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A couple weeks ago I picked the middles up from school, headed to the batting cages and took some lifestyle pics of this totally adorable “hey batter, batter” ballpark blanket by Northernly. It would make a cute addition to a couch or bed and makes sitting on bleachers or cheering from the grass that much more fun and cozy and I’m excited to say that we are GIVING one AWAY!

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//After a little bit of fun with the blanket (and scarfing down cracker jacks) the kids spent time in the batting cages and grabbed snacks from concessions. It was a fun outing for us that I highly recommend for a kid date!//

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I can’t talk enough about how much we LOVE the blankets and pillows from Northernly. We have them all over our home. The beautiful patterns and textures make every space feel a little more happy and put together.

Enter to win a “HEY BATTER” throw by leaving a comment below letting me know how you would use your blanketContest closes Tuesday, May 3rd at 10pm PST. I’ll announce the winner here and then a direct email will be sent to the winner from Northernly by the end of the week.


If you just can’t wait or could use the perfect spring or summer throw pillow (like the green gingham above), snag them HERE.

Good luck + happy weekend!

XO . Rae



  1. Jen April 29, 2016 at #

    We would use it for snuggles wherever we go. My kids (5 & 2) love to do snuggles always!

  2. gg haight April 29, 2016 at #

    This blanket is adorable!! I would use this as I cheer on both my girls during there softball games, listening to all the fun chants they have and watching them as they grow in a sport they love!

  3. relynne wilson April 29, 2016 at #

    My daughter just started playing softball, I would love to take it to her games.

  4. Heather April 29, 2016 at #

    Oh. My. Goodness. That’s is rad!! We would definitely take it with us to the field!! We have 3 of 4 kids in sports and this would be awesome to sport around with!! Or we could totally dress up our sons bed with a little style from this blanket. Love it.

  5. Carey April 29, 2016 at #

    That blanket is totally a home run! Adorable!

  6. Carey April 29, 2016 at #

    Adorable! I love that blanket…it’s a total home run!

  7. Alicia April 29, 2016 at #

    Love it! Our kids would be so cozy cheering on dad at his summer softball league! Well done!

  8. deborah keaton April 29, 2016 at #

    My 2 nephews and there dad are massive baseball fans. They are super involved with their local team the San Rafael Pacifics. They would love to have this to take to the games.

  9. DianeB April 29, 2016 at #

    Oh my goodness! This is adorable! After wearing out my grandchildren with taking as many photographs as possible, it would go right to my granddaughter who is playing T-ball this year, after all the years of cheering her older brothers on (one in middle school and one in high school!). What a great opportunity!!

  10. Beth April 29, 2016 at #

    We love baseball and would use it at our favorite games and movie nights.

  11. Lauren Cochran April 29, 2016 at #

    We’re at the ballpark all week it seems…whether for Daddy’s softball or kiddos baseball. Our boys are all about the ball. It’d be perfect for keeping warm or laying out to enjoy a snack. It’s adorable and would definitely become a staple in our “ballpark bag” Lovely shots of your little ones.

  12. Vanessa April 29, 2016 at #

    I would gift it to my future sister in law. Her son plays baseball! She would love it!

  13. Marlisa Martin April 29, 2016 at #

    Looks like something this family would really use!

  14. Kay April 29, 2016 at #

    I would love to use this blanket at my 6 year old’s tball games and our home town baseball games! My four kiddos would love to cozy up in this on cool summer MN nights. How cute!!

  15. Lyndi April 29, 2016 at #

    Love this! I would use on chilly night at the ballpark!

  16. Lorraine April 29, 2016 at #

    In LOVE with this blanket! I would use this for our picnic park dates and future tee-ball/softball games for my growing girls. And of course bring along for all the cousin games to cozy up on the bleachers and cheer!

  17. Mia April 29, 2016 at #

    So stinkin’ cute! We are not a baseball family, but were I to win (please!) I would gift this to my sporty-spice sister who currently has three kids on three teams. So fun!

  18. La Rae April 29, 2016 at #

    Oh MAN that would make my happiness tank full even MORE during our baseball games!

    • rae May 10, 2016 at #

      you win! sorry for the delayed notice :) be on the lookout for an email from Northernly.

      XO, Rae

      • La Rae May 13, 2016 at #

        OHmyGOSH THANK YOU!!… shoot, just woke the dogs

  19. April V April 29, 2016 at #

    I would love to have this to take with us to my son’s baseball games to lay out on.. or also to just get cozy in front of the tv at nights ;)

  20. Mallory April 29, 2016 at #

    This blanket is amazing! I plan to buy a bunch to give to my childhood friends that met on a baseball team over 20 years ago. And I will definitely be taking one to my sons games to stay warm and fashionable!

  21. Gabby Anderson April 29, 2016 at #

    Such a cute blanket my son isn’t old enough to play yet but my nephews are always in a baseball team and they’re always playing some sport. right now I have four nephews that are playing baseball and we go to their games every Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturday. So I’ll definitely put my blanket to work if I won I’ll take it to every game.

  22. Brittany Taylor April 29, 2016 at #

    Would love to have this blanket to give to our daughter who was born two weeks ago along with her twin brother who is no longer with us. Her daddy can’t wait to take her to future baseball games!

  23. Staci Bryan April 29, 2016 at #

    How cute this blanket is!! I would use it all summer! We live in Illinois and it is so windy here! I always have a blanket in my car. But, this one is perfect for our baseball games at our PONY baseball fields. Super cute! Fingers crossed! Thanks!

  24. Jess April 29, 2016 at #

    It would look super cute on my son’s bed.

  25. Mindy April 29, 2016 at #

    From the heart of a true baseball mom of 3 boys who’s weekends are filled with sun up to sun down, back to back games but loves every minute of watching all of them play, from tball to kid pitch, that blanket is priceless. The memories it will hold for years are worth every penny. This is my new favorite thing! Take me and the blanket out to the ballgame!!!!!❤️⚾️❤️⚾️❤️⚾️

  26. Cori Olson April 29, 2016 at #

    Since I spend 4 of the 7 nights a week at the baseball field a blanket is always packed and wrapped around me. This cute and stylish blanket would get a lot of use from all of us!

  27. Lindsay K April 29, 2016 at #

    This blanket though! My little 2 year old has baseball running through his veins – I would love to have this for his bed! XO

  28. Janie April 29, 2016 at #

    This is adorable. We have 4 boys, three of which are playing baseball this season. Oy vey!! During the off season it’d make a great addition to our family room, where we spend time watching movies together!

  29. Bianca G. April 29, 2016 at #

    My son’s middle name is Fenway and we are all about baseball! We would use it for snuggles and later for games, of course!

  30. Sara April 29, 2016 at #

    So fun! We are starting T-ball this summer with my daughter. She loves to stick her little bootie out and say, “Hey batter batter, swing batter batter!” when she pitches the ball to us. :)

  31. armywifetj April 29, 2016 at #

    OmGee!!! I am so in LOVE with this blanket! I have one son and one on the way and they will be sharing a sports inspired bedroom together and this will make a cute addition. It would also come in handy when rocking my baby boy back to sleep at night once he arives. <3

  32. Jeanie April 29, 2016 at #

    A perfect accessory for baseball season!

  33. sarah April 29, 2016 at #

    This is our first year of AAA. This would fit with all the gear he now needs.

  34. Brooke B April 29, 2016 at #

    Perfect giveaway prize for our Tball nights!

  35. Kari N April 29, 2016 at #

    My son just started t-ball and so this would accompany us to all the games :).

  36. Teaha Carter April 29, 2016 at #

    My 10 year old son played in his first tournament last weekend.. 6 games total from Friday to Sunday. His 4 year old oh so sassy sister and I cheered on every game.. At the end of the weekend we took home a FIRST place trophy!! It’s amazing to watch the little ones as they achieve these accomplishments in life.. No matter what they be! Both of my kids adore soft blankets.. With that being said.. We would make this blankie a part of the Carter klan and would put it to great use at ball games, picnics, and many many sleepovers ⚾️

  37. Angie April 29, 2016 at #

    What a fun blanket! All 4 of our kids are playing ball now. We are at the ballpark daily. I’m sure I would use this blanket far more than I will use our couch.

  38. Sarah April 29, 2016 at #

    Love this! Would totally rock this at the church’s softball games!

  39. S.Beloso April 29, 2016 at #

    We would use it at our first baseball games as a family of three! My husband and I have a love for the game, and now we get to share it with our precious new babe!

  40. Tiffany H. April 29, 2016 at #

    What a cute blanket! I’d probably use it for picnics and going to late baseball games. :)

  41. Colleen M. April 30, 2016 at #

    I would use this at my son’s baseball games for sure…and really anywhere. So fun!

  42. Lori April 30, 2016 at #

    This blanket knocks it out of the ballpark! This mama wouldn’t dread chasing a two year old around the park while his older brother was playing if we had this adorable blanket to spread out on. Super fabulous!

  43. Melynda April 30, 2016 at #

    Oh My Lanta! I live at the little league park with my boys (ice rink for my daughter) we need this! I hope I’m the lucky winner.

  44. Jamie April 30, 2016 at #

    Hey batter, batter – this blanket is a home run! My family and I spend 4-5 day/nights per week at the ball field. We never miss a practice or game, even during the cool Wisconsin nights. This blanket would be the perfect accessory to help my daughter and I cheer on my 9 year old catcher!

  45. Katie April 30, 2016 at #

    Love this blanket..reminds me of your similar print! We will be at the ball diamond most nights this summer with our two boys who are eight and five. Perhaps if I had this cute blanket, my 1.5 year old would be entertained to stay on it and not want to wander onto the field! #wishfulthinking

  46. Jennifer April 30, 2016 at #

    Colorado Rockies here we come!

  47. Sabrina April 30, 2016 at #

    We would use it for picnics in the backyard! Can’t wait for summertime!! :)

  48. Amy R April 30, 2016 at #

    This blanket is so cute! My brother and sister in law are major baseball fans so if I won I’d give it to them as an anniversary gift. Thanks for the fun giveaway!!

  49. Kendra April 30, 2016 at #

    We like to cuddle on the couch with our littles and everyone wants “covies”. This would be so great!

  50. Chelsea Alexander April 30, 2016 at #

    What a perfect blanket for all the spring and summer activities!

  51. Holly April 30, 2016 at #

    This would be great to bring along to those chilly spring baseball games!

  52. Sibyl April 30, 2016 at #

    Well. based on our track record the blanket would be as many things as it can handle: It would most certainly be used for: fort building, the cape of a super hero, a shield from monsters, a target for nerf blasters, a shield for mom from nerf blaster, a giant napkin for someones face at some point I am sure of it, a giant stuffed animal scooper, a wind machine, an umbrella, and every so often the very reason a blanket was created… a place to sit,snack, and watch others.

  53. grace April 30, 2016 at #

    What a soft and fun blanket .. would be great for outdoor movie nights!! Thanks for the chance for this giveaway!

  54. Dana W April 30, 2016 at #

    This would be perfect for our evenings of chilly spring weather in NJ. I have three kids in baseball this season, a cozy blanket would make all those fun games even better!

  55. Kathryn May 1, 2016 at #

    3 kids under three I’m sure it would mostly be used for forts! :) such a cute destination for pics!

  56. Christine Schwamb May 1, 2016 at #

    So fun! We would use this to cuddle up during my son’s baseball games.

  57. Kristi B May 1, 2016 at #

    Cutest blanket! Perfect for our baseball & softball playing family. We live at the ballfields in the Spring!

  58. Jennifer Hayden May 2, 2016 at #

    I would use it camping with my boys.

  59. rachel grace May 2, 2016 at #

    My family loves attending Cape Cod Baseball League games and we’d love to snuggle together in the stands with this beaut.

  60. Hilary Koehn May 2, 2016 at #

    We would use this to watch our favorite catcher at all of his games! My 10-year old son loves to play catcher and encourage his own team!!

  61. Brittany B. May 2, 2016 at #

    What a fun blanket! My little guy has just fallen in love with baseball so we’d pack it up and head to the stadium for his first game!

  62. Becky May 2, 2016 at #

    We would definitely use it to watch my son’s baseball games! He’s become a pretty solid catcher this season, so we try to sit as close as we can to home plate so we can get a good view. And my daughter likes to sit on a blanket with her friend and color or make friendship bracelets, so this would be awesome!

  63. Shannon Y. May 3, 2016 at #

    I would for sure use it to go visit pizza farms this summer!

  64. Joy May 3, 2016 at #

    We need to have a baby, so maybe it has magical powers and can help with that.

  65. Sherry May 3, 2016 at #

    Cutest blanket! Love it!

  66. Cara Yeh May 4, 2016 at #

    This is super fun! We would probably use it for front yard picnics, or cheering our local team, the “Quakes.” Go Quakes!

  67. Paivi May 4, 2016 at #

    My son started playing baseball on our town’s Miracle League this spring. It’s been a blast watching him develop and grow with the other players on the team. I’d love to take this blanket out to the games, especially with my oldest coming back from college, to watch my son play as a family!

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