We’re home! Even though we had the time of our lives (Tilly was plotting ways to stay) it always feels so good to be home. I’m excited to share all the things we did and ate, but thought it would be fun to start with what we wore. I know I’m always on the lookout for cute and easy summer outfits for the kids and me that last for full days of exploring!

As far as packing goes, I followed my usual tips (blog post HERE!). It was nice having an extra top layer (either jean jacket, button up shirt, or sweatshirt), a few accessories and extra outfits to choose from. Although, between adventuring in the city and eating on the go, I really thought we would be changing more! The only other thing that surprised me was how often our days involved swimsuits. Most parks, playgrounds and even The Met had water features or a splash pad and it was always a welcome and unexpected treat for the kids!

Here’s a peek and links to what we wore…

RAE | top, jeans, similar sandals here and here (old from J.Crew), sunnies

ESPEN | crew neck (old from PeekKids), tee, shorts, shoes

TILLY similar crew neck (old from PeekKids), tee, similar shorts (old from Target), shoes

RAE | sunnies, dress, similar jean jacket (old from J. Crew), similar sandals here and here (old from J.Crew)

TILLY | dress, sneakers

ESPEN | hat, tee, old swim shorts from J.Crew (he wore these earlier in the day), shoes

RAE | jumpsuit (wearing a size small and had to knot the straps :), similar jean jacket (old from J. Crew), shoes, sunnies

ESPEN | polo, old swim shorts from J.Crew but think these are so cute (!), shoes

TILLY | tee, similar shorts (old from PeekKids), sneakers

RAE | tee, skirt, belt (thrifted), sandals (similar), sunnies

ESPEN | tee, shorts, shoes

TILLY | tee, similar skirt (old by cat and jack), sneakers

This trip was so good for my soul you guys. I need those full days of exploring and being present with my people, but I’m also so excited to (mostly) be home for the rest of summer (just a couple close rode trips!)… Ready to adventure in our own city.

Are you planning any trips this summer or staying close to home?

xo, Rae





8 Responses to MOM + MINI: WHAT WE WORE IN NY

  1. papa June 14, 2017 at #

    So much fun!
    Love to all!

    • rae June 15, 2017 at #

      Missed you! xoxo

  2. Gabrielle June 15, 2017 at #

    Thanks for all the info! I really am eyeing that blue tie dye dress! Great pictures too! It lookes like it was a great trip.

    • rae June 15, 2017 at #

      Thanks Gabrielle! Loved wearing that dress… you won’t be disappointed! xo

  3. Sharon June 19, 2017 at #

    Love how the outfits coordinated without being “matchy” and all of them looked breathable and comfortable for the summer! Love your sense of style.

  4. Cindy Barnett June 27, 2017 at #

    Would love to know what u did on day 2 and 3 in New York. I am taking my 10 year old granddaughter the end of jujly and the first of August. Thanks!!! Day 1 helped me to know some things I didn’t know:)

    • rae June 27, 2017 at #

      How fun! And I’m glad our trip details will help. I’ll finish up day two for a post tomorrow and the rest next week. Feel free to email me at rae(at)raeannkelly(dot)com with any follow up questions you might have too! xo



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