You guys!!!! Griffin turns 7 today. It seems impossible that he’s another year older and as much as I would like to keep him 6 and do kindergarten all over, he’s grown up so much this year that he’s really earned the age upgrade. Remember how much fun it was to be another year older!??? Last night he insisted on┬ásleeping in the clothes he wanted to wear on his Birthday day. Boyfriend knows what he wants sometimes and other times he’s so worried about missing out that making up his mind seems impossible (he get’s that from me)!

We put together this little interview video to celebrate his b-day and I think it really shows his personality! I’ve probably watched it a million times since Johan finished editing.

Griffin William, every minute I spend with you I fall a little more in love with you. So curious to see what you will do with your brains and humor and energy and hardworking attitude and attention to detail and attentiveness for people and sweetness in general. Daddy and I predict entrepreneur or surgeon (hello fine-motor skills), but whatever you end up doing we know you’ll do your very best and always love on people in the process. The world is better with you in it! We love you so much.

Shared a few Birthday moments on Instagram Stories this morning and are currently headed to Whidbey Island to party all day on the beach. Hope you guys are having an amazing Saturday and finding a million reasons (big and small) to celebrate!

XO, Rae

P.S. – Remember Tilly’s interview video?

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  1. M-E Jinno July 16, 2018 at #

    You have inspired me today. I used to be inspired by my children all the time . They are. now in their 30’s and 40. *I am not so sure that I inspired them . I think it is so important to learn how to swim , so, I’m paying for 3 GKs to learn to swim. My DD’s 2 were always in day care at the YMCA so they learned there. I never learned like my father. I was thrown off a dock and told if I made it to shore I would get a quarter. I made it to sure doing doggie paddle. Never liked water since. Realized I was only worth 25 cents to my family. Sister tried to drown me several times. All my mother responded with well if you had learned to swim you wouldn’t have to worry about drowning.
    I stepped out this a.m. & did 4 hrs of leveling ground and re-stacking a cord of wood.
    Now, this evening if there is any energy left I am going to jump in and start a mostly applique quilt.
    It is all a matter of not being very scared and learning. Have a wonderful day in Jesus.


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