We survived the first week of back to school with minimal rides on the struggle bus, but I’m so tiiired you guys. And so happy it’s Friday!

Our week was jammed pack with open houses, soccer, football, carpool, errands, school drop offs and a playdate at the state fair with the littles. Thought I would share a few (ok, an embarrassing amount of) pics from the last few days, starting with some open house shenanigans…


Poor Espey came down with a low-fever and ended up missing the official first day of school. Thankfully he bounced back quickly!


Both wiping off THIS kiss.

rae-ann-kelly-back-to-school-8271 rae-ann-kelly-back-to-school-8513Ozzie is now a sophomore, Espen a 4th grader, Tilly a 2nd grader and Griffin a pre-K-er.

And I am dead. Can’t imagine them getting any older than they already are.


When old routines, like waiting for the bus, feel new again!

Going to the first day without her big brother was a big deal, but she killed it. Luckily Espen was feeling better the next morning!


Yesterday Griffin, Poppy, and I distracted ourselves with a playdate at the WA State Fair. Friends, a couple rides, blow up toys, farm animals and corn dogs were just what we needed!


The face Poppy makes when I tell her to smile. ^^^

I love my little, big family more than words and life. Summer with them is my love language and having them all to myself for the last 10-ish weeks has me wishing it would never end. Trying my best to find a new rhythm and embrace this next season. Currently finding comfort in pumpkin spice lattes :)

Happy weekend friends!

XO, Rae



  1. Sharon September 10, 2016 at #

    Love these pictures! You are so talented at photographing your littles :) And Poppy’s “smiling” face — adorable!

  2. kari September 11, 2016 at #

    I love your quote about summer with them being your love language. I feel the same. I feel a sense of melancholy when school starts and everyone goes off their separate ways. Pumpkin Spice Lattes do help!

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