We’ve been busy getting summer-ready around here, including (and mostly) our closets! The closets in our new house are quadruple the size of the ones at our old house which is amazing except that things tend to pile up and get lost. I’ve been finding all kinds of stuff taking up space that is either too small or not getting used. The purging feels so good and also has me thinking about putting together capsule wardrobes for myself and the kids…. although I guess kids have capsule wardrobes naturally since they grow out of things so quickly but I  could definitely be better about planning what I purchase for them. At the moment I’m pretty sure we have enough graphic tees to cloth a small village.

While I’m not convinced that it would actually save us money it would certainly save us time in the morning and make packing for summer getaways a cinch. Fingers crossed it would solve the, I’ve got nothing/not sure what to wear, feeling because in the words of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”


Anyone else thought of or tried putting together a capsule wardrobe or know someone that has? Would love to know your thoughts!

XO . Rae

P.S. – Hoping to get the summer tattoo freebies and other summery things posted tomorrow!


  1. Krista June 2, 2015 at #

    It is my dream to have a capsule wardrobe for myself and my kids! I feel like it would simplify things…I have the littlest one’s clothes down to two drawers each so far. I have been in a “I am going straight up minimalist” mode lately. Less stuff=less mess is my thinking. :-)

  2. Janie June 3, 2015 at #

    I did a capsule this spring and loved it. I’m planning to do a summer one too for myself, but hadn’t thought about my kids yet. I think it’s a great idea!! My boys are running out of room in their drawers anyway with things they don’t wear.

  3. Gretchen June 3, 2015 at #

    My kids need one! Their closets/drawers are outta control!


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