Hey loves! Excited for this weeks meal plan but also wishing there was away to make the grocery list making and shopping more easy. (Tell me I’m not alone!?) These days there are so many great places to shop (some for specialty reasons, others for practical ones) so I’m sure cutting back would help. Click-list at Kroger/Fred Meyer is a lifesaver too. And Johan doesn’t mind stopping by the store either (which the Cozi app makes so easy!) so maybe I should just embrace whatever errand running is left, lol. Would love to know how you guys keep the kitchen stocked and meals prepped in the comments!

Meal plan below.

MONDAY | broccoli chicken fritters

TUESDAY |easy huevos rancheros (meatless tuesday :)

WEDNESDAY | take out for a busy evening!

THURSDAY | bbq chicken salad + pizza (we’ll use this recipe but use some of the chiken on homemade pizza as an option)

FRIDAY | something store-bought — cutie platter, costco stuffed peppers, boxed mac + cheese, meatball subs, french dip sandwiches, smoothies + PB+J’s :)

SATURDAY | sesame noodle salad (add rotisserie chicken and pack up for a picnic)

SUNDAY | salmon skewers with pesto dip + pasta + happy hour!

BREAKKIE | toaster waffles + smoothies, crepes + whip + berries, energy bites + fruit

LUNCH | starbucks copycat PB+J boxes, cheese + meat cracker stackers, energy bites + yogurt + fruit — Only packing lunches 2 days a week for the rest of the school year… asking Johan and the kids to fill-in if they want packed lunches on the other days!

SNACK | hummus + ranch + veggies, popcorn + chocolate milk, fruit and snack bars

TREAT | feeling like eating all things lemon so maybe we’ll make lemon bars or lemon cheesecake

If you know of any good lemon bar recipes, link it in the comments!!!

Also, don’t forget to share your tips (or woes) for grocery shopping!

xo, Rae

3 Responses to MEAL PLAN: MAY WEEK 3

  1. Kristen May 21, 2019 at #

    Yesssss! I have five kids too (11yrs and under) and keeping food stocked in the house and variety of meals/snacks ready is SO challenging!!! And they aren’t even starving teenagers yet! I have love-hate feelings towards clicklist but it is a handy option. One thing that has helped is each year, we go in with friends and buy half a cow so my deep freezer is well stocked with steak, roasts and ground beef. So if I keep basic staples in the pantry, I can grab something from the freezer and pull together dinner easily. I like your weekly meal lists and I’ve found that helps a lot too!! Checking out these recipes now – thanks!!

  2. Claire May 22, 2019 at #

    I love these posts. I always get some kid-friendly ideas for picky eaters. Thanks!

  3. April V May 23, 2019 at #

    I love your meal plans ♥

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