Welcome to my favorite time of year — SUMMALL!

That transition between summer and fall where we get to mix things up. Shorts on the bottom, long sleeves on top. Sipping on a PSL with the sunroof open. Cooler mornings and nights which makes it safe to turn the oven on and bake cookies or climb under the covers and watch netflix. It’s a sweet spot for sure.

Next week I’m going to share 3 ways to style your summer dresses and rompers for fall (sign up for emails so you don’t miss out!) but this week I thought I’d do a random little life and family update. Here’s a few tidbits…

OZZIE | has been busy with football practices and eating alllll the things. Earlier this week I brought him half of a giant watermelon and a starbucks bag full of food to snack on in-between practices and he said it was the perfect amount, lol. I’m afraid for our costco bill this month but it’s all for a good cause. Deff want my boy big, strong and healthy when he steps onto that field for games! Speaking of which, his first scrimmage is tonight and I can’t wait to be back in bleachers watching him play! It’s my happy place. (hashtag sports mom)

ESPEN | just shared his birthday interview if you missed it! We’re finishing up his back to school clothes shopping on Sunday along with Oz and his adorable girlfriend and I’m excited to see  what else he picks out. Having help from two high schoolers I think will help. He’s also feeling so ready and excited to start middle school which makes me so proud but also want to cry like a baby, ha!

TILLY | has never been into dolls or playing house but recently became obsessed with the idea of babysitting and I’ve loved seeing her nurturing side come out a little when we are around little ones as well as with Poppy this summer. She also started soccer a couple weeks ago with Johan and me as her coaches… we’ve only had one practice because of bad air quality from wildfires but it should be an interesting season!

GRIFFIN | has been busy building legos. Just bought him this book and he loves it! Makes it so easy to build cool things without having to buy a $50 set :) He’s also looking forward to starting soccer in September and suits up every time the older kids have a practice or skills training sesh. It’s amazing.

POPPY | shared a pic on Instagram of her the other day while simultaneously helping her look for a toy I donated last week… DID YOU SEE IT? She’s been full of personality and funny sayings (wish I was better about writing them down) and is talking non-stop about taking a ballet class, wearing ballet outfits and shoes and doing her “practice moves”. She’s also been climbing into bed with us EVERY NIGHT for the last month. It doesn’t make for the best sleep but I secretly love it.

JOHAN | has been working so, so hard on his mental health and it seriously has been a game changer for our marriage and family. So insanely proud at how far he’s come and have been loving every minute with the sweet man I married. Takes everything in me not to make out with him 24/7. Our friend Collin Henderson has been a huge resource and inspiration (checkout his web site!) and we recently found the Rise Together Podcast and can’t get enough!

ME, RAE! | getting ready to send a new senior, middle schooler (6th grade!), 4h grader and 1st grader to school has literally been giving me anxiety over the weirdest things. Guess I don’t love change (the forced kind) and I see it coming so quickly…. You can just call me EMO for the next month or so. On the flip side I’m excited to start working on my fall bod (read: regular workouts so I can consume allll the PSL’s). I’ve been using the SWEAT app for awhile now (although inconsistently this summer) and cannot recommend it enough. Also, listening to Zoe Worship on repeat! Just what we need for the morning hustle once school starts.


OUTFIT | top from madewell (the prettiest pattern and is on sale but size down at least 1 size! usually wear a small in tops but am wearing an xs and could prob do a xxs), shorts from nordstrom or shopbop, shoes from madewell, hat from nordstrom, bag from asos (love this one)

If you guys would be interested in seeing more of the up close and personal parts of our blended family, marriage, having teenagers, and parenting, please let me know in the comments!

Happy Fridayyyyyyyyy.

XO, Rae

PS – I’m in the process of putting together mommy and me morning affirmations for BTS or Back to fall — stay tuned… and sign up for emails!



  1. Vanessa August 24, 2018 at #

    Been following the blog for quite sometime.
    Always love the daily emails that send me to the post – huge fan of your photography and design style.

    I have so many project posts saved to use as my little one gets older (he’s currently 1). I believe I was originally directed your way via Jones Design Company and so grateful for that.

    So much hard work is obviously put into each post and I wanted to express how much I absolutely adore it.

    • rae August 28, 2018 at #

      Thank you so much for the note Vanessa!!! Hugs to you and your little one… XOXO

  2. Theresa Johnson August 24, 2018 at #

    Thank you for the pod cast and lego book suggestions! You always have something fresh and I love that!

    • rae August 27, 2018 at #

      I’m glad you like! Thanks Theresa! xoxo

  3. Holly August 24, 2018 at #

    Yes, I’d love to hear more about your family! I just recently started following your blog and love seeing your family through Insta and watching your stories! We have four littles, but our oldest is only 9 and our youngest is 10 months. You’re way ahead of us in the parenting department! How did you and your husband meet?

    • rae August 28, 2018 at #

      Ohhhhh, amazing Holly! Such a fun age range.

      In a nutshell, we met briefly through my cousin when we were in college. I was a single mom (Ozzie was little) and he was a busy frat boy, lol. A year later I was working in the Athletic department and was best friends with the cheer coach while he was the school mascot so our paths crossed all the time. 6 months later we started meeting for church with another friend of ours and then going to brunch afterwards. We started officially dating in March, engaged in September and married the next June.

      We have a really fun engagement video I’ll try to share on the blog soon!

  4. Rachel August 24, 2018 at #

    Love this post so much! Would love to see teen advice ect … hard watching my babies grow and letting go (especially my oldest ) 13,10 and 1 ack! It’s slipping by so fast!

    • rae August 27, 2018 at #

      It’s so crazy fast! I’ll be jotting down things I tell friends and family about having older kids and will share soon! xoxo

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