-alls.

If Christmas is the season of perpetual hope then summer is the season of perpetual packing — for the weekend, beach, lake, hike, park, day-trip, pool day, picnic, ball-game, you pick farm, sleepover, camping, you name it.

So I thought I’d put together a round up of some cute┬ásummery bags…



MAMA: one / two / three

BEACH: one / two / three

MINIS: one / two / three


After Poppy was born I ditched my usual oversized bag and bought this backpack from target to tryout the trend and totally love it. What is your favorite kind of bag to carry around?

xo . Rae

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  1. america ririe June 24, 2015 at #

    I have this crazy good tote that I bought in Morocco. An expat friend and her sister started a company called Mushmina that gave Moroccan women from impoverished villages the opportunity to make money for their families and learn English. They have a store in Pennsylvania or you can buy from their website. I use that for the kids church/quiet bag. Then I have a Madewell leather tote I use for everything else.

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