lunch boxes they’ll <3.

i’ve always tried to pack healthy school lunches for my kids that cater slightly to each one’s taste (so they actually eat it) but after failing miserably at it last year and as a result spending way too much at the starbuck’s drive-thru on protein packs, i decided that this year lunch packing would be a family affair. my job is to keep the kitchen stocked (and pitch-in a bit with packing) and their job is to do the rest!

to help with the process i put together a lunchbox wish list and wanted to share (download link below). ask the kids to check off  an item or two in each section every week or two so you’ll know what to add to your shopping list — that way there should always be a couple things they will be excited about packing and you won’t have to do any guesswork! (win, win)


LUNCHBOX WISH LIST, freebie (PDF) // click to download 

now if i could just figure out a good time to do the packing…  i really dread getting everything out after i’ve made and cleaned up dinner at night but time always seems to runout in the morning. if you have any tips i’d love to hear them!

xo . rae

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  1. kristen September 9, 2014 at #

    LOVE this freebie – thank you so much. I let my kids each pick one day a week to buy hot lunch from school. We look over the menu every Sunday and they choose one – the rest of the days I pack. I can’t wait to incorporate these little wish lists into our Sunday sessions! If you ever sold them as a notepad I would totally buy them. Also, I’m the main lunch person in my family…can’t stand packing at night either even though I know I should, and the only thing that helps me get through it fast enough in the morning is really good music and a sweet apron. It’s the little things, right? Thanks again! (p.s. congratulations on your newest addition – you have an adorable family!)

  2. Candy P January 9, 2015 at #

    How about if the kids help pack lunches while you are making dinner–you will all be together and clean everything up at once. Wonderful ideas for lunches. Are vegetable and fruit chips (dehydrated slices) on your list?

  3. Candy P January 9, 2015 at #

    Oh I just remembered–my mom used to core an apple and fill the center with peanut butter and raisins. She called it a walking stick but don’t ask me why!


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