word bubble photo prop. (oldie but goodie)

titlewe’re concluding {for now} our mustache bash tutorials with this charming chalkboard prop that provides a fun way to share a message in a photo.

use them in photo booths at parties, first day of school or christmas card pictures.  your family or party guests can write messages to newlyweds, graduates & new parents or write their grade & teacher’s name, age in months {for 1st year pictures}, expressions of appreciation or love and oodles of other notes!

to make one, you’ll need:

foam board, chalkboard paint & paint brush or spray paint, exacto knife or other sharp blade, cutting mat or other appropriate work surface, pencil, dowel, packaging tape & chalk.

1} draw your word bubble or other shape on the foam board with a pencil.  2} carefully cut out your shape with an exacto knife or the like over a cutting mat.  3} paint your shape with the chalkboard paint – according to the directions.  4} do a couple more coats.  5} let dry.  6} tape your dowels to the back of your painted shape.  7} go to town writing fun messages!

i’m not so sure these pictures are the best examples of the word bubbles.  my munchkins were less then thrilled about being involved in the photo sesh….  mucho tired and grumpy after an unsuccessful nap time.  they look more like they are picketing for better child labor laws…  he!  can’t help but chuckle when i think about what they might say when they are enough to realize how randomly involved they are in our little company.

tomorrow we have an adorable dessert idea for any summer or spring celebration {the summer soiree party collection included} and just in time for easter.  we’ll also post food friday.

see you soon!

xo . rae

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  1. Gabby March 5, 2015 at #

    This is way too cute!

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