BREAKFAST CLUB: yogurt parfaits

spring hasn’t exactly made it’s way to the pacific northwest yet, but the dose of sunshine i got in phoenix last week (i have pics to share from our trip tomorrow!) has put me in the mood for a lighter, fruitier breakfast menu. yogurt parfaits seem to be hitting the spot so i thought i […]

shenanigans poster-03

#shenanigans (free poster download)

i designed this simple poster to hang over our “check-out” basket of ever increasing (and slightly ridiculous)  gaming and tech devices and thought i would share in case you have the perfect spot for it. just click on the links below to download! each poster is 24×32 inches and fits perfectly in the large frame from […]


ice cream sammies (happy st. patrick’s day!)

want to eat something st. patty’s-ish today, but corned beef and cabbage isn’t your jam? throw together these minty ice cream sandwiches to enjoy after dinner! you’ll need: chocolate chip mint ice cream or other green ice cream or gelato of choice waffle cone or chocolate wafers (cookies or graham crackers work too) gold &/or green […]



i’ve hinted at it a couple times in previous posts but am beyond thrilled to make an official announcement… we’re expecting a new bundle of cuteness this summer! today marks week 20, and as they tend to do once you have other children to take care of, it’s flown by. i’m not usually the “love […]


Hello… spring training.

later this month, yoder and i are surprising the kids with a trip to sunny arizona for some baseball games, concession food and all the pool time we can handle. for the past couple weeks i’ve been secretly sorting through last year’s summer gear and stocking up on all the things we’ll need to bring […]


MARCH one week spread.

i’m excited to be going back to my roots with a little meal planning action today! a bit different than what i’ve done in the past, but still fun and helpful… let me know what you think!? M/ Happy St. Patrick’s Day… go green with asparagus soup and BLT&A sandwiches TU/ crockpot (or baked) mexican lasagna […]


ASPARAGUS SOUP with BLT’s and avocado

this soup may be green, but it’s 100% kid approved in our home… i could hardly believe my ears when they raved about how yummy it was the first time they tasted it (and every time since). if your still nervous about giving it a try, go heavy on the salt – it helps! for […]


kids crafternoon – st. patrick’s day felt

st. patrick’s day might not be the most popular holiday around, but it is a good excuse for getting crafty with the kids. here are a few simple and festive ideas that will keep them busy and feelin’ green for the big day! 1/FELT PINS/ supplies: green felt, scissors, fabric or hot glue, pins, embroidery […]


snack attack (almond butter fondue)

i used to daydream about what a cool mom i would be.  late bedtimes, unlimited tv + video games, a pantry full of junk foods, a freezer stocked with frozen dinners, and (for the love of all things cool) my child would definitely be allowed to watch beverly hills 90210. i would be epic, for […]


#SeattleKids: molly moon’s (our fave ice cream shop)

i’m excited to share the second post (here is the first) of a new series that is nameless at the moment (tiny tourist, kids about town…?) but i’m kinda digging the simplicity of “Seattle Kids”. let me know if you have any ideas! i love seeing where and how people do life, as well as […]