YOU GUYS (!!!) it’s August 1st — the last month of summer vacay — and I’m in full blown denial about it. Anyone else feel like summer just started? In an effort to avoid all things back-to0-school for a little longer, we decided to put together a fun giveaway full of goodies that will help you soak up summer until the very end.

rae-ann-kelly-august-faves-giveaway-1 rae-ann-kelly-august-faves-giveaway-2


1) mini clips add a pop of sumerry color to anything / 2) retro ice cream scoop perfect for a sundae party or ice cream social / 3) tote for any last minute road trips / 4) sprinkles and candy eyes for all the ice cream / 5) oversized neon + kraft tags just because / 6) ‘namast’ay in bed’ pillow cases to celebrate one more month without alarm clocks / 7) pretty throw pillow for entertaining / 8) mini colander for late summer berry picking / 9) paper popcorn boxes for outdoor (or indoor) movie night

To enter to win my August faves, sign up for emails (if you haven’t already) HERE and leave a comment sharing one thing (or more) you still have to check off your summer bucket list! Contest closes Friday, Aug. 5th at 10pm PST. One (1) lucky winner will be notified by email and announced here by the following Monday.

Congrats to TEESHA for winning the August Faves Giveaway + thank you to everyone for participating!!!

A couple things that still need checking off our summer bucket list is a trip to our family cabin and working a lemonade stand. Looking forward to reading your comments for more ideas too!

Sending you all the winning vibes!

XO, Rae

PS – To make matters even more bittersweet today, it is also Poppy’s 2nd Birthday! Shared a sweet note and pic of her on Instagram this morning. If you want to see, CLICK HERE.


71 Responses to :) AUGUST FAVES GIVEAWAY

  1. Emily Peck August 1, 2016 at #

    So cute! We still need to take the kids to Mt. Rainier and go to the fair! :)

  2. Hannah Beisang August 1, 2016 at #

    Still have to make a camping trip happen! Can’t believe summer has gone so fast already!!

  3. Megan Price August 1, 2016 at #

    Love it all! We have a trip to the grandparents house, a trip to the lake and the trampoline park still to check off.

  4. April Clark August 1, 2016 at #

    Awesome giveaway!! We still have to get the kids out on the Bay…it’s been such an amazing summer! (Just gotta find a friend with a boat!)

  5. Abby Hunter August 1, 2016 at #

    We have a little over a week to hit a movie in the park, and go to “ballet under the stars”!

  6. Myriah Heuberger August 1, 2016 at #

    We have 2 more summer weddings and going to the fair to look forward to!

  7. Amanda Morgan August 1, 2016 at #

    We still have our annual backyard camping adventure, complete with camp fire, s’mores, and camp fire songs.

  8. megan August 1, 2016 at #

    Still need to feel the sand in my toes.

  9. Emily O'Brien August 1, 2016 at #

    We still have Reptile Gardens and a camping trip to finish off summer with :)

  10. Naomi August 1, 2016 at #

    Camping is one thing we have to check off our list. My hubby loves it!

  11. Mary August 1, 2016 at #

    Every year, the signal that summer is ending is our family visit to the Minnesota State Fair. We usually go on Labor Day weekend and eat our way through the fairgrounds, Thank you for the giveaway!

  12. Kristen R. August 1, 2016 at #

    We still have to take our kids to play putt-putt! Four kids under 8….more like chaos and golf balls.

  13. Kasey Shuler August 1, 2016 at #

    Those things are so cute! I need to keep my kid up late enough to catch fireflies in the yard :)

  14. Erin Magee August 1, 2016 at #

    We still need to visit the grandparents in NM, time flies!

  15. grace August 1, 2016 at #

    What a lovely giveaway! You are so generous, thank you! We haven’t really get much time to do anything fun this summer due to some family illness so we have been just driving back and forth for moral support and try to help as much as we could. Thank you for the chance!

  16. Teesha August 1, 2016 at #

    Float the river! Such a cute collection of goodies!

  17. Teesha August 1, 2016 at #

    I left the wrong e mail in the comment above! Reposting

    • rae August 1, 2016 at #

      :) good catch Teesha! Thanks!

  18. Sarah August 1, 2016 at #

    I still have books on my summer reading list and reaching my goal of a 15K run at the end of the summer!

  19. Mia White August 1, 2016 at #

    Love these! And one item my fam has yet to tick off the ol’ proverbial summer bucket list is visiting the local farmer’s market– we’ve gotta get on that!

  20. Suzan August 1, 2016 at #

    We still need a trip to the grandparents’ house!

  21. Becky E August 1, 2016 at #


  22. Pam August 1, 2016 at #

    One more thing to check off is a back-to-school bash for my 2 kiddos and their cousins. I wanted to do this last year but didn’t get it in. Yay for the giveaway!!!

  23. Lori! August 1, 2016 at #

    Homemade rhubarb pie, blueberry malts and mini donuts at the county fair!

  24. Shelby August 1, 2016 at #

    We still have to get sno-cones!! We’re doing pretty good checking stuff off though!

  25. Lindy August 1, 2016 at #

    We’re only 2 weeks in to our 6 week holiday so I feel like we have loads still to do… our summer holiday road trip in a week, want to go to some of the summer activities at our local museums, get to a beach, lots more swimming, a boat trip, fun play dates, build a den, eat more ice cream Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Maria August 1, 2016 at #

    Love your site–I’m always recommending it to friends :)
    I asked my 3 year old what he wanted to do this summer : “Critter hunt” and “Play silly robots” are two things that are still on the list. All of the heart eyes.

  27. Tamara Lalanne August 1, 2016 at #

    We still need to go camping! It is on the calendar!!

  28. Amanda August 1, 2016 at #

    You asked what we still have to check off our summer bucket lists – I haven’t gone to the beach yet!! Plans solidified for 2 weeks from now. I can’t wait – who can live without the beach??

  29. Angie August 1, 2016 at #

    Still wanting to do a camp out in the back yard under the star with our kiddos since they have never been befor. Bonfire,smores and summer night fun!

  30. Cassie Sirett August 1, 2016 at #

    I love the pillow case! My husband says I definitely need that. :) We need to go visit my sister this summer. My daughter has been bugging me to go visit her Aunt Jessie. :)

  31. Aimee Brownlee August 1, 2016 at #

    I have one more road trip to check off- visiting my grandma, Meme, in Kentucky!

  32. Summer K August 1, 2016 at #

    We still have our annual beach trip & a minor league baseball game to hit up! Love summertime :)

  33. Mckinsie Dunn August 1, 2016 at #

    Love this!! I can’t believe summer break is almost over We just got back from Texas and we got to go to the Magnolia so my summer bucket list is pretty fulfilled! But I just want squeeze in as much family time as possible before school starts!

  34. Megan August 1, 2016 at #

    Love this giveaway! Things left on the summer bucket list: family camping trip to Deception Pass and my 7-year wedding anniversary :)

  35. Alicia August 1, 2016 at #

    Still have to camp it up this summer! Not sure how it’ll work with a 2 year old :) but looking forward to fun memories. Also, want to finish re-reading the Harry Potter series!

  36. Sherri August 1, 2016 at #

    What a fun giveaway! I still want to make homemade ice cream!

  37. Kristen August 1, 2016 at #

    This is our last week of summer, which is just about killing me! We have plans to take a little road trip and visit Magnolia Marketl – should be fun…and busy!

    Happy birthday to your girlie!

  38. Courtney August 1, 2016 at #

    We’ve eaten plenty of ice cream and popsicles this summer, but have yet to enjoy a snowcone!

  39. Jen Diamond August 1, 2016 at #

    We still need to see some fireworks! (while letting the little guys go to bed at a reasonable time…)

  40. charlene August 2, 2016 at #

    Yikes- so many things :) Indoor surfing and parasailing in Lake Tahoe coming up next…

  41. Valerie August 2, 2016 at #

    Watch the sunset on the beach.

  42. Janie August 2, 2016 at #

    Well, I live in Tennessee, and we actually started school today . But one thing left on our list is to have a cookout with friends, which will happen in the next couple of weeks!

    • rae August 2, 2016 at #

      School already!? Does it still feel like summer tho? We don’t start until Sept. 7th but we are also the last to get out of school. XO

  43. Kristen H August 2, 2016 at #

    We still need to go peach picking! I can’t wait to turn peaches into fresh peach pies, too.

  44. Sabrina P. August 2, 2016 at #

    We still need to take a few hiking trips!

  45. Aileen August 2, 2016 at #

    aw, happy birthday poppy!! still have a beach trip to cross off on my summer bucket list!

  46. Courtney August 2, 2016 at #

    We have yet to make s’mores!

  47. holly August 2, 2016 at #

    Oh my! Love the pillowcases!
    We’ve got the Detroit Institute of Arts on our list for Friday. Still need to get to Greenfield Village and Jump Island in Holly, Mi.

  48. Jen August 2, 2016 at #

    Still need to have a water balloon fight!

  49. Jennifer Montague August 2, 2016 at #

    We still need to go astronomy camping. But it is planned for August 21 so excited.

  50. Melynda August 2, 2016 at #

    We still need to do a county fair and a summer concert. Hope to do both this weekend!

  51. April V August 2, 2016 at #

    I’m an email subscriber & I still have to make a churn of homemade ice cream this summer before our bucket list is complete! :)

  52. Lisa M. August 2, 2016 at #

    We start school tomorrow!?! But I have one night left to get, “teach Jack to tie shoes” checked off the list….

    • rae August 2, 2016 at #

      Love this. Good luck!!!

  53. M. M. August 2, 2016 at #

    Thanks Rae – this is SUCH a great give-away!! Each of the things is just darling!!

    I still have a skirt and some headbands to finish making, a missionary family to have over for desert, a friend’s college graduation to go to, my office to get in order (I’m a private school secretary), and a hundred other little ‘hopes’ that were on my list for the summer! Can hardly believe it’s almost over!!

    Soli Deo Gloria!


  54. Chantelle Walker August 3, 2016 at #

    Go to Big Sur :) fires cancelled our last plans

  55. Cara Yeh August 3, 2016 at #

    Just signed up for the e-mails! We have to go ice skating still… just waiting for the hottest day so we can be in a super cool place!

  56. Heather H August 3, 2016 at #

    My fiance and I still need to take a beach trip, we haven’t seen the ocean at all this summer! We also have engagement pictures still on our to-do list before the end of the summer :)

  57. stephanie nelsen August 3, 2016 at #

    outdoor movie!

  58. amity August 3, 2016 at #

    we haven’t done our backyard campout yet or out outdoor movie night. (they usually go together.) or the beach, we still haven’t gone to the beach!!

  59. SHANNON YOUNGER August 3, 2016 at #

    Adorable! That pillow goes with everything!

  60. Shari B August 3, 2016 at #

    We are moving away from the only home my kids have know and are trying to pack in all the things they loved about the Milwaukee area. So we still need to visit Great America, the Wisconsin State Fair, and the last visits to the beach!

  61. suzanne henley August 3, 2016 at #

    Put my toes in the ocean with my sweet sister. Backyard camping with s’more making with the precious grands!

  62. Chiara August 4, 2016 at #

    Not spent a night in a house on a tree. Next week!

  63. Heather Kelly August 4, 2016 at #

    I signed up for your emails. We haven’t had a chance to go to Chuck E. Cheese or use our free bowling coupons yet.

    mysticbutterfly37 at yahoo.com

  64. Julie Waldron August 5, 2016 at #

    We still need to have a bonfire.

  65. Fiona August 5, 2016 at #

    A summer concert on the lawn and under the stars :)

  66. Zenetta August 5, 2016 at #

    I would like to have an ice cream cone at the Harbor.

  67. Catherine August 5, 2016 at #

    Camping! How is it August already?

  68. Teesha September 21, 2016 at #

    Hello! I still haven’t received the August favs prize. Will you please e-mail me back?

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