Happy March you guys! With another month gone, I thought it would be fun to start a series that takes a look at the previous month and finds an overall theme. February was an easy one to figure out. I have one word for you — SNAPCHAT!

I’ve had the app on my phone for at least a year and finally learned how to use it thanks to our oldest, Ozzie. It’s not user friendly but it was love at first snap once I figured it out. I took a little break after becoming overly obsessed but snapped most of our day yesterday (donuts with papa, ikea trip, after school schinanigans and basketball games) if you want to check it out! My user name is raeannkelly :) If you haven’t joined or figured out how to use snapchat, here is a helpful link with tips and tricks.

What I love most about it is how unedited/unstaged it is… just real moments from your day in realtime along with a handful of filters and effects. Each video and image can only run for 10 seconds (or less) and stay on “your story” for 24 hours, but you can save them to your camera roll for safe keeping. One of the things I wish I figured out sooner!

The images above are old snaps and below are a few silly videos….

Doesn’t it look like fun!?

XO, Rae

P.S. – Just a quick side note in case you were wondering :) — I know snap chat (along with other social media) has a bad-rap, especially when it comes to teenagers, but I also think they open up a whole new outlet for creativity. As with most privileges  it comes with a lot of responsibility and the possibility for misuse. It’s a scary thing but also part of our kids’ future at some point so setting an example, boundaries and accountability was my main motivation for joining at all. I just didn’t know I would enjoy it so much! Ha!

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  1. emily March 2, 2016 at #

    oh my goodness. you guys are cute xoxo

  2. Drelli March 2, 2016 at #

    Dad loves is & will forever be my fav.

    • rae March 5, 2016 at #

      I agree… It’s the best!

  3. Brittney March 8, 2016 at #

    I’m obsessed with snapchat! It took me a bit to figure out (I agree, it is NOT intuitive at all) and a few calls to my 21 year old sister but now it’s one of my favorite apps.

  4. Rachel March 14, 2016 at #

    Your outfit in your (cute) dance video! So cool and easy. I’ve been thinking of trying to flannel on the waste thing but my boyfriend style flannels look huge and frumpy on my waist. And white jeans.. Where do you find them that aren’t see through?? Your style is effortless
    PS snapchat filters are one of our favorite mom/kid discoveries :)

    • Rachel March 15, 2016 at #

      Wow clearly I left this comment early in the morning! Two different waist spellings!

      • rae March 15, 2016 at #

        LOL, didn’t even notice! I’m always misspelling tho :)

    • rae March 15, 2016 at #

      You are too sweet Rachel! White jeans from madewell… thicker ones are hard to find. My flannel isn’t a boyfriend fit but I will say that the first time I tied one around my waist (as an adult, LOL) it felt and looked weird to me. I think trying new trends usually takes a little bit of wearing and fussing with before they feel comfortable and cute. If that makes any sense!? XOXO

      • Rachel March 17, 2016 at #

        It does! thank you for responding! Perhaps I’ll give it another shot without a boyfriend flannel

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