We’re in the process of painting a few walls and shuffling furniture around in our home. Mostly from the family room to the man cave slash playroom which has left us with a very empty room that’s going to need some refreshing! (YAY! Just a little excited about it.) When we redid the boys room over the summer, we made a list of everything a kids room should have in it and it was super helpful, so we started one for the family room too. A little surprised at how short the list is so I know we’re missing things, ha! Would love any and all input!


  1. a stack of chat books for little walks down memory lane
  2. throw blankets + pillows
  3. a cozy couch
  4. a coffee table big enough to play games or color at.
  5. photos + art
  6. tv and a good sound bar!
  7. soft lighting (i.e. lamps)

I think the biggest challenge will be finding a couch we can afford (key word) that’s cozy to sit on and looks good but can also handle grubby fingers and a pile of people on family movie nights. If you know a good place to shop for one that checks all those boxes, please share!

I’ve also been on the hunt for inexpensive frames I can mix and match on a gallery wall in the family room and am having the hardest time finding some. Other than Ikea or the thrift store, where do you guys find them?!?

And don’t forget to share what your family room must-haves are!?

xo, Rae

(Photos by my brilliant husband, Johan.)


  1. Matina November 5, 2018 at #

    Hey Rae! So couch problemo is super hard, all the must haves and then the price tag Goodwill has been our place when finding great vintage finds, maybe consider EBay or local Estate sales?
    A must have for our living room is some smell goods, because kids. Candles, incense or a good oil diffuser

    • rae November 15, 2018 at #

      Great ideas! Thanks for sharing Matina! xo

  2. Khara Padgett November 5, 2018 at #

    A lot of people like Article sofas. Jonathan Lewis is a great brand with lots of options. After tons of research I took the risk and bought a down sofa from Birch Lane online at a super good price. We absolutely love it!

    • rae November 15, 2018 at #

      I have been looking at article (gimme all the velvet) but am going to checkout birch lane… thanks for the tip! xo

  3. Fiona November 5, 2018 at #

    I second the Birch Lane comment! I did a ton of research first, and it was definitely a risk, but I love my super affordable, first adult sofa!

    • rae November 15, 2018 at #

      haha! I love the “adult sofa”. Thanks Fiona! xo

  4. Laura November 22, 2018 at #

    I always think that you and your family have such a good time together. I don’t have any sofa suggestions, but I’d appreciate you sharing what you eventually purchase. We are looking for a sofa with those same qualities.

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