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Happy Friday, friends! I hope you have some fun things in store for the weekend. Ours is going to be rather hectic so I thought I would slowdown today and just chat, checkin and soak up the small things with you. Here’s what’s been going on lately…

WEARING – Have you guys heard of the third piece rule? I think this blazer will be my 3rd piece a lot this spring. Bonus it’s on sale and machine washable. (outfit details below)

EATING – Nothing exciting because the Mr. and I are on a cleanse (UGH!). Only the second one of my life and nothing I ever considered doing until I turned 35 and had 5 kids and a husband to keep up with. The first couple days are miserable (for me anyways) but then the energy boost, glowing skin and good sleep kicks in and it gets easier. It’s amazing what eating well can do! I have cheated however with a few americanos with extra cream (sipping on one as we speak) and maybe a couple of the kids’ animal crackers. Otherwise it’s all meat, almonds, eggs, quinoa, steel cut oatmeal, fruit and veggies on the menu for us! Have you ever tried a cleanse?

ENJOYING – The sunshine that came out to play this week! We’ve been outside as much as possible. Spring (but really summer) can’t come soon enough! Also, Poppy has been talking (more like gibbering) up a storm and says something new just about everyday. It’s the best.

Almost READING – The Artisan Soul… Just ordered from Amazon yesterday if you want to join me!?

THINKING – About this proverb, “Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, Sweet and delightful to the soul and healing to the body.” – proverbs 16:24
A good reminder of how powerful words are. I truly believe they impact hearts, days and futures and way too often I take that for granted.

What have you been wearing, eating, enjoying, reading, thinking lately?

XO, Rae


Me – Madewell blazer on major sale / Madewell sunnies / New Balance shoes / J. Crew jeans // Griffin – Gap Kids jacket / Tucker + Tate sweatshirt // Poppy – Peek Kids sweatshirt / Vans high-tops / Wee Ones hair bow


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  1. Tiffany G. February 26, 2016 at #

    Rae, I’ve been eyeing those shoes…good choice. And thanks for the book recommendation– I should totally read it!

    • rae February 27, 2016 at #

      Anytime Tiffany! And you totally should — the shoes and the book ;) XO

  2. sylvie March 1, 2016 at #

    Just ordered the book Rae! Thanks for the recommendation!

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