The countdown chain has been made, a to do list has been written and bags are starting to be packed — or should I say, piles are starting to be made — for our trip to Arizona over spring break and I would love suggestions for places to visit, eat and play! You guys always have the best ideas.

Here are a few other random things that have been happening around our abode.

  1. On the way to Ozzie’s baseball game on Monday Poppy yelled from the backseat of the car, “We for-totally-got bubble gum!” I about died. And in case you are wondering, we didn’t forget to pack the gum… gum and suckers are staples on game days!
  2. We went to the library on Tuesday and checked out a big stack of books including this cute one about a rainy day! Did you know you can checkout audio books using the app Libby now too? Anyways, it was a great way to kill an hour and the kids had fun so we’ll definitely be going back. Hopefully with a complete stack of the books we check-out last time. That kinda stresses me out, LOL. I hate late fees!
  3. Yesterday Johan and I recreated our first date! We split a burger and fries for lunch while watching a March Madness game. It was the perfect low-key date the first time (especially for a dude) and it was just as fun the second time… I forgot how much I love a mid-day date. Would you want to recreate your first date? What would it be!?
  4. Daylight savings. Yikes! I keep seeing and hearing comments about how hard it is to get kids back on schedule but truth be told, I’m the one that can’t seem to figure things out! Aside from the leftovers I served last night at 6:45, I haven’t managed to have dinner ready before 7 all week. Nor have I managed to get up early enough to workout before finishing a post and getting the kids up. Hopefully I’ll be able to make up for over the weekend!
  5. Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day! Kinda bummed that it’s not on a school day for the kids… Wearing green, getting pinched and classroom parties are the fun part! But there is still lots of fun to be had… Here’s a few ideas from the archive: lucky charms goodie bags with printables | if you need some fun snack ideas | or a sweet treat | don’t forget about this rainbow craft | a “kiss me” garland

I hope you guys all have a great weekend!

XO, Rae

5 Responses to 5 THINGS + WE’RE GOING TO AZ!

  1. Karie March 16, 2018 at #

    The Phoenix zoo is great – they have a tram that goes over the zoo and you can feed the giraffes. :)

  2. Kristen March 16, 2018 at #

    RA, thanks so much for #4! I have been blowing the sched all week and it really bums me out. Makes me feel like a total dork for not just stinkin’ rolling with AN HOUR of difference. I can’t get it done, man!

    A lunch date to watch a little MM with the hubbs is the best idea!

  3. Niki March 16, 2018 at #

    Spring training facilities . We also thought the frosted sugar cookies at all the frilly soda shops lived up to the hype. Have fun!

  4. Robyn Pittluck March 16, 2018 at #

    Butterfly world is so much fun! wear bring them colors and they may even land on you

  5. Robyn Pittluck March 16, 2018 at #

    Also check out azfoodie on ig- she eats at the most amazing restaurants and has a thing for donuts!

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