It’s hard to ignore the essential oil bandwagon thats been growing strong now for awhile, particularly within the motherhood community. I’m wondering if there are any other trends we can compare it to? Maybe tupperware parties? Anyways, I often find myself somewhere in the middle of most issues, political, theological, and even more often when it comes to healthcare. I believe in modern medicine, vaccines, and ibuprofen. But I also believe that we often medicate symptoms that can be treated naturally with diet, fitness, supplements and oils.

I was first introduced to essential oils a little over a year ago when Poppy started getting these little wart looking bumps on her torso and elbows. I’ll spare you the details of how gross they were and because it was summertime they were impossible to keep covered and therefore confined. The first time we took her to the Dr. they suggested we let it run it’s course (which takes 6+ months). Unfortunately it just kept getting worse so we took her back in and they subscribed a topical acne medicine. As you might imagine it was harsh, left her poor baby skin dry and red and wasn’t clearing up her bumps. Ugh, I felt so bad for her. Is there anything worse than not being able to help your kids feel better? Luckily my mom suggested we try talking to an herbalist. A quick email to Herban Wellness describing Poppy’s symptoms and they mixed up a magic concoction of oils that started working immediately! After a week her bumps were 80% better and I was in tears — so grateful to have something that not only worked, but was natural and had zero negative side effects.

We’ve since used the oil blend on just about any patch of red, puffy or irritated skin and it always clears up and takes away the discomfort. Lately I’ve been doing lots of research on oils and looking for ways to incorporate them into our lives on a daily basis without having to spend a ton of money or get involved with one of the MLM (multilevel marketing) businesses… (Not that there is anything wrong with doing either of those things!)

To my surprise, I’ve been able to find some great oils on amazon and have had so much fun putting together different blends for roller balls and spray bottles. The best part is that the kids go crazy over them! Here’s a linen spray we put together for bedtime. It helps wind everyone down at the end of the day and makes the room smell dreamy. To make it even more appealing for Poppy who’s always worried about “monsters” at night, we added a “bye, bye monster” label!

BYE, BYE MONSTER bedtime essential oil linen spray!

You’ll Need:

Here’s How:

  1. Add drops of essential oils into glass spray bottle. Fill the rest of the way with distilled water.
  2. Spray around the room, on bedding, pillows and even on jammies…. Don’t forget mamas room too!
  3. Make extra bottles for each room and to give as gifts.

Now for some exciting news!!! In my search for high quality oils I’ve found some cool suppliers and created some delicious and effective blends that will be available to purchase (along with a few other fun items!) in our online HOLIDAY POP-UP SHOP! Hoping to have it up and running starting this Friday 11/17 but will keep you posted later this week!!!

The rollers and sprays are a perfect gift or addition to stockings, teacher gifts or hostess gifts. It’s also a great way to try oils without a huge commitment, filling a cupboard with individual oils and supplies, or having to figure out all the DIY blends.

Now that I’ve spilled my guts about it, what are your thoughts on essential oils and natural treatments? Curious if anyone else feels like they fall somewhere in the middle on the issue, like I do!?

xo, Rae


  1. Emily Lex November 16, 2017 at #

    This is so much more up my alley than buying tons of individual oils with no idea what to do with them! Can’t wait!

    • rae November 16, 2017 at #

      Yay! More to come! xo

  2. Moira McGrath November 16, 2017 at #

    I’d love more info on the yucky bump cream. Was is for molluscum? My sweet little one has it and the prescription cream is not working. They are spreading like crazy. Any advice here would be appreciated.

    • rae November 16, 2017 at #

      Hi Moira — Yes, that’s exactly what she had! I’m not sure the exact amount of each oil but it was a mix of castor oil, blue cypress essential oil and Tamanu oil. Tamanu and castor are similar oils so you might be able to get away with using one or the other. Mix together and apply to bumps 2-4x per day. Email me if you want help figuring out how much of each oil! rae(at)raeannkelly.com XOXO

  3. Ashleigh douglas November 16, 2017 at #

    We Love oils around here… I’m in love with the profession of network marketing because it has helped so many people I know with opportunities to give more, help more & serve more I also have many mama friends who are straight into oils, I love supporting their businesses so they are 1 step closer to freedom to be with their families more or really do whatever they choose, whenever Bliss for me is supporting local whenever possible in whatever way I love dōterra oils and amazon for supplies – would love to support you and your holiday shop! Yay!!!! And chat more about your suppliers

    • rae November 16, 2017 at #

      Thats amazing! Love your heart Ashleigh! More to come. xoxo

  4. Nessa November 16, 2017 at #

    Can you share an a template for the bottle labels?

    • rae November 21, 2017 at #

      Hi Nessa, I’ll try and add it today! xo

  5. Pam November 16, 2017 at #

    This is great! I have a friend who sells the oils with doterra and they are soooo expensive. I’m interested to see your collection and the things they remedy.

  6. alicia November 16, 2017 at #

    hi guys! quick update, I called katya at herban wellness and she is sooo nice and mailing a dose, and I live in saint louis! My son has molluscum as well and we have been battling it for almost a year.



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