Would you rather… have your dream home in an okay location or an okay home in your dream location?

Asking because we’ve been talking a lot about moving lately and I’m surprised at how undecided I feel on the whole subject. Especially since I never dreamed I’d live in the same state I did most of my growing up and definitely didn’t think when I married Johan who studied abroad in Sweden (in high school) and Australia (in college) and had a degree in international business, that he’d end up in a career that kept him in one spot. So it feels weird to me to be indecisive about where to move…. even when we wouldn’t be moving very far away, lol. BUT there is so much that goes into figuring things out: the budget, location, THE KIDS (especially now that they’re older), friends + family, schools, community, church, commutes, conveniences, etc. And then there’s deciding between a fixer upper or something more move in ready?

Ahhhhh, it’s so hard when what you want and what’s best aren’t the same thing and when the decisions made effects so many people you love! Wishing it was just a bit easier to know what to do!

Have you guys learned any tricks or tips when it comes to moving or making big decisions for your family? Tell me I’m not alone in the overwhelm and indecisiveness…

xo, Rae

PS – can I please just move into that pink lifeguard tower on the beach? That would solve all my problems, lol.

Image source from Sf GIRL… such a great site for interior inspo.


  1. Britt March 15, 2019 at #

    Wellll depends how handy you are and how much time you have? Me personally I chose location over house because I feel like you can make the okay house your own! Plus location sell homes, most people can always look past a home for their ideal location.

    • rae March 18, 2019 at #

      Time is always tricky, but we’re pretty handy! Love your point… so true! xo

  2. Emily March 15, 2019 at #

    I feel like Gig Harbor is a good choice .

    But truly, present your requests to God and see what he does with that. He knows what you need and so just keep trusting and taking little steps toward his promptings and it will all come together.

    • rae March 18, 2019 at #

      haha! It would be a great choice! and I have of course prayed and prayed about it — it’s just the waiting part that I’m not all that good at, lol. thanks for the encouragement em! xo

  3. Claire March 18, 2019 at #

    This is me right now, and I feel so stuck. Thanks for sharing; it is good to not feel alone with these types of decisions!

    • rae March 18, 2019 at #

      I agree Claire! Glad I’m not the only one! xoxo

  4. courtney March 18, 2019 at #

    I am going through the same process! I’m excited to watch your journey unfold.

    • rae March 18, 2019 at #

      That’s exciting Courtney! You’ll have to keep me updated and I’ll do the same! xo

  5. Meg Day March 22, 2019 at #

    Right there with you. I would pic location over house any day! We’re in a great spot with a good neighborhood full of friends for us and the kids. It’s hard to move away from that! Can you make the decision for all of us?

    • rae March 22, 2019 at #

      Same! Wish I could :) … So hard being an adult, ha ha! Good luck! xo

  6. Jenn March 27, 2019 at #

    We chose location over house. We have been here 7 years, everyday I am thankful as we are living our country dream. However, our family has grown in that 7 years and there are times that we say…what were we thinking with this house? All in all there is always a trade off…unless money is no object! Ha!

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