winter wardrobe: sweaters are a girl’s best friend

last fall while taking care of back to school shopping for the kids, i snatched up a few new items for myself (including the cutest sweater) and planned on putting together a “bus stop style” post for all the mamas.


//SWEATER: aritzia (& it’s on SALE!), DRESS: j. crew (similar H&M, old navy), BOOTS: zara (similar)//

however, my insecurities got the best of me (an epiphany that i’m not a fashion expert…duh. so silly) and i never hit published.

even though the post never came together, i’ve worn that sweater almost weekly for school drop offs – either layered over a cute ensemble, my workout clothes or the t-shirt i slept in the night before (shhhh… no one even knows… at least i tell myself that, ha!) and it only seems right to give it a shout out.


as well as share a few additional sweaters on my wish list.


1 j. crew / 2 zara / 3 old navy / 4 madewell / 5 spool 72 / 6 forever21 / 7 boden

what’s not to love about a cozy sweater? they are fitted yet roomy, easy to layer, requires little accessorizing, and are kid friendly… bring on the sticky fingers! unless of course cashmere is involved.


//whistle NECKLACE, j. crew (similar on etsy!)//

another thing i wear weekly is this whistle necklace (so brilliant).

when i was little my friend’s mom would pull up to their house with a car full of groceries, let out a big whistle and all 4 of her kids would run outside to help carry things in. i was so blown away by the whole concept that i filed it away in my brain under, “when i’m a mom…”.

unfortunately i whistle like a wimp.

so when i saw the necklace i had to have it.


what about you… is there anything in your closet that you find yourself wearing all the time?!





4 Responses to winter wardrobe: sweaters are a girl’s best friend

  1. Libby January 11, 2014 at #

    I have a large mens cashmere sweater I wear as PJ’s. I warm sweater is like an old friend.

    • Victoria January 11, 2014 at #

      Sweaters are indepensible ! I have a grey “boyfriend ”
      Sweater that I would love to wear every day !

  2. Tina@Traveling Mama January 11, 2014 at #

    I’m so glad you shared it! What a great post! I could barely bring myself to start posting again after the holidays because of my insecurities so I’m so glad to know that I am not the only one who struggles with putting myself out there! Keep up the good work! You are amazing and gorgeous! Best from Copenhagen!

  3. Fiona March 5, 2014 at #

    I’m a bit late, but I love this post! You have great style :)

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