One day these kids will know just how lucky they are to call Johan DAD, DADDY, DADA + DAAAAAAD! He’s the greatest gift we’ve all ever been given (other than Jesus and each other). Not to mention their amazing and fun Papa too so it’s like a big fat double whammy of blessing in their lives. It’s only been a couple weeks since we celebrated Father’s Day but it feels like months ago to me… anyone else!? Had to share a few pics from the two hours we spent at the Redwood driving range that day before if feels like forever ago!

Despite the fact that we chose to swing from the top deck (only had a few hundred mini heart attacks, lol) we had the best time celebrating the dads in our lives!

Golf is probably the one thing Johan wishes he did more of so my mom and I figured we’d send him and my dad to the golf course on Father’s Day morning. However they opted for a kid friendly version instead which made entertaining the kids for half the day so. much. easier. Thanks guys!

Now that things have settled down a bit, we should probably have them reschedule!

Miss Tilly working through a litlte bit of frustration… Its hard to hit that little ball! So proud of her!

Stealing all the snuggle time with Gigi!


Griffin might have a future as a golf pro… or maybe a coach of any kind. I shared a few videos on Stories of him “helping” Poppy and then standing back with his hands on his hips to see how she did. It was so sweet and cute and also, I couldn’t believe that Pop-Tart was up for it, ha! It’s not easy being coached by an older sibling!

Luckily Papa stepped in for a bit before she got too annoyed :)

A patterned rug? Yes, please!

Missing Ozzie who was on a trip and of course my Father-in-law too!

How did you celebrate Father’s Day?

xo, Rae

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    So thankful Boo!

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