1. I rarely feel clever or witty or creative enough to write blog posts (or instagram captions for that matter). As a result I have a huge backlog of content to share and I’m realizing just how much I let my feelings get in the way. How annoying is that, ha!? Like wanting to get healthy but not feeling like drinking a green smoothie or running those stadium stairs, ya know? Going to work on not being in my feelings!
  2. Wearing these 90’s dad jeans from Agolde and this turtleneck (wearing a small) on repeat. Have you guys ventured away from skinny jeans (which are still very much in style) or are they your go-to? I’ve found a few really great non-skinny denim options for under $100 that I’ll try to share next week if you guys are interested?!
  3. The power of a really cute pair of shoes to take a basic/lazy outfit to an effortless one will never cease to amaze me!
  4. Cup-O-Noodles also never cease to amaze me. My kids discovered them this past football season when we wouldn’t allow them to get candy at the concession stand and have been obsessed ever since. Every once in awhile I grab a few to surprise them with as an after school snack and can’t resist eating one myself… you guys they are as good (maybe better?) than I remember them being!
  5. I talked about Botox earlier this week on Stories after a consultation at a spa and must have received 40 messages. Almost everyone who has done it says, “it’s the best!” and the other half of people that messaged said it’s not for them (for varying reasons) and then there were a handful of undecided people (that’s me too!). My appointment was made regarding some sunspots I have on my cheeks but quickly escalated to the specialist talking about alllllll my skin flaws (ha!) and how much younger I’d look with fillers and botox, lol. What a crazy time we live in! So many options out there it’s hard to know what to do and not do. Kinda fun talking about it with you guys.

What’s been on your mind lately?

XO, Rae


  1. Karen January 30, 2019 at #

    You know, you don’t have to always be clever or funny when you talk with us. Just be real and be you. I love your blog and even though I am a much older momma to grown kids, I still enjoy your young vibe and fashion sense. I often don’t have a clue what your abbreviations mean, though. Like what does OOTW mean? LOL (I guess I am showing my age here.) On the Cup O’ Noodles, my son and my daughter always loved them but my husband read somewhere about how bad they are for you. We had to get my son off them pronto. He was born with Gastroscesis so his insides are out of whack majorly anyway and the noodles were probably the worst thing ever for him.

    • rae January 30, 2019 at #

      I appreciate it Karen!!! So glad you’re here! OOTW means outfit of the week….:) hope your son is doing well. Stomach stuff is so tricky! xoxoxo

  2. Sandra January 30, 2019 at #

    Love the jeans and love the shoes! Also love that your kids have discovered Cup O’Noodles too! We don’t eat them as often but when we do they’re amazingly delicious and since I’ve worked on a campaign with them before I do know that they’re much healthier now than they used to be with all the sodium they used to carry. Anywho, I also hesitated for the longest time about Botox but they decided to try it and dive in after so much hesitation and research, I finally felt confident and I don’t regret it one bit! xo

    • rae January 30, 2019 at #

      Sandra! so good to know about the cup o noodles and botox, ha! xoxo

  3. Kristin January 31, 2019 at #

    What did they recommend regarding your sun spots? I’m so interested because I have them also. #metoo #redheadandfairskin ☀️

    • rae January 31, 2019 at #

      Hi Kristin! They suggested a laser treatment that is noninvasive, but would take 5 or 6 treatments (at least for me). My only hesitation is that afterwards you have to be really careful in the sun… not sure how good I would be at that, ugh. I talked to a couple other people that said rodan and fields has an option that works well so I think I’ll try that first! Let me know if you find anything that works! xo

  4. Hollie March 19, 2019 at #

    Hi there, I have older teenagers and a bit older than you but I love your style and how real you are! Please send all of the jeans and clothing recommendations! I found your J Crew dress post from last summer and was lucky enough to find it on Ebay! yeah! please keep helping us with what to wear :)

    • rae March 20, 2019 at #

      Hi Hollie! I’m so glad! Love to help… lot’s more coming! xo

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