Hey loves! I’m excited (and slightly terrified!) to introduce a new blog series today, based on one of the questions I get asked and emailed about most — how I’ve managed to stay in shape after 5 kids? In the past I’ve shied¬†away from answering or responding for a few different reasons. 1. I’m not an expert and feel like I could be in better shape than I am 2. everyone’s health + fitness journey, especially post baby, looks different 3. I think the last thing a woman and especially a mom needs to worry, stress, or be insecure about is her body and 4. Between my genetics and upbringing, I admittedly have had an advantage.

I’ll get more into workout routines, eating habits and what my parents did to set an amazing example in a follow up post, but today I wanted to chat about a truth that has had a huge affect on my life and my health¬†— what you focus on expands.

So here’s what I suggest to anyone who’s frustrated with their health and fitness. No more focusing on the weight, how much or little you’re eating, how tiny someone else is or fitting into a certain size jean. Instead focus on things that are meaningful and productive.

Here’s a list of the things that have worked for me:

GRATITUDE | I have a body that moves and works, grew tiny miracles and was made by my Creator. Being thankful for it changes how I see myself and feed myself and how I treat my body.

THE PROCESS | goals are amazing and important, but finding exercises, activities, recipes, etc. that I enjoy makes the journey worth it especially when I’m not where I think I should be.

DRINKING WATER | super simple and study after study shows that it makes a huge difference.

MOVING | workouts are not always an option based on priorities and what else I need to accomplish in a day — the second half of summer has been like that. So instead I’ve worked out when I can and then focused on just moving my body when I can’t. 15 minutes of jumprope in the garage, trampoline time with the kids, or just running and playing at the park makes a big difference.

WHAT YOU CAN DO | early in our marriage, when we were sooooo broke I let not being able to afford a gym membership or organic food totally discourage me which only led to self-pity and probably eating a few extra cookies, LOL. But I’ve found that when my focus is on what I CAN do, I’m much more productive. A few things that all of us probably can do — find at home workouts on youtube or pinterest, a place to run, 30 minutes everyday or every other day, a friend to get fit with, healthier food options, a habit worth changing.

What would you guys add to this list?

What other topics would you like to see covered in this series!?

Was thinking of interviewing other moms on the subject would be a lot of fun and insightful too!? Let me know what you think!

xo, Rae

PS – If your trying to fit in workouts at home with a little one, HERE’s a stroller workout post and printable I shared a couple summers ago!







  1. Kathryn Hager August 31, 2017 at #

    Ok yes! I’ve recently started implementing all of these and it does make a difference! I stopped focusing on “losing weight” to get back in my clothes comfortably. I started working out and eating right a part of my routine because I realized it wasn’t about losing weight it was about my mental health and self care. When I workout and eat healthy ( which admittedly is easy since I grew up on a produce farm ) I feel so much better mentally which makes me happy physically.

    I’m glad you are doing this series and look forward to reading!

  2. Shelley August 31, 2017 at #

    I love this and it is so encouraging. The only thing I would add is health. First hand I have learned health can be a factor. A few years back I hit a road block due to developing an auto-immune disease. I can still exercise, but it is different, and things have to be modified. I totally gave up in the beginning, but now I’m starting to gain some ground, and get back with it. My meds have added on extra weight which has been very discouraging.

    I am super excited to see you are adding this topic to your blog. I also love your humble (and true) approach – We are not all created equally and should not compare, but should support each other in this journey as moms.

  3. Kasey Shuler August 31, 2017 at #

    Such a great perspective! Thankfulness and joy are the keys to good stewardship! Sharing this with my wellness group today :D

    PS: You don’t have to be an “expert” to share what has worked for you, so thank you for being courageous and posting this!

  4. Heather September 8, 2017 at #

    What an inspiring article! I especially agree with you about the “Gratitude”. In fact, being thankful about my body allows me to take care of it in a less-pressured way. I may not be perfectly in shape but I feel good.

    And I do believe that feeling good actually makes each of us better moms. Thanks for sharing your experiences.



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