It’s been quite the week around here. Johan and the three older kids left for summer camp on Sunday so I (the luckiest girl in the world) got to spend the last 96 hours with these two sweethearts. My babies. Griffin and Poppy. I was all excited about being able to have some uninterrupted-by-big-kids-time with them and we ended up having a fantastic week but holly molly you guys…. I know 5 kids is no joke but being at home with two little kids is not much easier.

While there are plenty of things to appreciate about this season of parenting (hello 8 o’clock bedtime, mid-day naps and cheap entertainment – little kids are the funniest!) when they were up it was game on and there was no one around to help entertain them. I had totally forgotten what this was like, but quickly remembered and immediately planned playdates, thought of reasons to go to target, went for a run (anything that required strapping kids in!) and several parks, thought of reasons to go to Starbucks, found a kid friendly place to have dinner, and waited for the clock to say 7PM every night so we could start tubbies.


It was a nice change from our usual routine but I’m tired and just want to say GOOD JOB! to all you mamas of little ones. You deserve a pat on the back, dance party, and mani-pedi. You are doing a good job even when tantrums say otherwise. I hope you feel important, loved and appreciated. It might be hard to see the fruits of your labor, but it’s coming in the form of big kids who will blow you away with their wittiness, creativity and love for others. I know you probably hear this in every checkout line but it’s true, enjoy those chubby fingers, slobbery faces, mispronounced words and nap times while you can because the days are long but the months and years fly by.

Speaking of funny kid lingo, Griffin spent most of the week wearing Ozzie’s Beats and calling them “BEEPS” which made my heart laugh and melt at the same time. Any silly things being said around your house lately?

Happy, happy weekend!

XO, Rae

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