Today’s OOTW is laid-back and effortless and includes a summer staple you need in your closet. Sharing details below along with a few other (random) things on my mind!

1 | If you don’t already own a white button up, snag one asap. They’re wearability ranges from throwing over a swimsuit, to pairing with just about any shorts, skirts, overalls or pants in a girl’s closet. They’re styleabtlity is just as fun and versatile too. Add a bright lip and big sunnies, a simple necklace, or a bandana or layer over a tank or jumpsuit and leave open. Let’s not forget about all the tucking options as well — no tuck, full tuck, half tuck, front tuck, or tie into a knot. Ha! See why I like it so much? Wearing this white top and loving this one and this one.

2 | I’ve been playing around with the idea of offering personal styling services to anyone that wants to sign up (that’s YOU!)! Most of the questions I get asked via DM’s and emails involve clothes, trends and what to buy. As much as I appreciate the internet and social media for making it so easy to chat, I feel like there’s so much more I could help with if we had a few hours and a personalized pinterest board.

Let me know if this is something you could see yourself being interested in!?

3 | Been thinking a lot about friends that own and run businesses (especially online businesses) and how I can support them in their growth and success — here’s a few ideas: buy or sign up for their product/service, give a shoutout on social (and in real life too), comment or engage on their site, reviews or posts, send encouraging texts.

How do you encourage friends with their work?

4 | I hope you guys aren’t tired of seeing my favorite dad jeans in outfits, but if you are I have good news. Just purchased the new madewell mom jeans (for under $80) and love those too. As a girl that likes butts in all their forms (lol) I think it’s fun and funny that both styles of jeans actually give you the mom and dad butt looks!

I’m probably totally alone on this (always been a little weird like that) but if not, please chime-in in the comments!

See… dad butt.

5 |I’ve needed a haircut in the worst way for the last three months and finally got around to making an appointment for next week. Blaming my procrastination on my enneagram personality (where are my number 7’s at!?). Scheduling upkeep type appointments might be my least favorite thing to do because of two things 1. there’s the possibility of getting bored and 2. they require a commitment that’s not easy to adjust… not proud of it and my kids are always way late on their well child appointments, but I’m trying really hard to be better at it!

What’s been on your mind lately?

xo, Rae

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