You guys (!!!) this is only the 7th day the kids (or at least some combination of them) have been back in school and I’m already missing them and summer so much! To distract myself and make things interesting around here, I thought it would be fun to do a weekly Instagram Live. The first one will be 3:00pm (PST) next Wednesday 9/20 (so mark your calendars!). Would love to keep the day and time consistent, but may need to jump around to find what works best. We’ll see!

More importantly, since my goal is to not bore you, I need a running list of ideas, topics and projects and would LOVE your help! I don’t usually have a shortage of ideas, but for some reason I’m totally drawing a blank.

A few that popped into my head:

  • A home tour
  • Q+A (possibly conducted by the kids?)
  • An easy recipe or DIY (with or without kids)
  • Something workout related

What would you add?

In reality, I guess the fewer people that actually tune in the better (LOL) while I figure out what I’m doing, but I would actually really like you guys to join me (because friends make everything better/easier/more fun!) so mark your calendars!

xo, Rae

(#tbt image from the New Day segment I did a few years back, by Stacy Jacobsen)






  1. Renee September 15, 2017 at #

    Maybe you can recommend fall/winter fashion. You have great taste in style:)

  2. Rachel September 15, 2017 at #

    Great ideas! I second the fashion recommendations too :) fun!

  3. Kristen September 15, 2017 at #

    How to plan out, organize, shop for, budget Christmas gifts. Or your routine for gift giving, for immediate, extended, and friends of family?

    You’re such a peach, RA. Love it.

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