MINI MAKERS: straw wind pipe

Out of all of my kids, there’s one that lives to do arts and crafts and another that will participate if there is nothing better to do, but ALL of them love to make things. Anythings and all things they can get their hands on, food, indoor forts, outdoor forts, mobiles, race tracks, mini zip lines, obstacle courses, bracelets, etc.

Here’s a simple craft using household supplies that’s for the mini artist and makers alike and with summer vacay just weeks away I’m dying for any new projects that will keep the little ones busy for a hot minute (or ten!).


You’ll Need:

  • Straws (plastic or paper but the sound isn’t very loud with paper – pictured are from IKEA)
  • Tape (any kind will work)
  • Scissors (kid scissors will do the trick with plastic straws)

Here’s How:

  1. Tear off a large strip of tape and lay flat on a work-surface, sticky side up. Line straws up in the middle of the tape, towards the top of the straws (we used 8). Keeping the straws flat wrap the tape around the straws to secure.
  2. Cut straws at an angle and making music! The different length straws make different sounds.

Unlike most real instruments in the hands of little humans, the sound from the straw wind pipes is very sweet and subtle so you don’t have to worry about irritating the neighbors or waking baby up.

 Have any fun and simple crafts up your sleeve? Please share!

Here is another straw craft from last summer to checkout.

XO . Rae

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5 Responses to MINI MAKERS: straw wind pipe

  1. Nesta May 18, 2015 at #

    Great idea! I have to try this with my daughters. I’ve just posted a kid craft for making party straws with Hama beads:

    • rae May 18, 2015 at #

      So cute Nesta! I was just thinking I needed to get the fusion beads out! XO

      • Nesta May 19, 2015 at #

        Thank you! Love your blog!

  2. Julie May 20, 2015 at #

    This is so fun! We will definitely be giving it a try.

    And you are killing me with the DesignMom house tour link. I am still dreaming of a tutorial on those fantastic silhouettes! Please?!?!

  3. sanu maithil March 28, 2018 at #


    thanks for sharing.

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