Ready for part two of my belated Birthday giveaway? If you missed part one, head here. You guys know how much I love design that is also functional. Well todays giveaway is the epitome of that.


If you haven’t heard of it already, allow me to introduce you to Paper Works, the brainchild of my friend Emily over at Jones Design Company. Since we are good friends and neighbors I’ve been lucky enough to get a monthly set of Paper Works since the beginning. As a natural non-planner, organizing and planning for the fam (or even just myself) can feel like a major chore but my monthly stack of organization (and design) goodness calls my name, makes planning a bit more fun and life easier. Today I’m excited to share the organizational love by giving away a 3 month subscription to Paper Works to one (1) lucky reader. 

Enter to win by leaving a comment below letting me know where you could use a little organizational helpContest closes Thursday, November 5th at 10pm PST. I’ll announce the winner here and then a direct email will be sent to the winner on Monday.

Winner: JESSICA from Luluandlinen.com, congratulations! (I will send you an email in just a sec.)

Here is a peek at the November collection:

bday-giveaway-PW-2 bday-giveaway-PW-3

Click here to checkout the full set.

I’m already excited to announce a winner just because I know what a treat it is to get a paper works package in the mail. Hope you win, but if not head to Jones Design Company and sign up for a subscription — there are two options — you can get a PRINTED collection mailed to you or a PRINT-AT-HOME digital collection. Wish I could pull an Oprah and give one to each of you!

If you missed it, checkout part 1 of the belated B-day giveaway :)


XO, Rae




  1. Janel November 3, 2015 at #

    I could use organization help with all family stuff, kids appointments, upcoming important dates and meal plans or grocery lists. Reminders for everything! It’s so hard to write things down with raising two little ones. Maybe this would help me. :)

  2. Courtney November 3, 2015 at #

    I’m a big note-taker-write-things-down-so-I-don’t-forget kind of person. So this would be fantastic to help me keep everything juggled in one place!

  3. Karen June November 3, 2015 at #

    Happy Belated Birthday! LOVE this beautiful set! Between raising and kid and running two businesses I NEED to stay organized and even better if I can do it in style :)

  4. Christy Hatfield November 3, 2015 at #

    I could use organizing pretty much everywhere …. I am a mess ;)

  5. Heidi Keller November 3, 2015 at #

    I need help with meal organization!

  6. Leslee November 3, 2015 at #

    Frankly I could use a lotta organizational help. My daughter’s art area in particular is in a perpetual state of, well, extreme messiness. I love that she likes to draw and write notes. And the mess doesn’t seem to bother her. (Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing!) But I have a different perspective. At least I can dream of a tidy house…

  7. Myra phipps November 3, 2015 at #

    Oh my constant quest for organization ! I would say menu planning needs attention. Hope I win!

  8. Jessica November 3, 2015 at #

    Kids. Schedules. Oh my. I don’t know how you do it with your whole troop. Between the school stuff, sports and life I need a list in every room! :)

  9. Glennis November 3, 2015 at #

    In my office! Keeping track of bills, kid’s work, and work papers! Love it!

  10. Libby McCarty November 3, 2015 at #

    Happy belated birthday! This would be awesome to help me out. I struggle with keeping organized. Working two jobs, family, volleyball games, practices and band functions.

    • rae November 3, 2015 at #

      thank you libby!

  11. gabriela November 3, 2015 at #

    I need help organizing all of my calendars . . . one in my office, in the kitchen, my husband and two kids . . . I am so scattered

  12. Shannon November 3, 2015 at #

    I could use help organizing the multitude of activities for my 3 kiddos. Between school drop off/pick up, after school activities and planning what’s for dinner, I feel like I am always creating lists everywhere, especially on my phone. I prefer to have a handwritten list and it would prevent me from needing to pull out my phone to add another “to do” then get distracted by email or FB. Thanks and Happy Belated Birthday!

    • rae November 3, 2015 at #

      thank you shannon! xo

  13. Vanessa November 3, 2015 at #

    The creative mind never sleeps – so I could use a little more organization help devising what is a ‘need-to task’ and ‘want-to task’ on a daily basis, yet still be inspired to keep dreaming. This set would aid in this by making concrete tasks in the calendar, but free flowing thoughts on the notepads (which are adorable – you cannot beat Emily’s elegance in simplicity).

    I’ve been meaning to give these sets a try and this would be a great introduction!

  14. Michelle November 3, 2015 at #

    I need help planning meals with grocery lists and keeping our family’s schedule straight!

  15. Keri Prins November 3, 2015 at #

    I could use time management help, setting myself a schedule to stick to instead of spinning in circles

  16. Ashley Jensen November 3, 2015 at #

    I’m starting a new position in my job and I’m just now trying to figure out my organization strategy!

  17. Rachel November 3, 2015 at #

    As a full-time college student, part-time worker, and a person who struggles with FOMO, these lists will definitely assist in making sure I prioritize efficiently in my life. It also would help allow myself more opportunity to be creative and set aside time to create recipes and art, which is something I wish I had more time for!

    • rae November 3, 2015 at #

      OMGosh rachel, I’m with ya! xo

  18. Shannon Y. November 3, 2015 at #

    Oof – my basement. It’s a WRECK!

  19. Melissa Haigh November 3, 2015 at #

    I could use organization in everything food related in my life!! Breakfast, my kids lunches and especially dinner!!! Organizing fashionably is always a major plus!!

    Thanks Raeann!!!!

  20. Janie November 3, 2015 at #

    I could use help with chores in my kids’ lives. Even the afternoon crazies.

  21. Heather November 3, 2015 at #

    I’d use this in our office with our t-shirt company and practically all over my own, having 4 littles we need all the organization we can get! <3

  22. Moira McGrath November 3, 2015 at #

    Hi- I have long ogled these beautiful organizational sets. I am always tempted to order them, but hesitant to spend the money when I am not sure that I will use them. I’m a busy working mom of four and certainly could use the help organizing all aspects of our home life including, but not limited to, keeping schedules, shopping lists, meal planning, to-do’s, everyday chores for me and the kids (and my husband!), holiday planning and shopping lists and on and on. I would love to give these a try to see if they could help me become more organized. Thanks, Moira.

  23. Kasey Shuler November 3, 2015 at #

    I could use help organizing my cards!

  24. kathy November 3, 2015 at #

    Scheduling all 7 of us is a feat! Please help!

  25. Kelsey November 3, 2015 at #

    I need help keeping on top of all of our Doctor, therapy and school appointments!

  26. Kim Richardson November 3, 2015 at #

    Happy Birthday!! In the kitchen for grocery shopping and meal planning!! Thank you for a chance!

  27. Jeana November 3, 2015 at #

    Ugh, where CANT I use some organization help?! But one that sticks out is definitely meal planning. That would be great! Thanks for the giveaway and happy belated birthday to you!

    • rae November 3, 2015 at #

      thanks jeana! xo

  28. Debra November 3, 2015 at #

    Where to begin is the question. I need organizational help in every aspect of my life right now! Top of the list is meal planning and appointments.

  29. JL November 3, 2015 at #

    With running a business, running a family, PTO, volunteering,and being human, oh and my job too, there is no end to my organizational needs. The amount of notes I carry around is astounding. I think my Filofax cries at night. I would love to have more style and continuity in my life, this organizational suite may be the answer.

    Happy Birthday too, each year is a gift.

  30. Sarah O'Neill November 3, 2015 at #

    Wow awesome! Thanks for this giveaway. Very generous and cool of you.

    I could use help remembering special dates (birthdays, anniversaries etc). I’m absolutely terrible for it. I’m no good at keeping up with digital minders (calendars, checklists). For some reason, i’m more drawn to paper. So if i don’t have it written down some where the old fashioned way, i’ll never remember. For that reason, I’d love to be chosen for this giveaway!

  31. Judy November 3, 2015 at #

    Oh isn’t Paperworks so lovely?!!

    I could use quite a bit of help in the organization realm these days. We’ve moved into a ‘fixer upper’ and things are rather upside down… meaning in boxes and everywhere. My to-do lists and even meal planning has gone south.

    I love that Emily includes the note cards and scripture cards. Because really no matter how crazy life is – I want to keep my eyes on God and encourage others.

    Thanks Rae & Happy Birthday!

    • rae November 3, 2015 at #

      so good judy! and thanks for the bday wishes :)

  32. Sarah ONeill November 3, 2015 at #

    Wow awesome! Thanks for this giveaway. Very generous and cool of you.

    I could use help remembering special dates (birthdays, anniversaries etc). I’m absolutely terrible for it. My husband and I are the only people in our large families who live away (21 hour drive) so we always need to be on our toes to send gifts and congratulations in the mail ahead of time. The thing is, I’m no good at keeping up with digital minders (calendars, checklists). For some reason, i’m more drawn to paper. So if i don’t have it written down some where the old fashioned way, i’ll never remember. For that reason, I’d love to be chosen for this giveaway!

  33. Gladys November 3, 2015 at #

    Happy birthday chica!
    Wold love this, as a mother of 4 all under 7 it is hard to keep track of things. Plus it is super cute

    • rae November 3, 2015 at #

      thanks gladys! xo

  34. Kate November 3, 2015 at #

    I always need help in the meals department!

  35. Angie November 3, 2015 at #

    Love this idea! I have two little ones and I think starting a visual calendar meal plan grocery list ect. Would be a great way to start off right and I forgot the little things all the time! Happy birthday as well

    • rae November 3, 2015 at #

      thanks angie! :)

  36. Lori November 3, 2015 at #

    I’m old school and like to write things down on paper so this would be perfect! It’s hard to keep the kids and my pregnancy appointments together. Also love having a meal plan and grocery list all ready to go!! Helps me stay organized!!!

  37. Teesha November 3, 2015 at #

    I just had a baby, so I feel like I could use some extra organization in basically every aspect of my life. :) Happy birthday!

    • rae November 3, 2015 at #

      congrats teesha and thanks for the bday wishes! xo

  38. melynda November 3, 2015 at #

    the biggest place I need this is daily stuff…I had a subscription for a little while and I need to do it again!!! I am currently a mess.

  39. April V November 3, 2015 at #

    Where COULDN’T I is the question! LOL Mainly in the bills & menu areas!

  40. Maria J November 3, 2015 at #

    Adore this set! I’ve been looking for something to hang on the door as we leave to mentally check off–diaper bag/snack bag/briefcase/etc. Would be especially handy with my husband’s upcoming heart surgery–imagine organization for my in-laws while they watch our one and two year olds. Stress-less bliss for post-op recovery!

  41. Alicia November 3, 2015 at #

    I definitely need a little help with grocery lists!

  42. Jenna November 3, 2015 at #

    I could use some organizing help managing pretty much everything. :) School, work, family!

  43. Pam November 4, 2015 at #

    I need this everywhere but mostly in meal planning. Thank you!

  44. Tammy M November 4, 2015 at #

    Oh wow! Need help keeping track of everything: appointments, special events for my kid, everything!

  45. Carolyn November 4, 2015 at #

    I could use help in my basement! I usually enjoy organizing spaces but for some reason I dread tackling the basement…maybe because it’s always cold down there!

  46. Andrea November 4, 2015 at #

    Grocery lists and finances!!

  47. Nancy November 4, 2015 at #

    I could use organization everywhere! I have notes everywhere, even in my purse. I used to be very organized but with work and being a full time college student, my life is a whirlwind of paper flying everywhere but where it should be. Having it all in one place would be helpful for me.

  48. Lucy November 4, 2015 at #

    I can use organisational help everywhere– grocery shopping, appointments, meal planning– especially when it looks so nice!

  49. Karyn November 4, 2015 at #

    I require lists in order to accomplish everything I have going on in my brain!

  50. Lindy November 4, 2015 at #

    My never ending to-do lists need to come under control and also factor in time for nice things!! I’m trying to get away from being bullied by my lists, to feeling empowered and like I am living intentionally! :-)

  51. Jessica November 4, 2015 at #

    I LOVE making to-do lists, but my meal planning/grocery lists could use some more organization!

  52. sarah November 4, 2015 at #

    i would love to use this! i’m an expecting mother for the first time and want to be as organized as possible when our life changes very soon! Meal planning is my weak point…

  53. Lacey November 4, 2015 at #

    I could really use some organization in my meal planning – I’ve been trying to feed my family a healthier diet, but we still end up grabbing something quick and easy (and not so great for you) too often. The calendars would also be great to help me stay on top of who needs to be where when!

  54. Kendra November 4, 2015 at #

    I could use help just structuring and planning my day! House keeping, errands, homeschooling, etc! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  55. Brianne November 4, 2015 at #

    Happy Belated birthday! Happy November! My family & I could use help with mudroom organization. We don’t really have a mudroom. We also don’t have a garage, so strollers, bikes, gym bags, shoes, mail, etc. all sit in the right third of our living room just inside our front entry. We’re doing our best, but man! It’s a struggle! It’s far from the first impression you want to give of your home!

  56. La Rae November 4, 2015 at #

    I could use help in how to best organize (folders? by title…date?) digital photos! Holy moly. I have THOUSANDS.

  57. Katrina Kubo November 4, 2015 at #

    I LOVE Emily’s work and have dying to sign up for her paperworks! This would be an amazing way to get started!!
    I need organization in every way possible, but most urgently in my list making and meal planning
    I have ugly scraps of paper all over my kitchen and I need it to look cute and functional.

  58. amity November 4, 2015 at #

    i’m a total neat freak and even so, my desk always ends up a mess. everyone in the family piles their things on moms desk, so it never stays totally organized and up to par. :) so my desk, work, bill, home school central space would be the place i need it most. :)

  59. Myriah November 5, 2015 at #

    These are gorgeous! I love Emily’s designs. I try to stay as organized as possible but this extra motivation would make it way more fun :)

  60. kathy eyre November 5, 2015 at #

    I’m in need of organization in my laundry room

  61. Brittany November 6, 2015 at #

    I could use lots of organization in my life! Meal planning pretties would be lovely.


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