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rae ann kelly organizing kid wardrobes-144
The morning struggle is real you guys especially when transitioning from summer into a back to school schedule. In the past, a big part of that struggle in our home had to do with getting dressed. Picking out an outfit is never easy in a cluttered closet (right?) so today I’ll be sharing how I simplify my kid’s wardrobes as well as a few other tips that will help with the morning rush!
For those of you in the Seattle area, I’ll also be chatting on this subject today on KING5 around 4:45pm. Trying to be more excited than I am nervous so tune in and send me all your good vibes! :)
rae ann kelly organizing kid wardrobes-169


Slightly obvious, totally necessary and also my least favorite part is going through all the kids clothes. I try to bribe them into trying on their pants and dressier clothes. Everything else is usually easy to tell sizing. Then I make piles and decide what to keep, give and store for a later season. Don’t be afraid to part with items that are in really good shape that the kids hate wearing or you don’t like.
rae ann kelly organizing kid wardrobes-105rae ann kelly organizing kid wardrobes-108


Next I place their ready to wear items within reach, off season items out of the way and giveaway items in the trunk of my car because you know they will find a thing or two they don’t want to part with if given the chance! Then I separate the graphic tees from the hoodies and pants, etc. in their closet and drawers. This makes it easier to see what they do and don’t need which often saves me money. No more spontaneous Target purchases unless of course they need it or it’s too cute to pass up! It’s harder to justify buying another graphic tee if I know they already have 10 (or 20) of them hanging in their closet.
Using labels and hanging dividers can help keep things organized. Download the simple template pictured above:

rae ann kelly organizing kid wardrobes-102


Now that their closets are organized and I know what they have and need, here comes the hardest part… Not purchasing every cute pint-sized garments I see. Fewer clothes saves time so I try purchasing items that will work well with their existing wardrobe, that I know they will enjoy and wear and that I also like (sorry kids).

rae ann kelly organizing kid wardrobes-148-2


  • It’s always a good idea to set clothes out the night before (we rarely do this but always love it when we do!).
  • I highly recommend having your kids get dressed before eating breakfast (at least the older ones). Mine tend to get dressed much quicker this way!
  • It’s always a great time to let kids dress themselves but especially now because almost anything goes in fashion at the moment. They can mix stripes with florals, girly with tomboy, and summer with fall until their hearts content!

rae ann kelly organizing kid wardrobes-154

Have any other tips you can share? How do you transition from summer into a back to school morning routine?

XO, Rae




Making a home that allows my kids to play, create and have fun with friends while also keeping things stylish and welcoming for the taller humans in my life is a priority of mine that’s been a bit tricky. While we aren’t lacking on space necessarily, having 5 kids and no playroom has added an extra challenge and even though I lean a little more towards being kid-friendly over sophisticated (at least for this season in our lives) I thought I would share a few ways we keep the house from looking like we run a daycare. At least most days.

Our family room has been the hardest to figure out, so we’ll start there!


taming the toys-7997taming the toys-8033taming the toys-8007taming the toys-8016-2Everyone should feel welcome in this room so (for us) keeping things cozy, playful and casual is a must. For the little ones that means toys and an area to hangout so we added a space for them on the far wall of the family room — It’s hidden from view if you are standing in any other part of the downstairs which is nice. At the moment our toys could use a spring cleaning but for the most part I try to limit the type of toys that are down here to baby/toddler toys, a basket of wood blocks, finger puppets and plastic animals, and books. Legos, hot wheels and dress up do make an appearance every once in awhile in the family room but mostly stay upstairs in the kids’ rooms. Food, rough housing and climbing on the furniture is also mostly off limits in this space. Popcorn on movie nights being the main exception.

There are (of course) a few things I would like to change but for the most part I think adding a few sturdy  decorations and pretty bowls or baskets helps incorporate the toys into the room. Cozy seating (like poufs), pillows and blankets are always appreciated by the little and big people and it all helps bring things together.


taming the toys-8050 taming the toys-8055

We have this little desk in our breakfast nook — that should be called the crafting, homework and after school snacks nook — where we keep coloring books and other crafty items as well as office supplies, batteries and other household stuff. It’s nice to have these things tucked away but still easily accessible and now that the kids are older I also keep paper (index cards are always handy!), scissors, glue sticks, pencils and markers out in plain sight.

In our last (much smaller) home we used a generous sized drawer in the kitchen to hold coloring and school supplies which worked great too.

taming the toys-8078 taming the toys-8088

Another set of drawers we use a lot for toys, crafts and other knick-knacks are the ones under our stairs. They are easily my favorite feature in our home so if you get a chance do something similar I highly recommend it!


taming the toys-8129Kids have a lot of thinggggs. Since we don’t have a playroom to hold most or all of it I like to spread the love in different areas of the house.  Such as this kid friendly wall in my office for books, more baby toys, felt masks and a giant checkers game.  My office is roomy enough to accommodate and the new space is well loved but a small bin of books and a floor pillow would do the trick in a smaller space.

taming the toys-8096 taming the toys-8111-2

((Excuse the mess (and Christmas cards!) in these last two pictures but it is the accurate state of our dinning room at the moment. We’ve been working on redecorating this space so stay tuned.))

Last but not least are the lockers in the dining room where the puzzles, boardgames and (thanks to the locking doors) paints, glitter glue and other messy craft supplies that require permission before using, live. Games and puzzles are almost always played with at the dinning room table so this works out perfectly and makes clean up a cinch.

Another random area we’ve stored toys in the past is a basket of play kitchen items in the pantry. It was a fun arrangement and they got played with a ton but I was also cleaning (and tripping on) them up a lot so it only lasted a few months.

I hope this was helpful, but enough about me! Let me know how you handle all the toys and kid stuff and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

XO, Rae




I like a little bit of Christmas in every room of the house and although it doesn’t always (or ever) happen that way I do try to find a few ways to bring Christmas vibes into the kids’ rooms.

ornament mobile-2-13

A festive garland, mobile made from ornaments, countdown chain, cozy sheets, kid made artwork (like Espen’s snowman he painted a couple years ago that makes my mama heart melt), does the trick when displayed together or alone.

Another option and one of my favorites (other than the kids art, of course) is decking the walls with a seasonal art print. A few weeks ago I started making a “FA LA LA” poster to put above Tilly’s bed and ended up making 3 other designs. Of course, what’s the point in designing stuff if I’m not going to share so you can download all 4 below!




And if there aren’t any unused frames laying around the house or you would like a fresh, new way to hang up a poster try turning it into a wall hanging using a couple pieces of wood and a leather string or ribbon.


  • 8 foot 1×2 inch piece of lumber
  • leather string or ribbon for hanging
  • drill and drill bit the size of the string your using
  • staple gun (really strong glue might work?)
  • cute art print


  1. Cut 2 pieces of the lumber about 1/2-inch wider than or the same width as the print. If you don’t have a way to do this at home, ask someone at the hardware store to do it for ya.
  2. In one of the cut pieces of lumber, measure 1/2 to 1-inch in from the edge and drill a hole your string or ribbon can snuggly fit through… remember you can always make it bigger if it doesn’t fit.
  3. Thread the string or ribbon through the holes and knot the ends.
  4. Staple lumber to the top and bottom of your print and hang!

Happy Thursday + hall decking + merrymaking + Christmas and oh, my I’m glad it’s almost Friday!

XO, Rae


PS – For Christmassy kids room inspiration and ideas head HERE. It’s an oldie but goodie!




Thanks to everyone who is playing along with the belated Birthday giveaways. If you missed them there is still time to enter! Just scroll down to the next two posts or head here and here.

I’m back today with a reveal of the kids’ new reading nook in my office. I gave a sneak peek on Instagram a couple weeks ago and mentioned that the kids often (sometimes all 5 of them at once!) pile in my office while I’m finishing up a project or sending a quick email. Honestly I love that they want to hangout but there wasn’t anything for them to do so they would end up hovering over my desk, snooping through my piles and asking a bazzilion questions or the worst, bugging each other! Instead of enjoying their company it just ended up being a big irritating distraction and I hated it. It’s the opposite of what I want my kids to feel in their own home.

Something had to be done so I started brainstorming with my man and a couple weeks later a little reading and quite play space was born. It’s been well loved and used since. Sure they still hover over my desk but I can sweetly suggest they cozy up with a book and the pillows or play checkers or dig through the pouches and find something fun for Poppy.

I’ll list sources below and share a few DIY’s later this week or next…

10-23-2015-216 10-23-2015-232


(One man game of checkers, LOL. Poor Griffin didn’t have any siblings home when we shot pics)

KIND IS THE NEW COOL PRINT (my current personal fave) // WALL COLOR // RUG // POM + CLOUD GARLAND // WHITE TABLE (painted from IKEA – similar option) // NUMBER ORGANIZER // FLOOR PILLOWS (DIY – sleepy eye fabric, check fabric) // BOOK SHELVES (DIY) // OVERSIZED CHECKERBOARD (DIY) // LAMP // SWISS CROSS CANVAS  // FABRIC STORAGE BIN (DIY)

DIY’s coming soon… Let me know if I missed anything else!

I do kinda wish the wall color was white to lighten the blow of contrast but I also wanted to make the nook feel like it’s own place and all the other walls in my office are light so we went dark. I also think it’s so easy to just go white these days… it’s so clean and crisp and “IN”! What do you think?

XO, Rae

(Photos by Stacy Jacobsen)




I’ve been talking about the girl’s shared room makeover forevvvver (it seems) and today finally have photographic evidence to share. Yay! The girls and really everyone in the family is enjoying their bright cheery room. It’s been fun seeing it used for playtime and reading.

I somehow finagled my husband into helping me paint the girls room white and it made all the difference. Here’s a small peek at what it looked like before and a hanging plant DIY that didn’t make the final room.

I’ll give details as I go and link sources at the very bottom!


The view from their door. Obsessed with this striped rug from Land of Nod. It stays nicely in place and cheers up the carpet :). Decorative pillows rarely stay on beds around here so floor pillows it is which are usually accompanied by an array of books and dress up clothes. There might also be several plush animals and a Mariner’s baseball bobble head being held hostage in the closet. Maybe.


A quick and easy to make yarn wallhanging Tilly helped me with keeps Poppy company during diaper changes.


A random display of pictures, prints, notes and trinkets over Tilly’s bed makes it easy for her to switch or add things as she wishes. We opted for washi tape to hang things on her cork-board (and sometimes wall) and arranged a stack of different colors and patterns in her house shelf.



A simple and inexpensive ($6!) pendant light wrapped around a cute wall hooks from Land of Nod, next to Tilly’s bed. Pretty smitten with this shake it off downloadable print as well.


A cut and sew fabric project adds a nice touch.


Poppy has been our most challenging sleeper (non-sleeper is more like it) and is still waking up at night so the sleepy eye decals and light box message seem highly appropriate and makes me giggle often. When you haven’t slept many full nights in over a year being silly is essential.


A handmade sign I made for Poppy’s original nursery. Love it and will share a template soon. Maybe for back to school?


Love this point of view from the closet.

I’m clearly addicted to garlands as there are three in this one pic and I would gladly add more. It’s like a little pop of party wherever they hang.


I feel the same way about pom-pom trim so glued  some to the bottom of the drum shade.


A couple wall hooks to hang Tilly’s next-day outfits and some necklaces. The top bin of the cart holds other accessories and hair things.


Cute succulents in the (dirty) window. There has been so much construction going on around our house I think all of them look like this. Probably time to get the pressure washer out!

// S O U R C E S //

FURNITURE: twin bed frame, crib, cart, white chair

TEXTILES: duvet, twin sheets, crib sheet, grey blanket (a favorite!), changing pad cover (old but love this one), crib quilt (on the chair, by my talented mama!)

PILLOWS: fur, striped (fabric from IKEA), cube

DECOR: sleepy eye decalsfloor catch-all, drum shade (pom-pom trim added), hanging pendant light, cloud garland, grey garland, flag garlandstriped rug, curtains (old, similar)

WALL DECOR: house shelf, mirror, #shinanigans poster, shake it of print, arrow print and Ruth print (coming soon to the shop), pineapple print (part of JDC paperworks), cork-board, fruit wall hooks, light box

DIY’s: yarn wallhanging (lots of cute options on pinterest), hooray pendant pillow, pop-tart banner (alphabet template coming soon), moose antlers (from some holiday kid crafts I put together for mom.me)

I probably left some details out so please comment if you have questions!

XO, Rae

P.S. — A GIANT shoutout to my girl Emily for taking pics of the girl’s room for me. If your not familiar with Jones Design Company your in for a treat. I suggest starting with a look at her home!


shared rooms + little conversations.

overhearing a conversation between two children is quite possibly one of the sweetest (and often funniest) things in life. when those children also happen to be siblings it’s downright heart melting. it’s also one of the reasons i love for my kids to share rooms. of course there are benefits (and less arguments) when kids are in their own rooms too, which is why we seem to constantly be playing a game of musical beds. in fact, i think we’ve exhausted just about every match-up. first ozzie and espen shared. then tilly and espen (seen here 1/2). when we moved last summer it was ozzie, espen and griffin in one room but now (after an ambitious weekend) poppy and tilly are in a room, griffin and espen are in a room and ozzie is all by his lonesome (insert teenage fist pumps here).

i’m super excited to watch them in their new spaces. i’m also excited to decorate them and think i’ll start with the girls’ room. here’s some inspiration i’m la, la, loving right now.


638714f0cc2f78e6107daee2cd3779b2 42c66b9f09a737ac6e2506e0f7d566ec

(SOURCES – one / two / three / four — to see more (including boy rooms!) head to my “little spaces” pinterest board)

lay baby lay is my new favorite place to find kid decor inspiration and my friend emily’s blog is always full of fantastic ideas.

how about you… do you have a favorite home dec site you like to visit or thoughts on shared spaces?

xo . rae


a teepee GIVEAWAY and little camper FREEBIES

wednesdays are a good day for a giveaway, wouldn’t you agree!? especially when it involves a teepee! i’m extra excited as this is the first (of many – fingers crossed) giveaway we’ve hosted on the blog.

in addition (since we’re all winners round here!) i’ve made these two “happy campers” posters you can download and print for freeeeee…. well i guess the printing isn’t free, but the downloading is!

keep scrolling — all the details are below.



TIP: large prints are cheap ($6-$9) through the costco photo center.

(as always, i love connecting with ya over on insta so don’t forget to tag me (@raeannkelly) if one of these ends up on your wall or you share the post in your feed!)


^^^(never a dull moment with this girl – i should know better than to ask her to hold still for a sec)^^^


happy-campers-and-a-giveawaynow for the real goods!

allow me to introduce you to B.E. Little You and ME, a sweet etsy shop opened and run by Sarah who is a busy mama and 2nd grade teacher (yay for teachers!)!

we are partnering with her to giveaway one of the 4 panel ($115 value) teepees (as seen on keeping up with the kardashians) featured in her shop.

to enter, simply visit sarah’s etsy shop and then leave a comment HERE that shares what style teepee you’d choose if you won! for bonus points, choose a picture from above (or this ‘smores post from last week) to pin to pinterest!

giveaway closes MONDAY, JULY 21st at 6 am PST. one winner will be chosen at random.

good luck. i hope you win the teepee and that you have the perfect spot for one (or both) of the posters.

xo . rae

(images by stacy jacobsen)