4th of july balloon dart board

well, hello friends! i’m back from my unintentional 2 week hiatus… a lot has happened since my last post (a lot)! we packed up our family of 6, got our house ready for renters (still a work in progress), welcomed the kids home from a successful (minus some slacking off towards the end) year of school, started the official countdown to baby’s arrival (just over 4 weeks to go now!), said goodbye to good friends and then moved into their beautiful house. yep. kinda crazy.

i’ll fill you in a little more on the move, new home and all that good stuff, but with 4th of july celebrations just a few days away it’s time to get in the spirit of all things red, white and blue…


…as well as things that sparkle, bang or pop, like this supa simple dart board. all you need is a sheet of pegboard, balloons, tape, small prizes, some darts and (BAM), you’ve got some serious backyard entertainment for the kids — and most likely adults too.

head to the bottom of the post for detailed instructions.

june-2014-119 june-2014-116june-2014-123  june-2014-122 (“oh! darts!” — tilly jane)

you’ll need:

  • pegboard, cut to preferred size at the hardware store
  • balloons in festive colors
  • darts
  • various prizes (grab some kid friendly fireworks and candy or checkout the dollar isle or party section at target)
  • strips of paper with prizes written on them
  • tape (any kind)

here’s how:

  1. stuff each balloon with a strip of paper that has the name of a prize written on it then blow up and tie a knot.
  2. spacing balloons out on the pegboard, thread the knotted end through the holes in the pegboard and tape in place on the backside.
  3. repeat until your board is full!

it’s really so simple you could set all of the supplies aside and assemble day of.

stay tuned for more simple 4th of july ideas later this week!

Xx . rae

(images by stacy jacobsen)

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3 Responses to 4th of july balloon dart board

  1. Seante July 31, 2015 at #

    Cute idea! Did the darts stick to the pegboard or bounce off? Thanks!

    • rae August 10, 2015 at #

      sorry for the delay Seante! They did but you have to get metal tipped darts… not the plastic kind like at the sports bar :)



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