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shared rooms + little conversations.

overhearing a conversation between two children is quite possibly one of the sweetest (and often funniest) things in life. when those children also happen to be siblings it’s downright heart melting. it’s also one of the reasons i love for my kids to share rooms. of course there are benefits (and less arguments) when kids are in their own rooms too, which is why we seem to constantly be playing a game of musical beds. in fact, i think we’ve exhausted just about every match-up. first ozzie and espen shared. then tilly and espen (seen here 1/2). when we moved last summer it was ozzie, espen and griffin in one room but now (after an ambitious weekend) poppy and tilly are in a room, griffin and espen are in a room and ozzie is all by his lonesome (insert teenage fist pumps here).

i’m super excited to watch them in their new spaces. i’m also excited to decorate them and think i’ll start with the girls’ room. here’s some inspiration i’m la, la, loving right now.


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(SOURCES – one / two / three / four — to see more (including boy rooms!) head to my “little spaces” pinterest board)

lay baby lay is my new favorite place to find kid decor inspiration and my friend emily’s blog is always full of fantastic ideas.

how about you… do you have a favorite home dec site you like to visit or thoughts on shared spaces?

xo . rae