a little cozy goes a long way (and a hand warmer DIY)

i’m not a super mom.  in fact, i’m pretty sure it’s an oxymoron or the opposite of a double negative, or something that cancels itself out.  most days i’m just doing what has to be done, making sure my babes have what they need and praying that everything else falls into place.

but there is one other thing i take very seriously….  that my kids feel loved.  everyday.

it would be easy for this task to become overwhelming, but luckily my kids have taught me that it’s the little things that matter.  just one act of love goes a looooong way.

this winter my default has been just about anything warm and cozy.  letting them eat breakfast by the fireplace, adding an extra blanket to their beds, a hot cup of cocoa after being outside, a warm towel to wrap up in after tubs, or….


… reheatable hand-warmers to pop in their pockets on the way to school.  so cozy.

(continue reading for the DIY instructions)




1.  using fabric scissors, cut the pattern from our spoonflower fabric OR cut 2-3/4 inch squares from your choice of fabric.  you’ll need two per hand warmer.

2. place two squares of fabric wrong sides together and stitch a 1/4 inch seam around the outside, leaving a 1-1/2 inch opening and backstitching in the beginning and end.  (if you don’t have pinking shears, place fabric write sided together, sew as instructed and then turn right side out.)

3. fill 3/4 of the way up with rice.

4.  using a long pin, block the rice from falling out of the opening and sew closed.

5.  using pinking shears, trim the edges….  it will keep them from fraying.

to use, warm up int he microwave for 20 seconds (or so), but make sure they aren’t too hot before handing over to little hands!

hand-warmer-valentines-3i also thought it would be fun to make some extras to give as love day gifts and made a little insert to include.  you can download it (HERE).

so, i shared a couple of my little tricks, but would LOVE to hear about little things you do to show your kids you love them!  let us know in the comments below.

xo . rae

P.S. – Just added a new oversized version of these hand warmers HERE and would love for you to check them out.

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238 Responses to a little cozy goes a long way (and a hand warmer DIY)

  1. Stephany g January 25, 2014 at #

    These are awesome! Where did you get the fabric from? I love the fabric!

    • rae February 13, 2014 at #

      from our collection on spoonflower here: http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/1692835
      thanks stephany!

      • Sam November 13, 2014 at #

        What kind fabric did you use to make these?

    • Pink February 16, 2015 at #

      I used spilt peas and the warmth only last for 3 minutes about. I dont have rice is there anything else i could use? Would oatmeal work

      • Pam November 12, 2015 at #

        You can also use deercorn

      • Rose November 28, 2016 at #

        I’m pretty sure you can use flaxseeds.But I’m not hundred percent.

      • Olivia December 1, 2016 at #

        use cherry stones

      • cat December 24, 2016 at #


      • Pedvo December 18, 2017 at #

        cherry seeds are great for this

    • Siena November 19, 2015 at #

      would quinoua work instead of rice?

      • rae November 27, 2015 at #

        hmmmm… i have no idea! sorry i don’t have a more helpful reply. XOXO, rae

  2. Amanda January 28, 2014 at #

    Is there anything I can put inside so that it wont stink?

    • rae February 13, 2014 at #

      hmmm – not sure… maybe rosemary?

      • sarah August 18, 2017 at #

        I used wheat berries for tactle play with my kiddos, I bet they would work. i made a bean bag one, turned out great, and yes I agree with the lavander. just crush the lavander buds and mix thoroughly before you pour it in the pocket.

    • Laurel February 20, 2014 at #

      Lavender is a very common addition to rice heating pads.

      • carol jackson December 14, 2016 at #

        I’ve been using jasmine rice.bit pricey but sure smells good

    • Karen December 25, 2014 at #

      I use field corn in mine but it may be too big for these little hand warmers. Some people use flax seed. They say it has a better smell. Any of the grains will have an oder. It dissipates with time.

    • Alice September 5, 2015 at #

      I know that lavender works…

    • Sarah December 1, 2015 at #

      If it was me, I would put in a little Lavender.

    • Anna December 10, 2016 at #


  3. amaryllis March 1, 2014 at #

    I have some of those and they work well. Also make sure that all friends who walk dogs have them.

    But one caution: use 100% cotton fabric only. Poly/cotton blends will catch fire in the microwave. This caution is in case you are using scraps from around the house.

    • Kathy VanDuzee July 1, 2017 at #

      … excellent point … don’t forget to use cotton thread as well …

  4. Jennie Condra March 6, 2014 at #

    When I have made these before I added dried lavender to them. I bet a little essential oil would work too! I make mine big for heating pads. Some are long and skinny to wrap around necks. Nice work on these little ones! So cute!

    • judith November 26, 2014 at #

      Wouldn’t the essential oils stain the fabric over time?

  5. Trish March 15, 2014 at #

    I don’t particularly care for the way the rice smells either, so that is a good idea putting
    a scent of rosemary or special oil.

  6. denise keywood March 18, 2014 at #

    You can also use shucked corn, which can be found at co-op and around deer season to fill the hand warmers. Works the exact same way. Difference is smell. I prefer the corn over the rice but now living in the city its a might harder to find. Love love the idea.

  7. Crystal April 21, 2014 at #

    Was just wondering, how long does the heat stay with these?

    • Simi December 19, 2016 at #

      Is there any other grains/herbs that you can use in these? BTW, these are adorable!!

      • rae December 20, 2016 at #

        Hi Crystal! The only grain I’ve used is rice. That being said, I think people have shared other ideas in the comments if you have a second to browse? Pretty sure you can add lavender or essential oils to make them smell pretty too. XOXO, Rae

  8. Carole May 22, 2014 at #

    You should not use rice or any grain for warming. Once it’s heated,it’s cooked, and will grow bacteria. This is why the smell get worse. Also a fire risk. Also a rodent magnet. You won’t want to find mice in your kids pockets! Use small gel packs instead.

    • Tammie Bacle November 18, 2014 at #

      Sorry but that’s not true. My grandmother made these and I still have one and still use it. Once the corn or rice is heated the bacteria is killed. The grain is not “cooked” it drys the moisture out of it. The smell goes away after the first few heatings and as long as you use 100% cotton for the fabric its perfectly safe to heat. This type of “heating pad” has been used for generations. They used to lay them in an iron cooking pot close to the fire to heat them up and take to the fields on cold mornings.

    • cathy November 18, 2014 at #

      You have to use long grain rice not instant. I find it doesn’t cook. Also I make a small muslin bag and fill that with the rice then make a removable cotton cover so you can take the cover off and wash it. I have also used barley or ground, dried corn cobs available in the pet department.

    • JSB December 1, 2014 at #

      Wrong! If sealed they are safe and rodent free unless your house is swarming with them. Do not wash, use a few drops of essential oils on the rice before filling and they will hold the fragrance each time heated for quite awhile. These are so easy to make if they become dirty throw away and start again. I have a rice bag made with a tube sock tied in a knot for years! It’s still works well, I just slip it into a small pillowcase each time and wa-la clean and smells nice.

      • evelyn parsons January 6, 2015 at #

        I have severe back pain, and my daughter filled a tube sock with rice, tied a knot and warmed it up in the microwave. It produces moist heat, and is the only thing that helps when my meds aren’t helping. I have used it for 3 years with no problems. Great for warmth AND pain relief!

    • evelyn parsons November 18, 2015 at #

      I have used my rice bags (rice and an old clean sock)months at a time with no problems. The rice does not cook, it warms nicely and produces moist heat which is great for joint pain and aches. I pitch it and fill up another sock when it gets dirty. Stays warm a long time too.

  9. Lucy May 28, 2014 at #

    I really enjoyed this idea :D
    You’re quite creative.. Although I’m thinking of adapting the hands warmer to an adult. A friend of mine is moving to England and this would be a really good gift ^^
    At home I only have felt and some fabrics my grandma gave me (she can make clothes) so I’m not sure if they’re 100% cotton $:
    Should I compare with any pieces of clothes that I have and know they are 100% cotton or better not risking and buy it myself?

    • Heather August 30, 2014 at #

      You can always take a small swatch of the fabric and test it with a candle, anything synthetic will melt. You dont want to use thise

  10. nancy morton August 23, 2014 at #

    This is a great idea for golf tournaments. Keeps your hands warm while you play golf.

  11. Donna August 30, 2014 at #

    Corn and Rice Bags have been around for years with no problems. It might depend on the climate you deal with. Make them and enjoy.

  12. Theresa September 4, 2014 at #

    What type of fabric did you select from Spoonflower?

  13. Angie October 11, 2014 at #

    Flaxseeds are wonderful for this, too, with a bit of lavender.

    • Sam November 27, 2014 at #

      I also use flax seeds. I like the way they feel in your hand and I think they maybe hold the heat longer too!

    • Rose November 28, 2016 at #

      That’s what I said to.

  14. Theresa October 12, 2014 at #

    Cinnamon is great too to cover up a smell you can also use cherry pits they’re a little bumpy though

    • SARAH October 19, 2014 at #

      I use cherry pits in my heating pads…they hold the heat longer than grains. You can get clean cherry pits here: http://www.cherrypitstore.com/

  15. Kendra October 13, 2014 at #

    Is there a specific type of rice I should use?

    • Jess January 7, 2015 at #

      Just not instant as far as I know. It cooks when heated in these.

  16. Katlyn October 18, 2014 at #

    How long do they stay hot?

    • Sarah October 21, 2014 at #

      It’s difficult to say how long they stay hot because when you’re using one, there isn’t really a point where they go from hot to cold. They stay sort of warm simply because you have them up against your body. I’ve used them for up to an hour before re-heating, though. It’s kind of hard to answer how long definitively. Sorry! ;)

  17. Kelly October 21, 2014 at #

    Hi. I want to make these as Christmas gifts. I am considering purchasing the printed fabric from Spoonflower, but I wondered how many finished hand warmers you get from a “fat quarter” of fabric?

    • rae October 22, 2014 at #

      hi kelly! you get at least 12 or more depending on the type of fabric you order… i like to use the linen cotton canvas. xo

      • Kelly November 1, 2014 at #

        Thanks so much. :)

      • Sam November 13, 2014 at #

        How many handwarmers can u make with yards?

      • Jess November 22, 2014 at #

        Rae, Could you edit your pattern to say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy <3 Day" and "Stay Cozy Friend" instead of "Stay Cozy Valentine"? I love the design still, but would like to use them as Christmas presents instead.

  18. Emma November 2, 2014 at #

    Wow, this looks like a fantastic idea – and so simple. I’ll think about making these for Christmas presents!

  19. ellie November 3, 2014 at #

    Oh my, this tutorial is so incredibly cute!! I love it!!!! I think I’m gonna make some of these as Christmas present, they’re so adorable!

    Indiellie | Bloglovin’

  20. Ann November 4, 2014 at #

    I have taken those socks that no longer match anything to make bigger heat packs. This way I am recycling into something useful. They work great for foot warmers when you crawl into bed at night, to wrap around your neck or on an arm or leg. My kids each have one now and mine don’t come up missing as often.

  21. Jerri November 6, 2014 at #

    Hi Rae,

    Please please help. I am wanting to purchase the material of yours for the hand warmers, but need two questions answered first. Which material did you use for the warmers in the photo? I see that you like the linen cotton can peas in a comment, but is that what you used?

    Is the linen cotton canvas able to be microwaved? I see there were comments that it has to be 100% cotton or would catch fire. Can you tell me if yours were able to be microwaved? Thank You

    • zanna April 20, 2015 at #

      100% cotton, silk, wool and linen are naturally fire retardent. So mixing any of these fabrics does not reduce this. I would not recommend silk for this project as it is delicate and will not withstand repeated heating.

      Extra note – silk is 100% bug resistent (any bug) so if you are bothered by mosquitoes, midges or bed bugs when traveling, cover yourself in silk and use a sleeping bag liner.

      Synthetic fabrics are made from various types of plastic and will melt and/or stick to the skin when heated. These types of burns are nasty as the plastics melt into the flesh. Temperatures vary depending on the type of plastic.

      Mixing natural and synthetic fabrics reduces the fire retardency and increases the melting possibility.

  22. Lacey E. November 7, 2014 at #

    I want to make these as favors for a baby shower. But I’m wondering, does the fabric include the printed valentine saying? Also, if I’m wanting 50 warmers, how much fabric would I order? I love the design! Thank you

  23. Shannon November 14, 2014 at #

    My littles would love these! But we don’t have a microwave, is there any other way to safely heat them?

    • jenni December 4, 2014 at #

      you can dampen the cover and warm it in the oven, but keep an eye on it.

    • hollis November 18, 2016 at #

      If you have a fireplace, you can dampen it, put it on a rock, and place the rock about 8 inches from the fireplace. Don’t leave it for long though because they can get really hot!

  24. maryanne November 15, 2014 at #

    I have made many of these, in larger form,for neck warmers, feet warmers, making sure there is a sewn divider so the rice does not always go to one end. LOVE these.

  25. Elic November 17, 2014 at #

    In the past I made scented trivets. Scented rice with an oil, generally cinnamon since they were Christmas presents, and filled them. BIG hit with the recipients. I’d guess that an oil like that would work for these too. Was wishing I had one for my frozen feet right NOW! LOL

  26. Shawna November 18, 2014 at #

    Try using wheat. The lady I work with makes neck warmers. I have washed mine (in a pillowcase in case stitching come undone) dry for a short time in dryer and then hang over chair to finish drying. Puts a little moisture back into wheat so it heats up good again

  27. christina November 22, 2014 at #

    what does “trim” the edges mean? could you post a follow up video of this or something please? (clearly, im crafting-deficient)

    • rae December 15, 2014 at #

      you are too sweet christina! not sure if i’ll get a video tutorial up anytime soon (sorry!) wish i could. trim just means cutting off the edges so they look clean – if you have (or know someone who does) pinking shears that’s even better because they will keep the fabric from fraying :)

      hope that helps! xo . rae

  28. gayla November 22, 2014 at #

    While I love this idea and plan to make a few hand warmers, I wanted to comment on your kid-raising philosophy – I think that your kids probably feel very loved. everyday. your philosophy is beautiful and so spot on! Thanks for the reminder that a single act of love/kindness goes a long way – for your family, for your friends, for complete strangers.

  29. Amy November 25, 2014 at #

    Would flannel be a good idea to use? Is white rice acceptable? if I were to put a type of cinnamon oil in the packets, how much should I use and how should I put it in? these Warmers are a cute idea.

  30. Paula December 3, 2014 at #

    I disagree with Carole’ s statement. I have used these for years for pain therapy. RICE has been the main filler. No bacteria growth, etc. I would rather my family use these home crafted packets than those commercially made, containing unknown ingredients (toxins). In my opinion, reusable is a smarter choice.

  31. kristen December 21, 2014 at #

    I made one and followed the instructions to the tee but when I put it in the microwave it got hard and smelled……is it supposed to expand and get hard? Like did I do something wrong? To long in microwave I put it in for 40 seconds…..or wrong rice? When I cut it open and spilled it’s guys every where it looked like rice crispy treats cerial. Please someone tell me if this is normal and if it isn’t how do I fix it?

    • rae December 21, 2014 at #

      hey kristen… did you use instant rice? that’s the only explanation i can think of.

  32. Donna December 22, 2014 at #

    What a lovely idea! I have a large version that my mom made for me years ago. It is filled with whole wheat berries. Works great!! My husband and I take our warm bags to bed almost every night in the winter to warm our feet. Works better than a hot water bottle!

  33. Karen December 29, 2014 at #

    I have added lavender to mine in the past but it seems the lavender is more prone to scorching. Once scorched, it always stinks. I’ve added flax and/or soy (for fill, I guess) but I don’t think they enhance the heating. Be prepared to toss when they don’t smell good anymore. Bulk rice is CHEAP.

  34. madison February 16, 2015 at #

    great! I could never do that mine I made out of a t-shirt and hot glued it closed, then put in microwave for as long as you want BUT WARNING, hot glue MIGHT melt

  35. Pink February 16, 2015 at #

    Would i be able to use felt?

  36. Lisa W. May 12, 2015 at #

    I have made heating packs and sinus packs that have lasted years. If you do get mice, it’s true that they may get into your heating packs as they will get into any grains, they are just hungry. Adding herbs and eventually essential oils really adds to the soothing quality and pleasure of these packs, and it will help repel rodents and insects as well. I use flax as the filler and the herbs of my choice with a drop or two of essential oil. Yes, the essential oil needs to be replenished at times, and yes it will stain the packs, but I haven’t found it to be a big deal.

  37. chylene June 2, 2015 at #

    Is there anyway that I can order this fabric by each square as big as a pillow. I want pillows like this it´s soo perfect!!!!

  38. Lyndsay September 4, 2015 at #

    I was wondering if I could put a cinnamon stick in the pads to make them smell better? Or is essential oil the only way to go?

  39. Crystal September 7, 2015 at #

    I haven’t done these hand warmers but I’ve done larger heating packs. Flax seed is my favorite and you can add lavender or whatever you want. I would recommend using oils instead of fresh though cause it started to burn after a couple times in the microwave.

  40. Matt November 15, 2015 at #

    Someone mentioned that they put lavender inside of these to stop the smell of the rice but the lavender it started to smell bad? Does this happen, and if it does, what can I use to take away the smell of the rice inside?

  41. Matt November 15, 2015 at #

    Someone mentioned they put lavender in with the rice but it didn’t take the smell away. Does this happen? If it does, what else can I put in the warmers to take the smell of the rice away? I really want to make these, but I want them to smell nice!

    • Jill November 29, 2015 at #

      Put your rice on a bag with any essential oil I like peppermint shake it up so it coats the rice let it soak it up for a day then put it in your Warner’s

  42. Lucie November 16, 2015 at #

    Really cretive. I like it! :-) How many times can I use these?

  43. Hannah November 21, 2015 at #

    Could I use flannel, or would this cause safety issues in the microwave?

    • rae November 27, 2015 at #

      i think flannel will work but maybe do a test version and try before making them all in flannel? :) xoxo

  44. Katie November 21, 2015 at #

    Are these microwaveable?

    • rae November 27, 2015 at #

      yes but they only need 10 seconds or so.

  45. Lara November 23, 2015 at #

    I wonder if river rock pebbles could be used.

  46. Rae November 27, 2015 at #

    This is seriously the cutest DIY that I have ever seen and is such a genuis idea as well. I actually just purchased hand warmers today at the store – to bad I didn’t find this DIY before my shopping trip because I could have just made these!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  47. Lisa November 30, 2015 at #

    Is there a no-sew option? Wondering if those iron-on strips would work?

    • rae December 8, 2015 at #

      not sure an iron on would be strong enough to hold considering how much the warmers are handled… anyone else have a no-sew suggestions?

  48. Lily January 6, 2016 at #

    Rae, which fabric do you recommend? This idea is terrific!

  49. Jessica. L January 11, 2016 at #

    Great work done. Thanks for sharing!

  50. Victoria Rudden January 14, 2016 at #

    I love these type of warmers. I had someone make me one a few years ago for Christmas. I have used it for kid’s injuries but never thought about using it for hand warmers. What about using it as a seat warmer when I am out in the cold watching my son play baseball in February and March.

    Victoria @ http://valfre.com

  51. OwlTellYouSew January 14, 2016 at #

    Thank you for this awesome idea and tutorial! I couldn’t wait to make a few of my own. They are sew much fun to make, I couldn’t stop at just a pair! Check out my blog post, Happy Handwarmers to see what I did! Thanks again!

  52. Fawzia Sardiwalla January 18, 2016 at #

    I use coarse grainy salt .First put into a muslin bag and insert into your pretty cotton outer bag.Salt retains heat and nosuch fears as mentioned by some above.Yiu could add lavender to the saltand some essential oil as salt tends to hold aroma better.Just my experience.Hope it helps others.

  53. Sany Ahmed March 20, 2016 at #

    For a better smell many peoples use flax seed and they say it’s work great. But I’m not sure if the fabric or cotton works best. What do you think about this?

  54. Rochelle April 24, 2016 at #

    Can you use sand

    • clara tapp June 26, 2016 at #

      I use wheat but always put a cup of water in micorowave

  55. Lisa June 29, 2016 at #

    I have made these many times !!!
    I use TAPIOCA pearls! You can find them at the grocery
    Store by the pudding mixes. Not all grocery stores carry
    Them. But you can heat and reheat with no smell !! Just
    Don’t hear too long…

    • Willow December 17, 2016 at #

      I have so far made 2 of these I just used white rice and some rosemary and lavender flowers it smells so nice They are so much fun to make, good one Rae

      • rae December 20, 2016 at #

        Thank you Lisa… I need to try that next time! xo, Rae

  56. Elle December 14, 2016 at #

    We’ve featured this cool creation on our Facebook page – check it out!

  57. Stephanie Light December 15, 2016 at #

    Thank you so much for this lovely tutorial! Will be making my mom these for Christmas TO try and combat her bad circulation!

  58. Preet Brar December 24, 2016 at #

    HI i was wonder if i could use flannel, and how i can test it with a candle.

  59. Fiona January 20, 2017 at #

    how long does it last warm

  60. Tim February 7, 2017 at #

    I wonder how difficult it would be to make these waterproof?

  61. Rachel March 6, 2017 at #

    Love these! Do you wash the fabric before cutting and sewing?

    • rae March 8, 2017 at #

      no because they don’t get washed after they are made :)

  62. wania December 18, 2017 at #

    why make them if your going to use gel packs

  63. Mary McColl December 20, 2017 at #

    I’m really new to the life of a DIY mum but I was just wondering what rice I should use? Is it basmati or what? Please reply soon, Mary.

  64. Lucy December 23, 2017 at #


    I used a lavendar essential oil and they smell amazing!

  65. Robert Myers March 24, 2019 at #

    Amazing DIY project Idea.

  66. Ayesha April 5, 2019 at #

    They are super cute !!


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