So excited to bring back an old favorite today, homemade hand warmers, with a new design and bigger size. Just in time for Holiday gifting and the cold winter weather that has kicked in around here!

The hand warmers pictured are available in my Spoonflower shop as a cut and sew fabric pattern (perfect project for beginners or asking a friend that sews for help!) and takes a week or two to ship, so I recommend ordering ASAP if you want to make some before Christmas! Of course you can use whatever fabric you have on hand at home too. More details, links and instructions below.


All tied up and ready to make someone cozy-warm.




  1. Cut around gray lines and patterns on the cut and sew fabric or cut 4-inch squares from other fabric. Place fabric wrong sides together. Leaving 1-inch open at the end (to pour rice through – see pic below), and using a 1/4-inch hem, sew around the two squares. Back stitch when you start each.
  2. Pour rice into a small ziplock and cut a small hole in one of the bottom corners. Funnel rice into each warmer until approx 3/4 full. Place a pin next to each hole to keep rice from spilling out and sew closed.
  3. Trim around each hand warmer with pinking shears… it keeps them from fraying and looks extra cute! Trim loose threads too.

To use, place in microwave until warm (about 30 seconds). Just be careful when handling or handing over to little ones.

hand-warmer-diy-2 rae-ann-kelly-hand-warmer-diy-3763 rae-ann-kelly-hand-warmer-diy-3794 rae-ann-kelly-hand-warmer-diy-3798 rae-ann-kelly-hand-warmer-diy-3818-3

One of my favorite parts (although at times an embarrassing part) is reading through old posts to see what I was thinking or feeling at that moment. One of the things I loved reading from the original hand warmer post that inspired this little DIY project was this:

“There is one thing I take very seriously… that my kids feel loved. Everyday. It would be easy for this task to become overwhelming, but luckily my kids have taught me that it’s the little things that matter.  Just one act of love goes a looooong way.”

It’s so, so true. Especially this time of year when the hustle and bustle is real and our calendars are full. The little things go a long way.

Happy 18 sleeps before Christmas!!!

XO, Rae



  1. Johan December 7, 2016 at #

    Love these! They kept my pocket warm for my hands for over an hour…

  2. Cori Olson December 7, 2016 at #

    You are so talented! I love your fabric too!

    • rae December 8, 2016 at #

      Thanks Cori! xo

  3. Penny December 13, 2016 at #

    I just made twenty pairs of these and can’t wait to give them to friends and family. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • rae December 20, 2016 at #

      I love it!!!! Thanks so much for the note. xo

    • rae December 20, 2016 at #

      I love it!!!! Thanks for the note. xo

  4. ColleenB.~Texas December 31, 2016 at #

    I have found that using flax seed inside the hand warmers will stay warmer longer than using rice. Flax seed is more expensive than using rice but they stay hotter longer.
    Will be making more of these come 2017.
    This year was kinda of a test run but have had requests for more, so will be busy sewing some up before Spring arrives.
    Thank you for the wonderful instructions

  5. Marta December 13, 2017 at #

    They look lovely! Can I ask, how long does the rice last? How many times can one warm them up in the microwave? I imagine that rice will eventually cook?? Or not? Does it soften at all?



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