she’s here + a birth story

allow me to introduce you to our newest addition, Penelope – number 5 and final for our rowdy brood. here’s a little peek into her birth story….


based on the picture above you would never guess that her lungs weren’t quite ready to be breathing on their own when she was born (unusual for a full-term babe) or that we ended up spending an intense week at the hospital but that is pretty much what happened.

yet there is so much more.


after hours of observation, a dramatic transport to a bigger hospital and a week spent in the nicu i would love to showoff my new found medical vocabulary (not really) and spill all the details about needles, tubes, and vitals (also not really), however i’m not sure how important they are to this little girl’s story. . . i’m sure one day she’ll want to know everything the doctors and nurses did to treat her and the whole story from beginning to end, but this is what i really want her to know about her birth…


(a special visit from big brother and sister + the room we lived in for the week)

1. God is faithful and his peace, love, comfort and protection is not dependent on circumstances.

2. your name means weaver (among other things) and you’ve been weaving a very strong and unexplainable bond in our hearts and family since the day you arrived.

3. even at 7 pounds you are strong and spunky. just ask the nurses that cared for you.

4. two years ago when your dad and i thought we were done growing our family i had a very real dream about a baby girl (you) that ultimately changed our minds. at the scariest point at the hospital, when nothing seemed to be helping a friend reminded me of that dream and i immediately felt peace. if you are ever unsure of God’s purpose or plan for you i hope the promise of that dream and testimony of your birth brings you the same peace and reassurance. He’s got you.

5. as displayed by our family and friends who watched your siblings, visited us in the hospital, prayed, brought meals and (generally speaking) went out of their way to take care of us, there is strength in community and relationship. life is not meant to do alone.


one last thing. this birth story would not be complete without a shoutout to my other half.

johan, i am so grateful for your strength. for asking the tough questions and advocating for our little girl. for leading us in prayer and speaking out scripture over poppy the first few days when i couldn’t get a word out without crying. for coaxing me out of our hospital room to get some fresh air, sunshine and food. i treasure those meals, conversations and brief moments of laughter we shared. for being the one that went back and forth between the hospital and our home and 4 other children.  and so much more. i love you and this family God’s given us.

 we love you more than life miss poppy and are so blessed to be able to watch you grow up.

xo . momma

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7 Responses to she’s here + a birth story

  1. Fiona August 13, 2014 at #

    Beautiful post Rae! Congrats to your family!

    Sending lots of hugs and good vibes from San Francisco :)

  2. Gina D August 13, 2014 at #

    Poppy is gorgeous! Her story… Your story… beautiful. Thank you for sharing Rae. Congratulations to the Friis Family!!! xoxoxo

  3. Victoria August 13, 2014 at #

    Dear sweet family,
    With tears I read your story of darling poppy and the goodness and faithfulness of God.
    Your family is very precious to us and we are so thankful poppy is home in your arms surrounded by her own fan club! Can’t wait to hold her ( I know I will tear up again!)

  4. Meghan August 13, 2014 at #

    Love, love, love this! I identify in so many ways and am so happy for your family. He’s got you.

  5. mother of many August 13, 2014 at #

    She is so beautiful! GOD has truly blessed you!
    Thank you for sharing her story.

  6. Karen J Moseley August 20, 2014 at #

    Welcome, Precious Poppy! Happy post about a Beautiful family.
    Love, Jo


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