A NEW ME IN 2018

I’ve been wanting to share my goals and thoughts for the new year but, TBH 2017 kicked my butt and despite all my praying, goal planning, and optimism, 2018 has been off to a rocky start too. So I’ve been holding my heart a little closer these days. Finally feeling ready, excited and just vulnerable enough to write this post… along with the pic above that I never expected to share with anyone. Ever. (haha!) Bet you never thought you’d see me in my undies!!!

A few of my goals for the year:

  1. to be a learner (especially in the area of parenting!)
  2. to let my no be no and my yes, yes. (which is soooo hard for me!)
  3. to make self-care (body, mind a spirit) a priority.

All three seem more than doable but I knew there would be that little voice of insecurity and guilt that would find it’s way into my head the second I felt like my decisions or priorities somehow disappointed or inconvenienced someone else. So I decided to also pick a word for the year and I have to say, it’s been the most helpful and empowering thing. Not to mention, I’m kinda in love with the word:


Which, to me, is just a simple way of saying that my value, decisions and behavior will not be dictated by other people’s unrealistic expectations, moods or negativity. Of course it hasn’t been easy and I’ve failed more than once, but I’m learning, embracing and enjoying the outcome!

All that to say… I’m coming for you 2018! A little slower than I would like, but with a heart full of hope and expectation that no matter how things started and regardless of how many times I fail, the journey will be better than I could dream. God just doesn’t know how to do anything less.

I would love to know how your year is going!? Did you set goals, pick a word, or just decided to do you (boo-boo)?

xo, Rae





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  1. Pam January 19, 2018 at #

    Huh! Funny that when you asked for our word I couldn’t think of it until I thought about it. It’s “joy” so maybe that’s not really my word. I’ll have to think about that more. Maybe it’s “value”. I don’t value myself and my needs. I push through and at the end feel exhausted and disappointed in myself for not valuing me. The start of 2018 has been okay. I’m reevaluating some things and trying to get the clutter out my home in hopes that my gifts will shine brighter. I’ll pray for you and I ask that you do the same for me. Thanks.

  2. Wendy January 19, 2018 at #

    I have two words: joy and wonder.

  3. Cathy Pack January 19, 2018 at #

    I am making myself a priority this year. I do for everyone..parents, children (who are adults btw) and misc relatives. I don’t feel well and I don’t feel like myself. Freedom is my goal of the year and I have made a list and taped it on the wall by my bed. I will follow through. We will all have a good year despite rocky starts.

  4. LG January 19, 2018 at #

    You are truly perfect and have the greatest gifts= family, love, and desire to share! I cannot imagine you need anything to make you better? Perhaps, maybe just want to do a little polishing to drive away any boredom or blues or whatever. Please do not stray too far from the original you. At your age, I wish I had known, did, and gave so many reasons to others why life is so great. Keep up the good heart! Always know in your heart that you inspire so many and give so much HOPE for us all to strive to be more like you and enjoy each and every day! You are truly such a blessing. And one you are sharing w/ your wonderful family. Hope you are always blessed that will last a lifetime!

  5. Ginger Brehl January 20, 2018 at #

    My word is boundaries. It’s also a the title of a book I highly recommend you read if your struggling with making your no, no and yes, yes (something I’m working on too!)

  6. papa January 20, 2018 at #


  7. Sue January 20, 2018 at #

    Bravo! I took a screenshot of your word and description. Too many times I have been the subject of others unrealistic expectations of me. You are an inspiration.

    My word for the year is joy. Inner joy. Being unapologetic will help in the quest for daily joy!

  8. Claire January 22, 2018 at #

    Love this! Thank you being so honest. My word is “resolve”. I have to stop talking about changes I should make, and actually start to take some risks and figure out what I want to do.

  9. Meg January 22, 2018 at #

    I randomly made some goals (which I never do). Since I just closed the barn door on birthing and nursing babies, they’re mostly strength related. I read that 3% of people write down their goals, so I did that too so I could remember that I even had goals and so I could remember to do something about them! So far so good.

    Thanks for sharing part of your story. I’m sorry that things have been rocky. I hope the story changes.

  10. Johan January 22, 2018 at #


    I love this because it entails so many words and thoughts! Being thankful for all the goodness in life, seeing the positive in everything, and having fun with whatever you are doing. Life is so much better when I do it with you, thank you Rae. I love you…

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