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We survived the first week of back to school with minimal rides on the struggle bus, but I’m so tiiired you guys. And so happy it’s Friday!

Our week was jammed pack with open houses, soccer, football, carpool, errands, school drop offs and a playdate at the state fair with the littles. Thought I would share a few (ok, an embarrassing amount of) pics from the last few days, starting with some open house shenanigans…


Poor Espey came down with a low-fever and ended up missing the official first day of school. Thankfully he bounced back quickly!


Both wiping off THIS kiss.

rae-ann-kelly-back-to-school-8271 rae-ann-kelly-back-to-school-8513Ozzie is now a sophomore, Espen a 4th grader, Tilly a 2nd grader and Griffin a pre-K-er.

And I am dead. Can’t imagine them getting any older than they already are.


When old routines, like waiting for the bus, feel new again!

Going to the first day without her big brother was a big deal, but she killed it. Luckily Espen was feeling better the next morning!


Yesterday Griffin, Poppy, and I distracted ourselves with a playdate at the WA State Fair. Friends, a couple rides, blow up toys, farm animals and corn dogs were just what we needed!


The face Poppy makes when I tell her to smile. ^^^

I love my little, big family more than words and life. Summer with them is my love language and having them all to myself for the last 10-ish weeks has me wishing it would never end. Trying my best to find a new rhythm and embrace this next season. Currently finding comfort in pumpkin spice lattes :)

Happy weekend friends!

XO, Rae



We’ve been summering so hard lately it’s hard to keep the days straight! Johan has been promoted (yay, hubby!) and training overtime for his new position. The kids have baseball, swim and soccer and our calendar is full of summer fun and celebrations. As much as I love the business and being with all the kids, all the time (and I really do love it!), I can feel the fatigue starting to set in.

So last night I sat down and wrote a list of ways to avoid summer burnout and thought I would share it below.

swim lessons-6172


  1. Hire a babysitter or plan kid swaps with a friend and run an errand (or 5) all by my lonesome.
  2. Schedule workouts at least 2 days a week instead of hoping I can fit them in…
  3. Read my Bible, check my calendar and write down my to-dos in the morning. Something I do most days during the school year, but forget to do when our days are less structured and routine is out the window.
  4. Read with the kids during their quiet time.
  5. Go to bed by 10 on nights we are home that early :)
  6. Eat more salads… always feel better after a salad.
  7. Mani-pedis are always a good idea.
  8. Say “no” to something I’m not excited about.
  9. Plan a girls date (sans kids) and remember it doesn’t have to be at night.
  10. Remember what my goals are this summer — To spend quality time with the fam bam and friends, love on people and go on adventures. So far I think we’re doing a pretty good job and it’s encouraging to know!

Would love to know how you avoid burnout during the summer months or just in general. Add your suggestion in the comments!

Now for a few pics from Espen and Tilly’s swim lessons at the cutest backyard pool (there aren’t many of them in the PNW) and garden out in the country. There’s an outdoor fireplace to sit by on colder mornings, a picnic table to hangout at and blueberry bushes to pick from when the littles get restless….

swim lessons-6193swim lessons-6184swim lessons-6213swim lessons-6214swim lessons-6110

//So proud of my not so natural swimmers. They have been working hard, having fun and improving everyday!//

swim lessons-6117swim lessons-6159swim lessons-6140

//These two already fighting over technology (yay, me!)! Click here if you missed the roundup of our favorite kid apps + downloads.//

swim lessons-6137 swim lessons-6115

//Pokémon Go has sparked an new appreciation for Pokémon cards in our home (also yay, me! Ha!). I used to think those things were evil and still don’t love them, but have talked myself off the ledge of parental paranoia.//

swim lessons-6165 swim lessons-6219 swim lessons-6220//I could look down at a cute face and little arms wrapped around my legs forever. So grateful for this season of life.//

Happy whatever day it is, friends!

Don’t forget to share how you avoid summer or just mommy burnout in general, below. You know I need all the help I can get!

XO, Rae



mom + mini-3147

I’m not usually a fan of springtime in the pacific northwest. It can be a lot like winter – gray and wet with a few sunny days sprinkled in. But this spring feels a lot like summer and has me all excited and inspired to do more adventuring with Griffin + Poppy during the week. Yesterday we went with friends to the cutest petting zoo (lots of over sharing on snapchat at raeannkelly) and this last Tuesday Johan and I took them to checkout a new area on the waterfront in Tacoma called Point Ruston. It was super fun and low-key and will definitely  be added to our play date rotation.

Here’s a peek at our morning adventure with a few other random “life lately” things below…

mom + mini-2636mom + mini-2617

//Our stroller game needs an upgrade!//

mom + mini-2692

//Cookies and coffee before we play of course.//

mom + mini-2743

//They have the best daddy.//

mom + mini-2710

//Griffin mid-dab. The things he picks up from his big brothers and then adds his own swag to absolutely kills me in a good way. Crazy how quickly the little ones grow up when they have older kids to keep up with!//

mom + mini-2772 mom + mini-3153 mom + mini-3099

//rocks + water = hours of entertainment//

mom + mini-3064mom + mini-3009

//Checking out the bike and buggy rentals for our next visit.//

mom + mini-2820mom + mini-2790mom + mini-2945

L O V I N G : all the embroidered tops and dresses that keep popping up in my favorite stores! Wearing this one and it’s on sale! (jeans that I wear almost every day and similar shoes)

Also loving the everyday staple pieces for the kids by Wildly + Co that make getting them dressed and looking cute so easy. Griffin is wearing one of their tees above and has a hoodie as well. Their swing top gets worn a lot around here too. Everything fits so great but size up if your kids are in-between sizes. Now if they could just make some options for me too!? Mama needs a new hoodie!

T H I N K I N G : a lot about joy this week. Why it comes more naturally to some than others. Why at times it needs to be stirred up and other times it comes easy. And why I can feel so blah when it’s just not there. But like this scripture below says, I think the treasure and the joy is often found in the process…

“Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” -Nehemiah 8:10

…enjoying blessings, sharing those blessings and ultimately relying on God who is the source of joy.  Oh and that last part about strength is like all the topping and sprinkles and whip cream on my ice cream (because I don’t really like icing or cakes). Joy would be enough but God is always wanting to spoil us with more.

W O R K I N G   O N : our photography skills! Johan has been kicking butt and is way ahead of me in the online class we’re taking but it’s been a fun new hobby to enjoy together.

L A U G H I N G : The kids have been full of surprises and saying ridiculously adorable things (that I keep forgetting to write down). Although Tilly had a small cow the other day and Johan thought for sure she was going to say a word or two that weren’t that adorable. Thankfully she digressed, spent sometime pulling weeds (a productive consequence around here) and was all snuggles by the end of the evening.

On that note… Happy Friday you guys!

XO, Rae



3rd piece rule-9090 mom+mini-8996 mom+mini-9059

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you have some fun things in store for the weekend. Ours is going to be rather hectic so I thought I would slowdown today and just chat, checkin and soak up the small things with you. Here’s what’s been going on lately…

WEARING – Have you guys heard of the third piece rule? I think this blazer will be my 3rd piece a lot this spring. Bonus it’s on sale and machine washable. (outfit details below)

EATING – Nothing exciting because the Mr. and I are on a cleanse (UGH!). Only the second one of my life and nothing I ever considered doing until I turned 35 and had 5 kids and a husband to keep up with. The first couple days are miserable (for me anyways) but then the energy boost, glowing skin and good sleep kicks in and it gets easier. It’s amazing what eating well can do! I have cheated however with a few americanos with extra cream (sipping on one as we speak) and maybe a couple of the kids’ animal crackers. Otherwise it’s all meat, almonds, eggs, quinoa, steel cut oatmeal, fruit and veggies on the menu for us! Have you ever tried a cleanse?

ENJOYING – The sunshine that came out to play this week! We’ve been outside as much as possible. Spring (but really summer) can’t come soon enough! Also, Poppy has been talking (more like gibbering) up a storm and says something new just about everyday. It’s the best.

Almost READING – The Artisan Soul… Just ordered from Amazon yesterday if you want to join me!?

THINKING – About this proverb, “Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, Sweet and delightful to the soul and healing to the body.” – proverbs 16:24
A good reminder of how powerful words are. I truly believe they impact hearts, days and futures and way too often I take that for granted.

What have you been wearing, eating, enjoying, reading, thinking lately?

XO, Rae


Me – Madewell blazer on major sale / Madewell sunnies / New Balance shoes / J. Crew jeans // Griffin – Gap Kids jacket / Tucker + Tate sweatshirt // Poppy – Peek Kids sweatshirt / Vans high-tops / Wee Ones hair bow





Dear day before back to school, you were not my favorite and you most certainly did not go as planned. Sort of like this picture :)


On the bright side, three out of seven of us made it out of the house after a morning routine dress rehearsal and devoured the best donuts from legendary and my first pumpkin spice latte of the season followed by some park hopping.

So I guess I can’t complain too much.


(Giving his maple bar a pep talk I think. Plus his face says it all ^^^)



(This piggie faced donut is so silly to me. I wonder if kids are the only ones that pick them out… touché piggie, touché.)


Dear summer, you were the best one yet. Not because we took any fancy vacations or anything but because your days were so long and warm and sweet. It was just the thing we needed after a crazy year.

Dear Kids, I loved our time together this summer. It’s such a treat to watch you play and be silly. So many precious moments, random conversations and belly laughs. I could do without all the sibling squabbles tho, but we can work on that.

Dear fall, you’ve been coming on a little strong with your cold weather, rain and school schedule but I am excited to see what you will bring. Hopefully lots of snow and a car with 4-wheel drive so we can enjoy it. Among other things.

XO, Rae

PS – Hope the back to school season has been good to you! Lots of updates on Instagram the last couple days if your into that… Including dropping our oldest off at his first day of High School today! OXOXO




Summer is almost halfway through and I have the pile of beach towels, messy kitchen, dirty feet, bickering kids and loads of pictures to prove it! As crazy as summertime is with all the kids home nothing beats the sunshine, chill vibes, yummy fruit and extra playtime with my peeps.

Here are a few things (and mishaps) we’ve been up to since school got out, according to Instagram and my iPhone.


//Summer birthday party planning.//We said adios to the threenager stage (fingers crossed) when Griffin turned 4 earlier this week!//We finished up the girl’s room. Pictures coming soon.//Watermelon + cookie cutters = cheap entertainment//Perty blooms from a friends yard = friends with benefits//New work projects. YAY!//


//KIDCATION to LEAVENWORTH, WA with stacy and her boys.//Kidcations have become one of my favorite traditions (see others 1/2) and was the perfect getaway to celebrate the end of school year.//We swam at the community pool, ate lots of pizza and hot dogs, started a kickball pick-up game and generally speaking let the kids be kids while us moms hungout and watched.//


//Espen and Tilly both passed beginning swimming which is a huge fete since neither of them are very natural in the water. Proud mama moment!//


//We’ve been to the farmer’s market a couple times this summer. Our last visit was more about the kids eating shaved ice (the sidewalk ate most of it!) and running around at the playground and less about picking out fresh food. Our market gets so busy it stresses me out trying to maneuver through the crowd and stands while keeping everyone together so this was a nice solution. Next time I’ll go with a smaller crew… or maybe as a date with my boo!? (rhyming is cool)//


//4th OF JULY was magical. The end.//


//BLUEBERRY PICKING was also a highlight of the summer. We ate as much as we picked and the kids enjoyed the entire process!//


//Every year without fail something begins to happen around mid-summer. We all get a little sick of each other so the bickering begins. My solution is to do one of two things, send everyone to a quite space to read or build legos or get out of the house and DO something. Here are a few things that have worked for us. Not that they are very original or creative.//Bike rides.//Bracelet making.//Nearby trails close to water and lots of shade.//Tennis courts.//

Basically our summer (so far) in a nutshell minus a few outings not pictured. We have one other stay-cation planned that’s coming up and 4 birthdays to celebrate but other than that  this is pretty much what the rest of our summer will look like.

What’s been your favorite activity this summer!?

XO, Rae



life lately…

lately we’ve been…


…in serious baby heaven, so much so that we’re talking about having a 6th… totally kidding. actually not even an option. but she is out of that colicky stage for the most part and her personality is starting to unfold and i can’t get enough. it does make me wonder if i had a touch of the baby blues with the others. or maybe this is just how you are with the last baby? i don’t know, but whatever it is it’s lovely.


…trying to make the most of the hour or so yoder and i get together after the kids are in bed by planning little date nights in. nothing fancy. it helps that we’re major nerds so it doesn’t take much more than a round of that hand slapping game and something sweet to eat, to qualify as a “date”.

…added some posters to my etsy shop. including the one’s on the wall above!

//click here to go check it out and use code BLOGLOVE20 for 20% off//


…working on some guest blog posts for the land of nod, minted and the effortless chic. the DIY instagram place cards above went live over at the effortless chic yesterday if you want to take a peek? can’t wait to share the rest!


…still trying to decide what wallpaper to put in the family room built-ins and dragging my feet on painting the wall. maybe this weekend? love paint, hate painting.


…i tried a DIY version of wallpaper and worked on a few different samples, but none of them turned out how i pictured in my head so back at square one. maybe i should just order the swiss-cross one and call it good?

….looking forward to a quiet weekend before thanksgiving and hope yours if full of just what you need!

xo . rae