Never dreamed I’d ever write a blog post announcing a hashtag but here I am, claiming one that I think is meaningful, helpful, accurate and encompasses my approach to style and motherhood.

#ondutymom and #ondutymomstyle

Stay with me while I explain: 

When I was pregnant with Poppy, knowing just how much a 5th child would add to our already full life, I decided to make a few changes. Most involved slowing down, reprioritizing and being intentional (I can talk more about it in a later post if you guys are interested?) but I feel like the best, most effective and simplest change I made was a promise I made to myself to get dressed everyday.

At the time, it was an easy way for me to practice self-care (takes less time than a workout, lol) and I was already getting 4 (soon 5) other humans ready in the morning. What’s one more? I also had a strange epiphany one day at Target (shocker!) and decided that if anyone was going to run errands in their pajamas, it was going to be one of the kids, not me. So often, it had been the other way around. My kids looked like models and I looked like a hot mess. What is the point of that? What am I teaching my kids about how to treat me or how I value myself and my role as their mom!? I also believe wholeheartedly that we teach our kids how to treat and value themselves by how we treat and value ourselves. Where else are they going to learn it?

Before I go on, I should also define what I mean by “getting dressed”. If you know me then you know it has less to do with being fancy and more to do with dressing on purpose for the day depending on what’s happening… Some days all you need is a beanie, leggings and vintage tee, other’s call for mom jeans and cute shoes and others a maxi dress and sneakers. More important than anything, does it function/serve you and do you like it/feel good in it?

Hopefully you’re still with me… it get’s better (slash more dorky, lol)!

One of the challenges for me, when I decided to make getting dressed (on purpose) a priority, was finding outfit inspiration that was both comfortable and cool. Some of the outfits I was pinning happened to be of “off duty models” and why wouldn’t it be? They spend most of their time in uncomfortable outfits and crazy amounts of makeup so when they weren’t working they want to be comfy in addition to being stylish.

Our new hashtag represents just that… (with fewer crop-tops). Inspired but effortless but put together, elevated but casual, cozy but cute, cool but relaxed — all non-negotiable for me when it comes to getting dressed! 

I’m hoping you’ll join me on this journey of self-care and motherhood! Use the hashtag, start a pinterest board, share outfit inspo on stories (you don’t have to be a style blogger to do that!), spend time editing your closet, buy something for yourself and wear what makes you happy! I’ll be sharing my best tips and tricks along the way and am currently figuring out a way to work one-on-one with anyone who needs an extra styling boost!

I’ll be posting a closet haul and sharing my current wardrobe staples on Instagram Stories later this week. Will keep you posted on a date and time!

Then next week I’m going to share 5 steps to building a wardrobe you love… don’t worry, it involves using items you already have in your closet!

Please let me know if you have any questions or want to chat about scheduling a styling + closet consultation!

xo, Rae


  1. Dad January 15, 2019 at #

    You did it again today!!!!
    You got dressed!!!

    Love you so much!

    • rae January 16, 2019 at #

      haha! dad, you’re funny.
      love you toooooo!
      xo, boo

  2. waterlooheather January 16, 2019 at #

    So much, yes! I love it. Can we also start a hashtag? #fewercroptops LOL!!

    • rae January 17, 2019 at #

      I’m on it! haha! xo

  3. waterlooheather January 16, 2019 at #

    So much yes! Also, can we start another hashtag? #fewercroptops LOL

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