We’ve finished fixing up and listing our rental, the graduation chaos has ended (for the most part) and everyone seems to be picking up summer right where we left it… what can I say, we’re naturals. LOL. More importantly though, I’m excited to be picking up the blog right where I left off too! So much fun stuff ahead but first lets start with one of the more practical posts — a meal plan!

M | Going to try this Thai coconut ramen with chicken. Looks so yummy and easy to adapt for kids that aren’t into cabbage or mushrooms.

T | Easy beef, bean + cheese burritos for taco Tuesday!

W | PIZZA! It’s become an unofficial tradition to eat pizza on just about every holiday eve (or eve, eve :) and the 4th of July is no exception. We’ll be hunting down a pizza truck in our area (hopefully) but if you’d rather stay in try making Pioneer Woman’s yummy french bread pizza.

TH | HAPPY 4th OF JULY! Gimme all the salads, fruit and grilled meat!

F | We have salmon in the freezer that’s been calling my name and this soy honey salmon recipe looks good!

SA | I’ll be at college orientation with Oz at WSU (ahhhhh! I think I just died) so will be enjoying all my favorite college grub (here I come Daily Grind!)… make something nostalgic! Or better yet, go out! (HINT: calzones, pasta, burgers, tuna melts and canned chili were always in our rotation, lol)

SU | Your favorite stuffed pepper recipe or better yet, grab them from costco!

BREAKKIE | Omelets, dutch babies + banana split parfaits. Shared the DIY on stories yesterday and saved to the “eat” highlight. Griffin has been requesting made to order omelets which is always fun especially if Johan is home because he’s so good at making them! A little tip: grab and prep enough toppings and fillers for a couple mornings then make a big scramble, egg bake or hash on the third morning with whatever is left!

LUNCH + SNACK | These two always seem to mesh together during the summer since we’re either out and about or the kids are coming and going with friends so I’ll be stocking up on frozen fruit (in popsicle form too), popcorn, peanut butter pretzels, salami, turkey, cheese, yogurt, crackers, loads of fruits and veggies and anything else I can throw out onto a charcuterie tray!

How do you guys structure mealtimes during the summer? The last couple years we’ve made breakfast around 10am (with early risers grabbing a snack before then if they’re hungry — this usually allows me to work for a couple hours first thing too), lunch slash snack around 1 or 2pm and happy hour slash dinner around 5 or 6pm depending on what we have going on. Somedays it works great this way and others I feel like I’m in the kitchen all the live long day (LOL).

I guess that’s just how summer goes… some days are fun and easy and others end up feeling like SO! MUCH! WORK! Just going to expect it and embrace it!

xo, Rae

6 Responses to MEAL PLAN: JULY WEEK 1

  1. Claire July 2, 2019 at #

    It is good to see you back! I am looking forward to hearing about the rental updates, etc., and the meal plans are so helpful.

    • rae July 3, 2019 at #

      Will share more next week. Thanks Claire! xo

  2. Theresa Johnson July 2, 2019 at #

    Welcome back! Would love to see rental pics :)

    • rae July 3, 2019 at #

      Thanks Theresa! Planning on it next week! xoxo

  3. Heather Bates July 2, 2019 at #

    Very cool that he’s going to WSU! My husband grew up in Pullman and his dad ran the Creamery for 20+ years. So, have some Cougar Gold for us. We’re down in the San Diego area and are always happy when we get our hands on some of that cheese.

    • rae July 3, 2019 at #

      so cool! we should send you some!!! xo

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