It’s been feeling a little like fall around here (rain!) and the kids head back to school next week (boo!) but we are going to SHAKE IT OFF and have the BEST DAY EVER because it’s Friday and we’re celebrating with a totally great giveaway with HEN & CO. Kendra is the mama behind the brand and is also one of my dearest friends (the kind you don’t know what you’d do without!) but I would be a fan even if she wasn’t and I’m so excited to share her clever designs with you guys!

rae ann kelly and hen & cogiveaway-8234

To enter to win one t-shirt and one leo from HEN & CO., leave a comment sharing one way you ‘shake it off” when your day isn’t going so great?! Contest closes Sunday, Sept. 4th at 10pm PST. One (1) lucky winner will be notified by email and announced here on Monday the 6th.

Congrats to Brooke B for winning the HEN & CO. giveaway!

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Griffey and Poppy put on their Hen & Co. gear for our lunch date yesterday at Shake Shake Shake, where we ate the most delicious fries and milkshakes. Somehow tho, my littles where more impressed with the ketchup. At the end of our date, Poppy decided to have a meltdown over not being able to suck on the red ketchup bottle so we ‘shook it off’ by exiting the building ASAP. Normally though, I would say we shake things off with a dance party and if it’s happy hour, a glass of wine for mama!

How about you?

XO, Rae

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  1. Emily W. September 2, 2016 at #

    I just had to “shake it off” this morning! The babe woke up 20 minutes early so I was trying to do my entire morning routine with a crying 14 month old on my hip, the 5 year old woke up on the wrong side of the bed, too. So before I left for work, we turned on some peppy music and had a dance party in the living room so that we could both have a “do-over”. It was a blast and we were all laughing by the time I absolutely had to walk out the door!

  2. Caitlin September 2, 2016 at #

    Cutest Shirt and Leo!! Pick me:)

  3. Caitlin September 2, 2016 at #

    I meant to finish my comment but I got so excited. So in order to shake it off I grab a Diet Coke or Advocare Spark and eat a peanut butter toast with strawberries and listen to a good song or two. Always makes the day a littler brighter!

    • rae September 2, 2016 at #

      Spark is the BEST!

  4. Mia White September 2, 2016 at #

    Awesome giveaway! I find I’m best able to shake the grumps off when I turn on the tunes– my new fave is a “French cooking” station. :) Classic oldies or baroque music and the occaisionally Celtic (ideal for house cleaning) are also winners.

  5. Charlie Davis September 2, 2016 at #

    I “Shake it Off” by reminding myself that no one is perfect! We must forgive ourselves as much as we try and forgive others. Kindness, compassion, and understanding matters. Just don’t let anyone or anything steal your joy! The day is what you make it ~

  6. Brittney Vogel September 2, 2016 at #

    I paint my nails! I don’t know why I do this, but when it’s been an exceptionally hard day I paint my nails while watching an episode of fixer upper. It’s my self care, and I feel like a human again!

  7. Sarah September 2, 2016 at #

    I shake it off with my fav gal pals over crafts and cocktails.

  8. Angie September 2, 2016 at #

    Best shake it off moment is always to make a latte and have a dance party with the kids and hubby!

  9. Melissa September 2, 2016 at #

    What a great giveaway! How do I “shake it off” with three little girls, a husband, a full time teaching job, and all that comes along with holding down the fort to keep everyone happy? Morning one of back to school for me and the girls, the middle decided to get the STOMACH FLU! When I get thrown like that – I look back and realize just how “on our toes” motherhood forces us to be. We did it and we got through it. I specifically remember “shaking that off” by calming down, and then looking at the three of their little sweet faces and reminding myself how incredibly lucky I am to be their mom. Three big hugs later and it worked…I shook off that stress! Have a great weekend!

  10. myra phipps September 2, 2016 at #

    I listen to some old school jams and have a dance party:)

  11. Janie September 2, 2016 at #

    It depends on the mood I’m in…do I need a dance party or more Jesus?! So, I usually flip between Andrew Peterson or Ellis Holcomb and Bruno Mars pandora stations while cooking…with a glass of wine in hand for me

    • Janie September 2, 2016 at #

      That’s Ellie Holcomb. Auto correct

  12. Abby Hunter September 2, 2016 at #

    I shake it off with a coffee break, and huggies from my kids!

  13. Mckinsie Dunn September 2, 2016 at #

    I know when we are getting a little grumpy it’s time to go play or take a walk outside!! ☀️

  14. Kristen September 2, 2016 at #

    Delve into the secret chocolate stash hidden in the freezer Frozen chocolate is the best!

    • rae September 2, 2016 at #

      So true! Love keeping those chocolate covered flat pretzels from Costco in the freezer!

  15. Shannon September 2, 2016 at #

    I shake it off by thinking of all of the good things going right with my day- even if it isn’t very many it definitely helps flip my mood around

  16. Erica September 2, 2016 at #

    I think one of the best ways to shake off a bad day is to get lost is a good book!

  17. Kelsey September 2, 2016 at #

    So cute! I’d say baby snuggles are the best stress reliever! And when all else fails: Dr. Pepper. Sometimes you just need a little carbonation and high fructose corn syrup!

  18. Kendra September 2, 2016 at #

    So much rain here! We were a little stir crazy, so we drove to Chickfila for a cookie break!

  19. cheryl September 2, 2016 at #

    We stop and have a dance party with our favorite songs . We see who do the craziest move, it is decided by how hard we are laughing.

  20. Amanda Gagnon September 2, 2016 at #

    Ha ha I love how Poppy has no pants, but the little jacket. So fun. I shake it off by showering, or at least Chandon my clothes and switching my glasses for congrats. For some reason I feel like I can conquer new heights after that.

  21. Chelsea September 2, 2016 at #

    We shake it off by cranking up the tunes and having a dance party! Usually to Tswift or JT. :)

  22. April V September 2, 2016 at #

    I usually come home, put on some comfy pj’s, make me a hot cup of coffee, & do nothing but scroll through Pinterest for about an hour..

    always works ;)

  23. Aileen September 2, 2016 at #

    I shake it off with an ice cold drink and kisses and snuggles from my toddler, she kisses with one hand on each of your cheeks and it is the best!

  24. Jillian Pancher September 2, 2016 at #

    I shake it off with a long drive to Starbucks for an iced americano and Gilmore
    Girl reruns during nap time. :)

  25. sylvie September 2, 2016 at #

    For me, I go for a good run and then possibly some Starbucks!

  26. Katie September 2, 2016 at #

    I usually “Shake It Off” with a few tears, a glass of wine, and just watching my husband and 14minh old son play together. Bringing it back to what truly matters helps me forget some of the silly trials and tribulations we all face every day!

  27. Virginia September 2, 2016 at #

    Today we shook it off by heading outside to jump in the mud puddles with rain boots on!

  28. Sara September 2, 2016 at #

    Ohmagoodness, that onesie look with no pants and jacket and boots is just too much cuteness to handle. When I’m having a rough time with my 2.5 and 4-yr-old, I’ll throw some yoga mats on the floor and turn on Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube and we all get in a nice workout. I don’t feel as much mama guilt about the extra t.v time because it’s yoga, and they get excited about screen time outside of the regular morning time only and are distracted from whatever was bothering them before. If you haven’t seen Cosmic Kids, it’s awesome. It’s lead by a girl in front of a green screen who tells a story and does yoga moves to go along with it (i.e – kids are “surfing” in Warrior 1 or legitimately rowing a boat in Boat Pose.) It’s great stuff!

  29. heather j September 2, 2016 at #

    These are so great! Oh man, how good is it to “shake it off”!? I usually do that by dancing with my kiddos or making/creating something for someone.

  30. Brianne September 2, 2016 at #

    I shake it off by taking a power nap.
    I find that when I feel like I awoke on the wrong side of the bed, it’s best just to try again.
    If a nap is just impossible, my kids love Celebration by Kool & the Gang or Feel better when Imm dancin’ by Meghan Trainor!

  31. Heather Kelly September 2, 2016 at #

    We dance in the kitchen while I’m cooking dinner! Or we go outside, run, play and enjoy being with nature.

  32. Heather Kelly September 2, 2016 at #

    We dance in the kitchen while I’m cooking dinner! Or we go outside, run, play and enjoy being with nature.

    mysticbutterfly37 at yahoo.com

  33. Ashley September 2, 2016 at #

    We get outside and get the wiggles out. Life is too short to get bogged down!

  34. Carly Heltsley September 2, 2016 at #

    Normally, I would shake it off with a nice glass of red wine, but being 34 weeks pregnant with my second girl, I have found relaxation in a nice warm bubble bath!

  35. Reina Johnson September 2, 2016 at #

    Deep breaths and all the coffee! :)

  36. Melanie Lang September 2, 2016 at #

    Ughh…. with two under two and my littlest in the hospital right now fighting an infection, I shake off the stress and anxiety by indulging in copious amount of sour Jube Jubes, killing time reading my favourite IG blogs and kissing my chubby little princesses cheeks 1000 times an hour. I truly feel blessed!

  37. Gg Haight September 2, 2016 at #

    Shake it off dancing to some music singing nice and loud and having a sweet treat with my kids!!

  38. Lacy September 3, 2016 at #

    If I know we are going to get out I “shake it off” with a quick trip to Starbucks. At home if I need it, I out on my favorite praise song to put me in check.

  39. Brooke B September 3, 2016 at #

    I’m a Starbucks shake it off girl too. I need my coffee for a nice reset!

  40. Sabrina P. September 3, 2016 at #

    Young Living essential oils!!!

  41. Abby Rodeheaver September 3, 2016 at #

    In the summer when we need to shake it off we go to the pool (on the way grab mommy a coffee of course). The pool has been a life saver when the 2yr old is climbing on the counter and dumping things everywhere…gets us outside and when I’m in the water with them my attention is 100% on them. The mess at home can wait ❤️.

  42. Lindy September 3, 2016 at #

    Dance party and glass of wine sound good, Rae! I sometimes just get some space with a magazine and a cup of tea, or head outside for a walk and some fresh air. X

  43. Lacey September 3, 2016 at #

    Since I am 35 weeks pregnant with out 3rd babe, my go to shake it off depends on my energy. Either getting outside, a kitchen dance off, or snuggling up with kids & cute books!

  44. Melinda September 3, 2016 at #

    We shake it off a few times a day over here. If I feel like I might be going a little crazy with the kiddos (3 under 6) I turn the music on and up and we dance our hearts out! Shake it off by miss Taylor is always my daughters first song choice :)

  45. Leana Hernandez September 4, 2016 at #

    Whenever I’m having one of those days, where my one year old just wants mama and I feel I can get nothing done we shake it off together by going outside and running around or I turn on some music and dance with my beautiful boy, dancing and singing and literally shaking it off does wonders !

  46. Maria J September 4, 2016 at #

    Shake it off: Sneak to the freezer…a spoonful of chocolate ice cream. YES.

  47. Ange September 4, 2016 at #

    I shake it off by going outside with the kids and dogs, grabbing a donut or Ice cream or online shop Such a great contents. Thanks for the opportunity

  48. Suzanne September 5, 2016 at #

    Cute! I crank up the music and have a dance party with my kids!

  49. Gretchen September 5, 2016 at #

    Join the kids for nap time! Nothing resets the day like a new “morning” when we all wake up well-rested.

  50. Brenda September 6, 2016 at #

    We pop some popcorn, watch a funny movie, and call it a day!

    • rae September 6, 2016 at #

      popcorn…. yas!!! xo

  51. Brooke B September 8, 2016 at #

    Thanks so, so much you guys! This is awesome!! My little ballerina is gonna love the leotard!

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